Poems and Prayers, Part 4

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Compiled by Jayaram V

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Prayer of Gratitude

In quiet and calm solitude
O GOD OUR FATHER, wc come to Thee with thankful minds,
for in the hours of strain we have found Thy strength;
times of doubt we have felt the assurance of Thy nearness;
in moments of fear we have known the security of Thy presence.
So long as we have Thee, we have everything,
but without Thee we have nothing.
-Harold Blake Walker, Mimster of the First Presbyterian Ckurcn

Prayer for Forgiveness

We know our weaknesses. Lord.
Through the days we clamour for the things we want,
forgetting the values dear to Thy Spirit.
We waste our resources getting and spending until our souls cry out.
Daily we feed our selfishness and starve our spirits.
We follow the careless crowd, forgetting the lonely
grandeur of independent integrity grounded in our love for Thee.
We fritter away the gifts Thou hast given in the folly of careless ways,
unmindful that we betray Thy love. Do Thou forgive us. Lord.
-Harold Blake Walker, Mimster of the First Presbyterian Ckurcn

No God But Thee - A Bahai Prayer

Glory be to Thee, O my God! My face hath been set towards Thy face,
and my face is, verily, Thy face, and my call is Thy call, and my Revelation
Thy Revelation, and my self Thy Self, and my Cause Thy Cause, and
my behest Thy behest, and my Being Thy Being, and my sovereignty
Thy sovereignty, and my glory Thy glory, and my power Thy power.
I implore Thee, O Thou Fashioner of the nations and the King of eternity,
to guard Thy handmaidens within the tabernacle of Thy chastity, and
to cancel such of their deeds as are unworthy of Thy days. Purge out,
then, from them, O my God, all doubts and idle fancies, and
sanctify them from whatsoever becometh not their kinship with Thee,
O Thou Who art the Lord of names, and the Source of utterance.
Thou art He in Whose grasp are the reins of the entire creation. No God is there
but Thee, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, the Self-Subsisting.
- Prayers and Meditations, Bahá’u’lláh

May I have No Enemy

From horizon to zenith,
at the rising of the sun,
May I have no enemy.
May I have no terrible opponent.
May my followers rule
the world therein forever
- An Ancient Assyrian Prayer

A Mystic Prayer to Divine Mother

Open for me the door of Divine Consciousness,
And bear me in Thine arms into the Presence of the Most High,
That the Wisdom of Life may be expounded unto me. Beloved Mother!
I surrender to Thee my thoughts, my desires, my will,'
And rest in peace upon Thy bosom.
- from the Writings of Dr. and Mrs. F. Homer Curtiss

To Learn My Lesson.

Let me learn my lesson.
I know that my Heavenly Father will
take care of me,
And will bring to me whatever is
Even tho I have to pass through more
or less poverty
And conditions which seem to be har-
rowing and discouraging.
Yet, ultimately, I shall emerge
Into the light of Divine Truth.
- from the Writings of Dr. and Mrs. F. Homer Curtiss

Make our Hearts Tender and Loving

Who art preparing to enter into this
world's turmoil,
Enter into this, Thy sanctuary.
Make our hearts so tender and loving
and our minds so open
That they shall grasp and understand
the great blessings for humanity
That Thou art putting into our hands.
With the blessings of the living forces
Of the Divine Beings who surround
Thee as with an aura,
That they may enter into us
And give us the power to help hu-
manity. Amen.
Prayer of Consecration.
We, recognizing the omnipotent power
of the great Creative Force, 1
Do make most solemn covenant to pre-
sent our whole selves,
Our bodies, our minds, our Souls,
A living sacrifice to Thee.
We yield all personal desires unto the
one Great Desire,
- from the Writings of Dr. and Mrs. F. Homer Curtiss


Always express a prayer of gratitude
for all blessings and everything received;
for in occult studies a lack of gratitude
for each step along the Path is one of
the greatest hindrances the student can

The Masters teach that every help
along the journey, every word spoken or
law interpreted for the advancing Soul,
is like a jewel of great price.

Hence, to accept it and refuse gratitude
of love in return creates a Karma for
the unfolding Soul similar to that created
- The Message of Aquaria, Selected from
the Writings of Dr. and Mrs. F. Homer Curtiss

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