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Achieving Success Through Self Actualization

Know the secrets of successful people and how effectively they use their goals to express themselves.

Hinduism and Education

Know the merits and demerits of ancient gurukula system and how students pursued education in ancient India under rigorous conditions.

Hinduism and Divorce

The the problem of divorce in Hinduism from theological and legal stand points.

Ashrama Dharma in Hinduism, Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa

Significance and symbolism of the ashrama dharma and its relevance in today's world

Hinduism and Islam, A Comparison of Beliefs and Practices

A comparative study of Hinduism and Islam and the process of reconciliation and integration..

A Comparative Study of Middle Path In Eastern Religions

Find out how the principle of moderation is reflected in different eastern religions.

The Unity of Life and The Realization of Self

Find out the cryptic messages of unity in diversity left by nature in our creation and how our uniqueness is both an asset and an obstacle to our self-realization.

The Spiritual Laws of Human Life

Why it is difficult to manifest them in our lives.

Definition and Distinguishing Features of Hinduism

Know why Hinduism eludes a definition and what God expects from India.

Appreciating Ourselves and Others, Lessons in the Art of Appreciation

Know why appreciating yourself and appreciating others is important for the greater good and your own happiness.

Death and Afterlife in Hinduism

Know why Hinduism does not consider atonement of sin or attainment of heaven as a permanent solution to the problem of death.

Aspects, Emanations, Incarnations and Forms of God in Vaishnava Tradition

Know about the many forms of God and why worshipping God in his image form is so important.

The Ancient Sect That Disappeared For Ever

Find out about this ancient India sect that disappeared forever from the face of the earth crushed by the weight of politics and prejudice.

The Ancient Forms of Siva in Vedic, Dravidian and Tribal Traditions

Siva is one of the most ancient gods of Hinduism. Find out in how he was worshipped in the ancient world.

The History, Antiquity and Chronology of Hinduism

Was India the cradle of human civilization? How old is Hinduism? The author attempts to trace the history of Hinduism from 7000 BC till the emergence of greater Hindu empires.

The Historical Origin of Lord Krishna, the Incarnation of Vishnu

This excerpt from a book attempts to trace the historical origin of the legend of Lord Krishna

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, the Four Purusharthas

The author discusses how the four aims contribute to a richer and fuller life in which there is a place for the pursuit of both material and spiritual values.

Goddesses, Energies and Divinities of Hinduism in our Inner Universe

Know the symbolic significance of female divinities and their vehicles and weapons.

Beware the Gods are Here

This article explains the various forms in which gods exist in creation as the highest beings and our inner divinities and how they help us and protect us in our spiritual journey.

God and Self and Their Relationship in Hinduism

This article attempts to explain the relationship between God and individual soul according to the Upanishads.

Concepts of Hinduism, Nonviolence, Ahimsa

Theological, spiritual and practical aspects of nonviolence in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism and its use by Mahatma Gandhi as a political strategy

Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity are compared and contrasted with a note on the possible connection between Jesus and India.

The Concept of Brahman As Priest and As Supreme Self

This article traces the origin and development of the concept of Brahman and his symbolic association with vedic rituals.

The Practice of Satsang in Modern Life

The importance of satsang in spiritual life and how it can be practiced in modern life.

The Vedanta Philosophy According to Shankara and Ramanuja

Find out how Shankara and Ramanuja differ in their interpretation of the Upanishads.

The Vedangas- Siksha, Chhanda, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Jyotisha and Kalpa

Find out how the Vedangas played an important role in preserving the vedic tradition.

The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

English translation of the entire Atharvaveda Veda by Ralph T.H. Griffith [1895-96]

Hinduism and caste system

A comprehensive treatment of the subject of caste system covering the origin and development, advantages and disadvantages and its relevance in modern society

Hymns of White Yajurveda, Book 1 to Book 20

The translation of the Samhitâ of the White Yajurveda from Book 1 to Book 20

Samkhya and Yoga in Hinduism and Buddhism

The author discusses how this ancient school of though impacted Hinduism and Buddhism in the past

The Philosophy of Nyaya and Vaisheshika

An exposition of the Nyaya of Gautama with its supplement the Vaisheshika.

