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Does God Possess a Specific Name and Form?

This essay is about how Brahman (God) should be worshipped or approached, and whether he has a specific name and form.

The Concept of Astika (Existence) in Hinduism

The essay is about the meaning and concept of Astika, with a brief explanation of different Astika schools of Hinduism

Cognitive Errors and Biases in Everyday Life

This essay is about identifying and overcoming cognitive errors and biases which effect our daily thinking and problem solving so that we can make better choices and avoid making mistakes.

Ashtavakra Samhita, Chapter 3 The All Pervading Self

Original Translation and Commentary of the Ashtavakra Gita or Samhita by Jayaram V., which contains the Advaita Philosophy. Presented here as a continuing Series. Just Updated. Chapter 3, Verse 3: The Unified Vision

Holographic Principle and Advaita Vedanta

In this essay the author discusses the Holographic Principle or the idea that the universe is a hologram projected by a black hole and its correlation with the Advaita Vedanta of Hinduism.

Find a Purpose. Use Your Potentials. A Lesson From the Bhagavadgita

Here is an important lesson to learn from the Bhagavadgita. Find out.

Is Puja a Legitimate Form Of Divine Worship?

This essay is about the types of divine worship in Hinduism with specific reference to puja and which worship is the best

Symbolic Significance of Ramayana

This essay describes the symbolism and significance of the epic Ramayana and its main characters.

Come Sit With Us - A Prayer For Auspiciousness

A Prayer for auspiciousness, purity blessings and awakening by Jayaram V

Why to Worship An Indifferent God?

This essay examines the justification to worship an indifferent and disinterested God with devotion if he is equal to all and favors none

Five Incredible Facts about the Earth You Would Probably Not Bother to Think

Find here five Incredible Facts about the Earth You Would Probably Not Bother to Think.

Ten Signs That a Guru Is a Fraud or a Fake

There are many fake spiritual gurus in today's world. This essay lists ten important characteristics or signs of a fake spiritual guru people should be aware of

Love at First Sight and First Impressions

The essay suggests the reasons or the psychological and spiritual factors behinds love at first sight and first impressions, and how people should deal with them.

Psychedelic Drugs and Spirituality, The Traditional Perspective

This essay explores the possible connection between psychedelic drugs and spiritual or mystic experiences according to the ethical practices of Hinduism and Buddhism.

A Simple Formula To Achieve Success

In this essay, the author suggests a simple and straightforward approach to achieve success in any field or project.

Ashtavakra Samhita - Chapter 2, Verse 24

Original Translation and Commentary of the Ashtavakra Gita or Samhita by Jayaram V., which contains the Advaita Philosophy. Presented here as a continuing Series.

Jhana, The Rapturous State of Stillness in Buddhist Meditation Practice

This is a comprehensive essay on Buddhist Jhanas, the meditative states experienced by the Buddhist monks during their practice of Right Concentration on the Eightfold Path

Is Buddhism a Spiritual Religion?

Buddhism is an unconventional religion. Find out whether it can truly be considered a spiritual religion or a materialistic religion.

Spirituality and Self-transformation

The Upanishads emphasize the importance of Self-transformation or Self-purification in spiritual practice for Moksha or liberation. This essay explains why it important.

Parinama Vada or the Law of Causation in Hinduism

In this essay we discuss Parinama Vada, the law of causation or cause and effect, which is an important aspect of Hinduism and Hindu speculative philosophies

Emotions and Equanimity

This essays is about cultivating Equanimity with the Help of Emotions.

Why Do We Worship Stone Idols?

Hindus ritually worship images made of stone and other materials. Is the practice of idol worship or image worship justified in Hinduism? Find out.

Yamas and Niyamas In Yoga

This essay is about the significance of Yamas and Niyamas in the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Essential Aspects of Hindu Way of Life

What do we mean when we say Hinduism is a way of life? How is it different from other religions? Find out.

Detachment For Freedom and Happiness

This essay is about cultivating detachment for greater freedom and happiness by understanding your attachments and motivation

Symbolism of the Human Body in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of the human body in Hinduism

Symbolism of Hindu Concepts, Gods and Goddesses

This is a brief overview of the symbolism in the concepts, gods and goddesses of Hinduism

Essential Guide to Fasting For Hindus

The essay is about guidelines or observances for Fasting for devout Hindus.

The Best Response to Criticism

How do you respond to criticism? The essay suggests a positive approach to use criticism to know others and improve relationships

Ganesha As Mahat Tattva, Supreme Intelligence

This essay explains the hidden symbolism and significance of Ganesha in the human body and in creation as the son of Shiva and Parvathi.

Why is Ganesha the Leader of Gods?

This essay explains the hidden truth in the legend of how Ganesha became the leader of Gods in the Hindu pantheon.

Karma Doctrine in Hinduism and Buddhism

The essay is a comparative study of the similarities and differences in the karma doctrine of Hinduism and Buddhism

Anatta and Rebirth in Buddhism

This essay explains the process of rebirth, reincarnation or transmigration in the context of Anatta or the Not Self concept of Buddhism.

Types of Knowledge or Jnana in Hinduism

This essay deals with the broad divisions of knowledge in Hinduism and their importance in Hindu ritual and spiritual practices.

Understanding Karma From A Buddhist Perspective

This essay is about understanding the working of karma in daily life from a Buddhist perspective to cultivate discernment with mindfulness on the Eightfold Path.

Awakening and Enlightnment in Buddhism on the Path to Nirvana

In this essay, we present the meaning and significance of awakening in Buddhism which lead to the discerning wisdom, insightful awareness, meditative absorption (Samadhi) and Nirvana.

The Complexity of Knowing Hinduism

This essay is about the problem of understanding Hinduism because of its diversity and complexity due to historical reasons.

The Resurrection of the Dead in Hinduism

This essay is about the concept of resurrection of the dead and whether it exists in any form in Hinduism

Hindu Rituals and Practices for Worldly People

The complexity of Hindu rituals is explained. Know the types of Hindu rituals and their importance in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism

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