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Essays on Atman, the Individual Soul or Self

Atman means the breathing one. More precisely, it is the inner Self, or the eternal Self, which, according to Hinduism, is present in all beings, from the highest to the lowest. The Upanishads describe Atman as the eternal, blissful effulgent, transcendental, indestructible, divine, pure, infinite, intelligence. It is also the real self, which remains covered by the impurities and modifications of Nature. Because of them beings do not recognized their true Self and remain deluded and ignorant. Atman is the core, or the essence. Ego is its outer case or the envelop by which beings develop their individuality and distinguishing features. According to the Vedas, knowing the inner Self is the ultimate purpose of human life, which leads to liberation from the cycle of births and deaths. The following essays throw considerable light upon the essential nature and significance of Atman and why it is important to meditate upon the Self to stabilize the mind and become absorbed in the Self.


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