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Featured Speeches and Podcasts on Spirituality

The Power of Truth in Self-awareness

Centering in Your Witness Consciousness

I am Jayaram

Death is a Phase in the Journey of Life

What is True Surrender?

The Sense Organs

What is Your Natural State of Mind?

If Peace Is All You Want

What is True Renuncation?

The Two Paths of Life - Materialism and Spirituality

What is Kaivalya?

How to Prepare For the Difficulties of Spiritual Life

The Difficulties of Spiritual Life

How to Engage Your Mind in Spirituality?

Awakening to the Silence

To Be Like a Flower In The Winds of Life

Coping With Emotions With Meditation and Visualization

Morality and Nature in Good Vs. Evil

Morality and Religion

The Importance of Sorrow

The Truth Inside You

Learning and Humility

Don't look for happiness at the end of the journey

Is the World An Illusion?

Higher or Hidden Intelligence

Are You Serious and Committed to Happiness?

Is Right Always Right?

A World Without Mirrors

You are a Bubble in the Ocean of Existence

Creating Harmony in You

Learning From Nature Through Observation

It is Good That We Are Not Omniscient

Seven Steps to Inner Silence

Mental Liberation


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