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Quotations by Jayaram V

World's profound wisdom is hidden in simple thoughts. You learn more by paying attention to them rather than listening to long discourses or reading lengthy spiritual passages. Beyond a point all knowledge becomes pure noise. Here are a few thoughts and inspirational quotations that occasionally flashed in my mind, some simple and straightforward and some tricky and difficult to understand. The difficult ones are like the Zen koans, which do not make sense apparently unless you think about them deeply. They are meant for meditation. Here are some disconnected thoughts that entered my mind in my moments of deeper awareness. For me they constitute the wisdom of a wayward yogi because I am independent minded and do not easily accept the authority of any institution or tradition. I believe the waywardness keeps me this side of the cliff and helps me remain curious, and open-minded. Jayaram V

Begin your day with good thoughts. Spend your day with good thoughts. End your day with good thoughts.

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