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The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy : A non-profit organization run by the editors. Operates through the volunteer work of the editors, authors, and technical advisors. A huge data base of information on philosophy and philosophers.

Ancient Philosophy: This course is conceived both as an introduction to the main topics of Ancient philosophy and as a brief survey of its development from the Presocratics through to the Classical schools of Academy and Lyceum.

Philosophy Resources: Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base is categorized by history, subject and author. Integrating text resources with the best online resources, this study guide attempts to aid both academic and general interest in all philosophical genres and their related fields.

A Student's History of Philosophy (New York and London: Macmillan, 1908), by Arthur Kenyon Rogers (multiple formats at

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A dynamic reference work with each entry maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field With links to Mirror sites in Australia and Netherlands.

Philosophy around the Web: The main purpose of this site is to act as a guide and a gateway to philosophy resources on the Internet.

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: This is a bibliography of recent work in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of artificial intelligence, and on consciousness in the sciences. It consists of 5702 entries, and is divided into six parts, each of which is further divided by topic and subtopic.

History of Philosophy (c1903), by William Turner (HTML at Notre Dame) B77 .B65 

Historical Studies in Philosophy (London: Macmillan and Co., 1912), by Emile Boutroux, trans. by Fred Rothwell (multiple formats at B79 .F34

American Philosophical Associaton Newsletters:  The APA newsletters are published online twice a year (fall and spring). They currently offer newsletters on several topics:

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Yoga, by Swami Krishnananda, a highly respected philosophical writer, especially on metaphysics, psychology and sociology. Swamiji's books are known the world over as excellent presentations of answers to the daily questions that arise in the day-to-day confrontations of a human being.

Initiation Into Philosophy, by Emile Faguet, trans. by Home Gordon (Gutenberg text)

Philosophy Pages: This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition. The elements you will find on this site include

Philosophy For Life: Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations is so far being published in 19 countries.

Chinese Philosophy: This page has been designed for the purpose of organizing the resources on Chinese philosophy that can be found in the 'cyberspace'. Also check useful Chinese Philosophy Links

A Sketch of Ancient Philosophy from Thales to Cicero (Cambridge: University Press, 1912), This books was meant for undergraduates at the University or others who are commencing the study of the philosophical works of Cicero or Plato or Aristotle in the original language. Although published about 140 years ago, the content is still useful.

Indian Philosophies: This site constitutes a bibliography of the philosophical literature of India during its classical phase and the secondary material on this literature that is available (for the most part) in English. This Web site is an expanded and updated version of the Bibliography which appeared as Volume I of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. 

Asian Thought Online Sources: These philosophical commentaries, though still in process, are the intellectual property of Gordon L. Ziniewicz. They may be downloaded and freely distributed in electronic form only, provided no alterations are made to the original text.

American Philosophy Online Texts: A very useful collection of free online texts about native American and American Philosophies. 

Full Text Online Philosophy Journals: These are mainly traditional printed (rather than online-only) journals, with full text online access limited to the Western Michigan University community. The list includes some art and science items, and links to sites with miscellaneous online papers etc., along with some search engines (best initial choices bolded, Scopus has the most complete integration), topics, weblogs and publishers/bookstores.   

 Resources for East Asian Language and Thought. This site is mainted by A. Charles Muller, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo

Greek Philosophers: A useful collection of online Texts by ancient Greek Philosophers.

Native American Cultural Philosophy: Web Site dedicated to a critique of Western European Philosophy and Ideology from a native American perspective.

Greek Philosophy : Comprehensive information on Presocratics, Socrates and his Followers, Plato, Aristotle, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Skepticism, Neoplatonism the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 

European Philosophy Sites :A good collection of links arranged country wise. UK is excluded. Also check  History of 19th Century Philosophy

Russian Philosophy on the Internet : This site maintained since Oct 1995 contains Directory of InteLnet sites and pages devoted to Russian Thought. Also available here is an overview of Russian Philosophy by Mikhail Epstein

African Philosophy Resources: This one starts from African philosophy, and organizes other useful resources  on philosophy which focuses on Africa, philosophy done in Africa, and philosophy that is part of the traditional conversation among African philosophers.Also find here African Philosophy Documents: Papers and African Philosophy Teaching Resources

Japan: Philosophy & Religion: An annotated Directory of Internet Resources on the philosophy and religion of Japan with link to Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, Bushido and new religious movements.

Islamic Philosophy: General information, events, downloads, articles, search, tools, journal and more.

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind: This dictionary is intended as a free resource for all those interested in the philosophy of mind.

The Science of Breath:  Part 1 essays and part 2 the Science of Breath.

The Philosophy of Death: Links and resources on the subject of death and dying and afterlife. 

Philosophy and the proof of God's existence by Roger Jones: There are many traditional "proofs" for the existence of God, and we will look at three of them: The argument from design, the ontological argument and the cosmological argument...

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