Your Ancestors For 50 Generations


by Jayaram V

The following table shows the number of ancestors you had for each generation starting with you, up to 50 generations. That is, considering that you had two parents, and in turn they had two parents each, and so on.

The table shows clearly that in 50 generations, you must have had a total of about 1.02 trillion human beings, who contributed to your gene pool and your unique characteristics.

Even if one of them was missing in the link, you would not have been born at all. This number is derived from a pure mathematical calculation. It is not an approximation and there is no magic or gimmick in it.

These are the hidden aspects of your existence. You do not notice the extent of your genealogy until you pay attention to it. What can we learn from this?

We may take pride in our particular genealogies, but the truth is everyone of us shares the same genealogy at some point in the long history of human existence upon earth.

Even if one of the ancestors from those millions were missing, your birth would not have become possible. In other words, so many random events and the births of millions of ancestors made possible your present birth and your existence.

Whether we are black or white, high or low, we are part of one large family tree, described in the Upanishads as the Asvattha tree with its roots in heaven and branches spread everywhere.

World population in 1999 was six billions. We have shown it as 6.02 billion for 2000, which is an estimate.

Estimated world population count in 500 AD is as per the historical estimates of McEvedy, Colin and Richard Jones. For historical estimates of world population, you may visit :

Estimated world population count from 500 AD to 2000 AD is based upon rough estimates. These figures should not be taken seriously for any academic exercise or research. They are presented here for comparison purposes only. 

Underlying assumptions

30 years for each generation based on the expectation that the average age difference between parents and children would be 30 years and the average age difference between grandparents and their grandchildren would be 60 years

The years taken into account for each generation gap may vary. However, irrespective of how of old a parent or grandparent would be when a child is born, or how many centuries were involved, the calculations for the previous 50 generations would be the same for each and every individual, thereby proving the point that we all share some common ancestry at some point or the other in the history of the humankind.

Genealogy Table

G.NoNo of persons per generationBirth TimeEstimated World Population
112000 A.D6,020,000,000 (Approx.)
221970 A.D3,912,000,000
341940 A.D3,677,280,000
481910 A.D3,456,643,200
5161880 A.D3,249,244,608
6321850 A.D3,054,289,932
7641820 A.D2,871,032,536
81281790 A.D2,698,770,583
92561760 A.D2,536,844,348
105121730 A.D2,384,633,688
111,0241670 A.D2,241,555,666
122,0481670 A.D2,107,062,326
134,0961640 AD1,980,638,587
148,1921610 A.D1,861,800,272
1516,3841580 A.D1,750,092,255
1632,7681550 A.D1,645,086,720
1765,5361520 A.D1,546,381,517
18131,0721490 A.D1,453,598,626
19262,1441460 A.D1,366,382,708
20524,2881430 A.D1,284,399,746
211,048,5761400 A.D1,207,335,761
222,097,1521370 A.D1,134,895,615
234,194,3041340 A.D1,066,801,878
248,388,608 1310 A.D1,002,793,766
2516,777,2161280 A.D942,626,140
2633,554,4321250 A.D886,068,571
2767,108,8641220 A.D832,904,457
28134,217,7281190 A.D782,930,190
29268,435,4561160 A.D735,954,378
30536,870,9121130 A.D691,797,116
311,073,741,8241100 A.D650,289,289
322,147,483,6481070 A.D611,271,931
334,294,967,2961040 A.D574,595,615
348,589,934,5921010 A.D540,119,879
3517,179,869,184980 A.D507,712,686
3634,359,738,368950 A.D477,249,925
3768,719,476,736920 A.D448,614,929
38137,438,953,472890 A.D421,698,033
39274,877,906,944860 A.D396,396,151
40549,755,813,888830 A.D372,612,382
411,099,511,627,776800 A.D350,255,639
422,199,023,255,552770 A.D329,240,301
434,398,046,511,104740 A.D309,485,883
448,796,093,022,208710 A.D290,916,730
4517,592,186,044,416680 A.D273,461,726
4635,184,372,088,832650 A.D257,054,023
4770,368,744,177,664620 A.D241,630,781
48140,737,488,355,328500 A.D227,132,934
49281,474,976,710,656560 A.D213,504,958
50562,949,953,421,312530 A.D200,694,661
511,025,899,906,842,620500 A.D190,000,000

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