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Hinduwebsite.com - Utility and Productivity Applications

Welcome to Hinduwebsite Utilities Section. This section contains links to useful applications and new in different categories. The scope of this section is currently limited since the rapid changes and progress in the the field of mobile technology which made any information on desktop applications somewhat redundant or less important. Yet, there are many useful desktop applications that are still important for productivity, or convenience. We would like to bring additional information on some of those applications in the near future. The scope of this section is currently limited to a fewer services. However, we will try to make this section more useful by adding additional features and information on new applications.

Commercial Apps

These are some useful commercial applications that come with a cost. In some case you may see a free trial offer or free trial download. Please check for product details at the Vendor's website before you make a purchase.

India News

Indian news headlines, with links to Indian newspapers, magazines, regional newspapers, and other useful resources on Indian cuisine, matrimonial, air travel and train reservations, and government websites.

World News

World news headlines from major news sources, with links to top newspapers from every country in the world. If you believe we have missed some please let us know.

Technology News

Technology related news headlines  with links to magazines and news services on information technology, mobile, web  and internet resources.

Hinduism News

Daily news headlines on Hinduism, Hinduism related subjects and Hindu communities from various parts of the world  with links to related Hinduism news.

Hinduwebsite Videos

Original and unique videos on Hinduism, yoga, history, meditation, spiritualism, Buddhism, Jainism and related topics.

Hinduwebsite Audios

Hinduwebsite Audio Channel Presents talks by Jayaram V on various subjects and in diffierent categories, Hinduism, Buddhism, Spirituality, Self-help, Yoga, etc.

General Reference

This is a general knowledge reference center on interesting facts and figures, prayers, quotations, and links to e-texts, fact books, encyclopedias, literature, dictionaries, almanacs and maps.


Sacred Scriptures

A huge collection of translations of many ancient scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and related subjects.

Link Resources

You will find here a huge collection of links to websites on a wide variety of subjects such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, spiritualism, self development, Saivism and more. You may also check our web directory for additional links and submit your site to our lists of linked sites.

Web Resources

This section deals with various aspects of Web designing, web hosting, web tools, programming resources, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, free websites and more.


You will find here Links to online merchants, shops, malls, products, deals, discounts, and coupons from hundreds of merchants in various categories.

Book Resources

Check reviews of exceptionally good books on Hinduism, Buddhism, and related religions and topics besides books on self development and spiritualism.

Product Offers

You will find here latest product offers, discounted prices and comparison search arranged by category, store, price, price categories, merchant, and items.

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