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Welcome to Hinduwebsite.com self-development section. It is created especially to help and inspire those who do not have free access to self-help books or information, and who are interested in improving their knowledge, skills and awareness, and achieving success. This section contains over 350 very well written and informative and inspirational essays by experts in the field. In addition, you will also find some useful texts on self-help, such as the Master Key System, and the Secret of the Ages. You can use the information to set your goals, draw your plans and make an organized and disciplined effort to realize your dreams. They will teach you how you can improve your performance and efficiency through sustained effort and effective and intelligent utilization of available physical and mental resources. They also let you know how you may control emotions, train your mind, overcome failure and adversity, develop leadership skills, deal with stress and anxiety, and maintain positive mental attitude to avail the immense opportunities you have to dare to be different and exceptional in your chosen profession. The chief purpose of our education, whether it is science or humanities, and the central purpose of our activities should be self-actualization through self development, because in the end it alone would give us the satisfaction that we have lived our lives meaningfully and purposefully. This section helps you to move closer to that ideal. We constantly update Hinduwebsite.com with new information, resources, articles, news and links. Hinduwebsite.com is one of the few websites in this genre which undergoes constant updates and new additions almost on daily basis. To read the new articles, we added recently please check the Featured Article page. We also post the updates in our Message Board, which you may use for information or to share your knowledge with others. Make Hinduwebsite.com your homepage and support the website by letting others know.

These are collections of essays on various topics related to self-help, self-development, mental development, personal growth, emotional stability, personality, psychology, etc., arranged under different headings.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this section is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified physician or mental health expert with regard to any questions you may have about any medical condition or personality problem.

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