The Bhagavadgita - A Complete Translation

Bhagavadgita Complete Translation by Jayaram V

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What is Bhagavadgita?

Bhagavadgita means the song of God. It forms a part of the epic the Mahabharata, and contains 18 chapters and 600 verses. Each chapter deals with a specific yoga. Its central message is that one should lead a divine centered life and do one's duty as an offering to God to attain liberation.

How this book can help you?

The Bhagavadgita is a sacred book of the Hindus. It contains many important spiritual truths. Declared as the secret of the secrets, it teaches a practical way to practice Dharma and experience lasting peace and happiness.

Why should you read this translation

Bhagavadgita has been translated by numerous people. This particular translation is unique because it is free from sectarian bias. The verses are analyzed from the perspective of mainstream Hinduism and Vedism. The approach is purely scholastic and spiritual without the weight of sectarian beliefs or a teacher tradition. In translating and providing commentary, the translator preserved the purity and intent of the original text and the teachings. The commentary is neither preachy nor judgmental. It provides a simple and straightforward interpretation of the verses. The book is available in two formats, a complete translation with commentary and a simple translation without commentary. There is also a kindle version on Amazon.

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Table of Contents

Author’s Note
1. Arjuna’s Yoga of Sorrow
2. The Yoga of Knowledge
3. The Yoga of Action
4. The Yoga of Knowledge with Renunciation of Action
5. The Yoga of Renunciation of Action
6. The Yoga of Self
7. The Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom
8. The Yoga of Imperishable Brahman
9. The Yoga of Sovereign Knowledge and Mystery
10.The Yoga of Divine Manifestations
11.The Yoga of the Vision of the Universal Form
12.The Yoga of Devotion
13.The Yoga of the Field and the Knower of the Field
14. The Yoga of the Division of the Triple Gunas
15. The Yoga of the Supreme Person
16. The Division of the Divine and Demonic Properties
17. The Yoga of the Threefold Division of Qualities
18. The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation
The Greatness of the Bhagavadgita

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