Spiritual and Devotional Poems and Prayers


"Prayer should be understood, nòt as a mere merhanical recitation of formulas, but as a mystical evaluation, an absorption of consciousness in the contemplation of a principle both permeating and transcending our world. It is incomprehenslble'to philoSophers and scientists, and inaccessible to them; But the simple seem to feel God as easily as the heat of the sun or the kindness of a friend." Man, the Unknown, Carrel, 147.

It is said that Poetry comes from the heart, while Prose is merely the product of the mind; that the poet sings to us, whereas other men only talk; and that while he does not argue more logically than they, he feels more deeply and perhaps more truly. A. L. BYERS and EVA R. JOHNSON.

He prayeth best who loveth best All things, both great and small: For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all. Samuel T. Coleridge

Find selected spiritual and devotional poems from various spiritual and religious traditions.

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