Online Fax Services to Send, Receive and Broadcast Faxes

Information about the services that will help you send and receive fax messages digitally.

Mahavakya, Tat Tvamasi, You are Self or the Highest Being

The context, historical background and meaning of the great

saying and its practical application

The Origin and Development of Siddhas and Siddha Tradition

According to Tamil or Sangam literature

The Radhasoami Satsang, History, Philosophy and Teachings

History, philosophy and teachings of the sect.

The History, Teachings and Philosophy of Swaminarayan Sect

Facts about the sect that has nearly 200 years of history.

Sectarian Movements, Traditions and Sects of Hinduism

Find a list of modern sectarian movements within Hinduism and how they helped Hinduism to meet the challenges of changing times.

The History, Religious Significance and Temples of Mathura and Vrindavan

In its long and checkered history of 5000 years, read how the fortunes of Mathura ebbed and flowed.

A Complete Guide to Search Engines, Directories and Meta Search Tools

Know how search engines work and how to search for relevant information on the web using these tools.

Shedding Light on Atman, the True Self

What is Self? Is it the mind or something different. Find out what true self is.

The Yoga philosophy

A comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of yoga philosophy

Traces of the Mahabharat in Sangam Literature

Find out the traces of the Mahabharat in the ancient Tamil literature popularly known as “Sangam literature.

The Role of Asceticism in the Development of Hinduism

According to the author without ascetic sects Hinduism would not have survived the challenges posed by religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Islam and Christianity.

Advaita Vedanta As It Exists

Ontology, the topic of the current discussion, is that discipline that demands an answer to the questions "What does it mean for something to Exist…for something to Be?"

Techniques to Boost Your Self-Esteem For Success and Achievement

Self-esteem is all about feeling good about yourself and your achievements. You can achieve it by changing your mindset, accepting yourself unconditionally,

Planning Your Vacation and Creating a Travel Checklist

Make your vacation memorable with these suggestions.

Rites and Rituals in Hindu tradition, Marriage, Cremation, Birth and Death

A comprehensive essay on the sacraments of Hindu tradition. A must read if you want to know the practical aspects of Hindu way of life.

Sage Agasthya in Hindu Myths and Puranas

Sage Agasthya occupies a prominent place in Hindu tradition as the first rishi who crossed the Vindhyas and went to south to spread the Vedic religion.

The Significance of Animals in Hinduism and Hindu Ceremonies

A comprehensive essay on the history, significance and status of animals in Hinduism as divinities, symbols and vehicles of gods and goddess

The Sankhya Philosophy of Kapila

This is a an outstanding lecture by VR Gandhi on Sankhya Philosophy delivered in 1893 before an American audience.

The Best Ways to Handle Anger

, according to the author, is neither by expressing it nor suppressing it

The Values of Discipline, Hard Work and Virtue in Success

How you build your life depends upon what you do with it. Your success, your achievements, your happiness, your goals, your friendships depend upon these.

Bharata or India According to Indian Astronomers

According to the author based on astronomical evidence the epic Mahabharata was composed around around 3102 BCE.

The Buddha's Discourse on the End of the World

The Buddha describes how the seven suns will appear in the sky and the earth will disappear in a fiery mass of flame.

Mahavakya - I am Brahman, Aham Brahmasmi

The statement "aham brahmasmi" does not vouch that "Atman (self) is Brahman", but "I am Brahman".

The Pros and Cons of the Theory of Aryan Invasion into India

An analysis of the pros and cons of the theory of Aryan invasion of the Indian subcontinent.

Mahavakya - Brahman is Knowledge

Properly meditated upon, this mahavakya will be very useful in stabilizing the mind upon Brahman

The History and Antiquity of Varanasi

The rise and all of Varanasi in its 4000 years of checkered history.

The History and Tradition of the Vedas

The divine origin of the Vedas, the shruti tradition, the politics of compromise and confrontation with native traditions, the organization of the Vedas and the significance of the Vedas.

The Hindu Theories of Creation

Find here a very comprehensive treatment of the various theories of creation in Hinduism.

