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Welcome to our General Knowledge Reference Center. This section contains online resources for academic study, general reference, and research such as eBooks, encyclopedias, downloadable e-texts, essays, online dictionaries, quotations, and a vast collection of manually selected and updated links to maps, factbooks, history, poetry, language and literature, philosophy, religions, spirituality, psychology and more. The purpose is to select and provide in one place online resources on various subjects as essays, encyclopedias, dictionaries, texts and links; to save you time and effort in finding them on your own. If you are interested in study and research, you may bookmark this page. We constantly update Hinduwebsite.com with new information, resources, articles, news and links. Hinduwebsite.com is one of the few websites in this genre which undergoes constant updates and new additions almost on daily basis. To read the new articles, we added recently please check the Featured Article page. Make Hinduwebsite.com your homepage and support the website by letting others know.

Electronic Texts

Find here a vast collection on free online EBooks, Electronic and Digital texts (Etexts) in various categories. They are ideal for study and research.

General Essays

Presented here are essays of general inerest, dealing with both contemporary and historical issues, such health, world, life and religion and subjects of general interest.

This Day in History

Find historical events, what happend this Day In History, Articles, Famous Birthdays And Quotations all in one place, plus links to fact books, almanacs, factsheets, and trivia.


The Nuttal Encyclopedia has over 16,000 original articles on nearly all subjects such as history, biography, geography, literature, philosophy, religion, science, and art, arranged alphabetically from A to Z.

Online Encycolpedias

Check these world famous online Encyclopedias for general and specific knowledge and information in various categories.

Country Facts

Find country profiles, political, economic, geographic data, news, historical events and related resources from the Country Fact Book maintained by CIA.


A compilation of selected spiritual and devotional poems from various religious and spiritual traditions. They were manually selected for specific occasion.

Poems & Verses

Find here a few thought provoking modern poems and verses by Jayaram V .

Online Dictionaries

You will find here list of online English and Multilingual Dictionaries, Languages, Resources, Reference, with a brief history of dictionaries. One of the best maintained pages.


These are internal links to all the quotation pages and inspirational quotations available on the website. You can call it the Quotations Archive.

Philosophy Links

World's best internet resources on philosophy and philosophers including ancient philosophies, Greek Philosophy, Asian, American and African Philosophy.

Currency Notes

A comprehensive essays about how the use of money and currency came into existence and the history and pros and cons of different types of monetary transactions.


Find here a vast collection of online resources about Human Psychology,  behavior, persoanlity, and related downloadable texts and reports .


Find here the best online resources on literature, both fiction and nonfiction and a variety of downloadable classics, free ebooks, and texts .

The Poetry Page

You will find here a huge collection of links to Poetry and related resources, plu useful information about poetry basic elements, forms, genres, history, tradition and definition.

Map Resources

Find best map applications, resources, interactive maps, satellite maps, map downloads and applicaiotns for driving directions.


You will find here a few thoughts, musings, opinions and observations by Jayaram V. They are about the life that happens in and around us presented concise form as a stream of consciousness.

Books by Jayaram V

Hinduwebsite Books by Jayaram V are unique and one of their kind. Each book is carefully written to provide valuable insights and intuitive knowledge of the subject matter chosen.

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