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What is Literature?

Broadly speaking whatever the human mind can conceive and express as words can be considered literature. A more specific definition of literature could be that which is produced by literate people as their literary expression. However, the classical definition includes only such works that have great artistic and creative value such as poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction.

Literature arises from education and learning, and contributes to them as well. In literature, people expresses the creative powers of the human mind in best possible terms. Literature makes writing both an art and a craft. It also records the story of the mankind, and the progress of the human languages, in bits and pieces from the earliest to the present.

In literature, the emphasis is both upon how you truly convey the meaning of an experience or an idea and how aesthetically you express it. Literature helps us know the world and other people, how they live, what they think, feel, struggle, or manage the complexities of life. With the help of literature we not only express our thoughts, ideas and emotions but also connect to the world at a much deeper level. Literature also helps us understand the subtle nuances of the language, people, culture and society. Jayaram V

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