Introduction to Hinduism

Introduction to Hinduism by Jayaram V

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Hinduism is the oldest living religions of the world. It is also the most complex in terms of its philosophy and practices and difficult to understand. This volume looks at the antiquity, definition and significance of Hinduism, its scriptures, main beliefs, methods of worship, gods and goddesses and way of life. It also deals with major concepts of Hinduism such as karma, dharma, incarnation of God, reincarnation, sacrifice, maya, Nature or Prakriti, jiva or the bound soul, nature of Self, God, life after death, evolution of life and intelligence, marriages, teacher traditions, and liberation. This book from Jayaram V gives you a thorough and scholarly understanding of the basic and essential aspects of the eternal tradition useful to both lay practitioners and students. .

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This book presents the essential features of Hinduism from both historical and theological perspectives and clarifies some misunderstandings and misconceptions people have about it. The writings cover some important facts of its history. They also reflect author's views and opinions about its doctrines and beliefs.

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Book Contents

Author’s Note - Antiquity of Hinduism - The Definition of Hinduism - The Distinction of Hinduism - The Scriptures of Hinduism - The Diversity of Hinduism - Main Beliefs of Hinduism - Methods of Worship in Hinduism - The Hindu Way of Life - The Role of Dharma in Hinduism - God in Hinduism - The Individual Self - Atman - Prakriti, the Mother Goddess - Jiva the Embodied Soul - The Incarnations of God - Karma – Meaning and Significance - The Concept of Maya in Hinduism 186 - Rebirth or Reincarnation in Hinduism - Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism - Idol Worship in Hinduism - Evolution in Hinduism, a Perspective - Creation as a Process - The Role of Scriptures in Hinduism - Discretion and Dogma in Hinduism - Life after Death - Some Facts about Hindu Marriages - Teacher Traditions of Ancient India - Bondage and Liberation of the Self - Bibliography.

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