Hinduwebsite Answers

Hinduwebsite Answers

In this section we present answers to the questions that are raised by the visitors to Hinduwebsite.com. For privacy reasons we remove all references to the names and identification of the people who ask the questions. Your questions will be answered by Jayaram V. As a policy, we will also not publish any questions that are purely personal in nature. If you have any specific questions in your mind regarding your religious or spiritual practice, you can submit the same using our Contact Form. You questions will be answered in the order they are received and according to our discretion.

How Old is Hinduism?

Eating Fish and the Hindu Ethical Code of Conduct

Why the World is Unreal or an Illusion? The Advaita Concept

A Working Definition of Consciousness

What is the Purpose of Yoga in Today's World?

What is the Importance of Going on Pilgrimages

What Is the Significance of Deer Skin in Meditation?

What is the Spiritual Significance of Maha Shivaratri?

Can a Guru Participate in Worldly Activities?

Are Soul and Atman (Self) the Same?

Why Brahman is not worshipped in Hinduism?

How Brahman is worshipped in Hinduism?

Is Mahabharata About Bharat or India?

Is Buddhism a Copy of Hinduism?

The Secrets of Idol Worship

Is War Justified in Hinduism?

Why do people fast on the day of Maha Shivarathri?

What is Pure Consciousness?

What is the Rational or Scientific Basis of Karma?

Why do We Cling to Things?

Why Should We Offer Food to Gods Before Eating It?

What Is the Advantage of Meeting Holy Men?

Should the Puranas be Considered Mythology?

Is Puja a Legitimate Form Of Divine Worship?

Love at First Sight and First Impressions

Psychedelic Drugs and Spirituality, The Traditional Perspective

Why Do We Worship Stone Idols?

Why is Ganesha the Leader of Gods?

How Isvara Manifests in Different Worlds

Who is the Founder of Hinduism?

Blaming God for Your Problems or Suffering

Does God Control Everything In Your Life?

Does God Take Birth?

The Importance of a Guru in Spiritual Life

Essential Aspects of Hindu Way of Life

Why Religion Matters, The Impact of Religions

Three Thoughts to Remember for Spiritual Life

Find Peace Within Rather Than Outside

Can You Escape From Responsibility?

A Few Thoughts About Prayers in Hinduism

The Resurrection of the Dead in Hinduism

Hindu Rituals and Practices for Worldly People

The Purpose of Hindu Rituals

The Ultimate Spy You Cannot Escape

Honoring Religious Diversity As God’s Will

The Spiritual Dimension of Your Religion

Sravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasana In Hindu Spiritual Practice

The Purpose of Creation, A Hindu Perspective

Best Approaches to Practice Hindu Dharma

The Best Way to Moksha in Hinduism

Is Wealth Evil and Sinful?

Hinduism - Rules for Fasting

Near Death Experiences and Soul's Existence in Afterlife

The Idealism of Sanyasa Dharma in Hinduism

Religious Violence, Causes and Solutions

Why Brahma is Not Worshipped in Hinduism?

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