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If you have visited this website and interacted with the knowledge presented here, know that you are a blessed soul on a spiritual path. We remain mostly aloof but aspire to communicate with the best of the souls on the planet. We do not believe in gimmicks for your attention. We believe you will interact with this website according to your destiny and aspiration. We maintain a low profile so that we can do our work without distractions, as an offering. We know that we can break any mountain of obstacle to present to the right person the truths in which we believe. For the last several years we have been trying to lay a path of light and wisdom by which people can connect to their spirituality and find their souls. We know that between the intention and achievement are individual and collective karmas, which may or may not facilitate the process. Hence, a lot depends upon what is destined for you and for us by the past that Time has already etched. The following are our responses to the current events that indirectly or directly may affect Hinduism and Hindu community. The views presented in the editorial do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Hinduwebsite.com.


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