The Significance of Food in Hindu Tradition

Annam means food. According to Hindu scriptures, annam is a form of Brahman (annam parabrahma swaroopam).

Ashtravakra, the Composer of Ashtavakragita

Ashtavakra was a famous scholar of early Vedic period who composed The Ashtavakra Gita which is considered to be a standard work on advaita vedanta or theory of monism, According to tradition he was born to Kahoda

The Advaita Vedanta the Experience of Oneness

Many religions that we know including the atheistic religions such as Jainism and Buddhism are dualistic. So are Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam.

Symbolic Significance of Numbers in Hinduism

According to the author the numbers in Hinduism serve the purpose as idols in worship and meditation and help the seeker in his or her spiritual progress.

Becoming Aware of Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Jiddu Krishnamurthy lived form moment to moment, without the conflict of choice and recognition, with total awareness and understanding, and free from the compulsions of the mind that is accustomed to conditioning and need for security.

The Mahayana Buddhism

Main features, history, chronology and decline of Mahayana Buddhism

Was Bhakti Movement Anti Women?

Modern scholars have perceived, conceived, debated and interpreted Bhakti movement differently – reactionary (implying diehard, retrogressive, regressive), sectarian (conveying partisan, cultist, non-conformist)...

Three steps of Manifesting

The three steps of manifesting the things which you desire are thought, word, and deed-three simple steps which get complicated when you try to put them into action.

Symbolism of Nataraja

According to the author the image of Nataraja is an iconic representation of the whole of Saiva Siddhanta School of Saivism

Aspects of Lord Siva

Lord Siva has four aspects corresponding to the four main functions and principles he represents. These are...

The Yoga with its eight limbs

The enemies to this Yoga are six; and they are lust, anger, greed, ignorance, vanity and jealousy. The Yogis attain the Yoga when they become able to destroy these six enemies by practicing the accompaniments to Yoga.

Self-Growth Process When Everything Falls Apart

One of the major parts of self-growth is learning how to look inside yourself and get clear about certain things. Most often, this involves recognizing and dissolving inner blockages...

Pirates of the Internet

There are some websites on the Internet managed by people who have no hesitation in copying information form other websites illegally and display them on their websites. Interestingly some of these websites are managed by religious institutions and people supposed to maintain high moral values and ethical standards.

Intention, Attention and Manifestation

Planets use their gravitational force to keep things together and stay in equilibrium. In life we use the power of love to attract things and hold on to them. It is an awesome power we all possess in equal degree. We can use it positively and unconditionally to achieve our goals and dreams.

Nine Simple Steps How a Lady Gets Her Book Published

Do you have a personal story you want to share in a book? Do you write your experiences in your journal? Do you dream of more happiness? Publishing a book is a great start.

Achieving Abundance Through the Law of Expansion

I stumbled across the law of expansion accidentally more than 20 years ago, when I was working with a client to improve her financial situation...

Bio Mechanical aspects of the UFOs

With so much information in circulation about UFO encounters and extra terrestrials that even the most skeptical person finds it difficult to ignore the evidence supporting their existence. Equally hard is to argue that every one who claims to have seen an UFO or extra terrestrial is faking it.

How to spot a Jerk

It‘s the single life for me as well as many others who haven’t found “the one” yet. Being the second time around for many singles, we need to be careful with who we spend our time. It’s too bad we don‘t have a handbook to follow on how to spot a jerk.

10 Reasons why people don't live a prosperous life

If it were easy, everyone would do it; everyone would have it. That "IT" is prosperity and we're all trying to achieve that stage in our lives where wealth, health, success are a daily part of our lives. So what's the problem? Why aren't some of us living a prosperous life?

The Gift of Visualization

The third spiritual step* in manifesting miracles and attracting all that you desire into your life entails using the gift of visualization. Visualization is our god-given ability to paint a mental picture of what we desire. As Aristotle said, the soul never thinks without a picture.

Why should we eat only vegetarian food ?

In spiritualism we often come across this fundamental question. Why should any one eat only vegetarian food? There are arguments and counter arguments about what we should and should not eat. Some people argue that it does not matter what you eat as long as you are leading a pure life and do not have craving for a particular kind of food.

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