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Featured Speeches and Podcasts on Hinduism

The Resilience of Hindus?

Does God Possess a Specific Name and Form?

An Important Lesson From the Bhagavadgita

Brahman in Vedic Tradition

Basic Concepts of Saivism

The Two Paths of Life - Materialism and Spirituality

Atman, the Individual Self

Practicing Hinduism

Significance of the Vedas in Hinduism

A Note on the Translation of the Chandogya Upanishad

Life and Death - Symbolism of Shiva in the Body

What is Kaivalya?

Symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi

Should Hinduism Be Called Sanatana Dharma

Maya - Is the World An Illusion?

An Introduction to Manusmriti

Moon Symbolism

Why are Religions So Destructive?

Nature's Secret is Our Eternal Dharma

Understanding Upanishads

Experiences in translating the Selected Upanishads

Panca Darshanas - The Five Means to Knowledge

Ganesha As Intelligence, The Mahat Tattva

The Nature of Suffering

Non-Violence Means

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