Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson)

Yogi Ramacharaka

by Jayaram V

Yogi Ramacharaka, was an American writer who was originally known as William Walker Watkins (1862-1932). We are presenting here some of his well known works. Links to them are located in various sections of the website. So please use the browser back button to go through all his writings. If you want us to included any other work of his, please use the Feeback section of the Message Forum and let us know.

The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath The Hindu Yogis have always paid great attention to the Science of Breath, for reasons which will be apparent to the student who reads this book. Many Western writers have touched upon this phase of the Yogi teachings, but we believe that it has been reserved for the writer of this work to give to the Western student, in concise form and simple language, the underlying principles of the Yogi Science of Breath, together with many of the favorite Yogi breathing exercises and methods.

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga by yogi Ramacharaka In India, the Candidates for Initiation into the science of "Raja Yoga," when they apply to the Yogi Masters for instruction, are given a series of lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the Real Self, and to instruct them in the secret knowledge whereby they may develop the consciousness and realization of the real "I" within them. They are shown how they may cast aside the erroneous or imperfect knowledge regarding their real identity.

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Yogi Ramacharaka Yogi Ramacharaka was the pseudonym of William Walker Atkinson, an American writer who was influential in turn-of-the-century spiritual/ philosophical movements such as 'New Thought and Theosophy. Ramacharaka, helped to popularize Eastern concepts in America, with Yoga and a broadly-interpreted Hinduism being particular areas of focus.

The Mystic Christianity - Ancient Wisdom The doctrine of Metempsychosis or Re-incarnation has its roots deeply imbedded in the soil of all religions--that is, in the Inner Teachings or Esoteric phase of all religious systems. And this is true of the Inner Teachings of the Christian Church as well as of the other systems. The Christian Mysteries comprised this as well as the other fundamental occult doctrines, and the Early Church held such teachings in its Inner Circle.

Questions and answers on Occult subjects The lesson will consist of answers to a number of questions, asked by various students of the courses in Yogi Philosophy coming from our pen. While these answers, of necessity, must be brief, still we will endeavor to condense considerable information into each, so that read as a whole the lesson will give to our students a variety of information upon several important subjects.

Mystic Christianity - the Holy Ghost To the average Christian the nature of the Holy Ghost--one of the beings of the Trinity--is veiled in obscurity, and is generally pronounced "not to be understood." A careful examination of the orthodox Christian writings will show the student that the Church is very much at sea regarding this subject, which should be of the greatest importance to its priests and congregations. Ask the average intelligent churchman regarding the nature of the Holy Ghost, and see for yourself the vague, contradictory and unsatisfactory concepts held by the person questioned.

Jana Yoga the law of karma "Karma" is a Sanskrit term for that great Law known to Western thinkers as Spiritual Cause and Effect, or Causation. It relates to the complicated affinities for either good or evil that have been acquired by the soul throughout its many incarnations. These affinities manifest as characteristics enduring from one incarnation to another, being added to here, softened or altered there, but always pressing forward for expression and manifestation.

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