The Bhagavadgita - A Complete Translation

Bhagavadgita Complete Translation by Jayaram V

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Bhagavadgita means the song of God. It is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna in the middle of the battlefield on various aspects of life, duty, knowledge, discretion, yoga, sameness, equanimity, asceticism, renunciation, detachment, creation, manifestation, Supreme Self, individual Self, God, devotion, liberation and devotional service. Its message is lead a divine centered life, do your duty as an offering to God without seeking its fruit and work for your liberation with detachment, renunciation, knowledge, wisdom and devotion.

Why the Bhagavadgita is important

The Bhagavadgita is a sacred book of the Hindus. It is read by people in many Hindu households regularly. The book is also the central theme of many teachings, study courses and discourses. The book is meant for the Bhagavatas or the selfless servants of God. In the words of the author, "The Bhagavadgita portrays many core beliefs and practices of Hinduism in the form of a sacred dialogue between Lord Krishna, the Supreme Self and Arjuna, the individual Self. It reflects the ideal vision of God as the center and circumference of all life and creation. Revealed directly by God Himself, it is a compendium of ancient yoga philosophies on liberation, with universal appeal and ageless wisdom. It inspires those who want to live dutifully and attain freedom from the limitations of life. Composed originally in Sanskrit, it delivers a unique message, which is still relevant, exhorting the devotees of God to live virtuously and perform their duties selflessly as an offering to Him, with detachment and dispassion. It presents the spirit-centered life of pure beings, whose sole aim is to attain liberation in this life, contrasting it with the ego-centered life of the worldly people, whose sole purpose is to pursue their desires and raw passions for their enjoyment and self-preservation. Declared as the secret of the secrets, it reveals itself to the extent one probes into its depths and contemplates upon its verses. With each reading, your knowledge grows and you develop newer insights."

Why this translation is important

This translation is free from sectarian bias and presents the scripture from a purely scholastic and spiritual perspective, without distorting its central concepts to justify a particular sect or represent specific beliefs. It is one of the most recent and comprehensive translations of the Bhagavadgita done in the current century. The author firmly believes that the value of this book will be realized by future generations. He is not keen on promoting the book since he wishes people to come to it on their own according to their spiritual merit and natural disposition. The translator maintains that he preserved the purity of the original text to the extent possible by reproducing the original intent and meaning of each verse in the translation. His aim was not to preach but to explain and interpret the Sanskrit verses in the context of the times in which they were composed and their applicability to the current situation.

This commentary is not preachy. It has clarity and objectivity and provides a simple and straightforward interpretation of the verses. Along with the commentary the author explains the meaning and importance of complex words and statements and their relevance to life and human suffering. Wherever possible he has also drawn parallels and similarities between the concepts of the scripture and those of the Yogasutras of Patanjali. He admits that this has been an exercise in the sacrifice of knowledge and selfless duty. He has translated the scripture as an obligatory duty, and as a service to God, for the sake of those who may need such knowledge for their spiritual and personal transformation. The translation is available in two formats, a complete translation with commentary and a simple translation with verses and their meaning.

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Book Contents

Author’s Note - Prologue - 1. Arjuna’s Yoga of Sorrow - 2. The Yoga of Knowledge - 3. The Yoga of Action - 4. The Yoga of Knowledge with Renunciation of Action - 5. The Yoga of Renunciation of Action - 6. The Yoga of Self-absorption - 7. The Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom - 8. The Yoga of Imperishable Brahman - 9. The Yoga of Sovereign Knowledge and Mystery - 10.The Yoga of Divine Manifestations - 11.The Yoga of the Vision of the Universal Form - 12.The Yoga of Devotion - 13.The Yoga of the Field and the Knower of the Field - 14. The Yoga of the Division of the Triple Gunas - 15. The Yoga of the Supreme Person - 16. The Division of the Divine and Demonic Properties - 17. The Yoga of the Threefold Division of Qualities - 18. The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation - The Greatness of the Bhagavadgita

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