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Love at First Sight and First Impressions

The essay suggests the reasons or the psychological and spiritual factors behinds love at first sight and first impressions, and how people should deal with them.

Psychedelic Drugs and Spirituality, The Traditional Perspective

This essay explores the possible connection between psychedelic drugs and spiritual or mystic experiences according to the ethical practices of Hinduism and Buddhism.

A Simple Formula To Achieve Success

In this essay, the author suggests a simple and straightforward approach to achieve success in any field or project.

Ashtavakra Samhita - Chapter 2, Verse 24

Original Translation and Commentary of the Ashtavakra Gita or Samhita by Jayaram V., which contains the Advaita Philosophy. Presented here as a continuing Series.

Jhana, The Rapturous State of Stillness in Buddhist Meditation Practice

This is a comprehensive essay on Buddhist Jhanas, the meditative states experienced by the Buddhist monks during their practice of Right Concentration on the Eightfold Path

Is Buddhism a Spiritual Religion?

Buddhism is an unconventional religion. Find out whether it can truly be considered a spiritual religion or a materialistic religion.

Spirituality and Self-transformation

The Upanishads emphasize the importance of Self-transformation or Self-purification in spiritual practice for Moksha or liberation. This essay explains why it important.

Parinama Vada or the Law of Causation in Hinduism

In this essay we discuss Parinama Vada, the law of causation or cause and effect, which is an important aspect of Hinduism and Hindu speculative philosophies

Emotions and Equanimity

This essays is about cultivating Equanimity with the Help of Emotions.

Why Do We Worship Stone Idols?

Hindus ritually worship images made of stone and other materials. Is the practice of idol worship or image worship justified in Hinduism? Find out.

Yamas and Niyamas In Yoga

This essay is about the significance of Yamas and Niyamas in the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Essential Aspects of Hindu Way of Life

What do we mean when we say Hinduism is a way of life? How is it different from other religions? Find out.

Detachment For Freedom and Happiness

This essay is about cultivating detachment for greater freedom and happiness by understanding your attachments and motivation

Symbolism of the Human Body in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of the human body in Hinduism

Symbolism of Hindu Concepts, Gods and Goddesses

This is a brief overview of the symbolism in the concepts, gods and goddesses of Hinduism

Essential Guide to Fasting For Hindus

The essay is about guidelines or observances for Fasting for devout Hindus.

The Best Response to Criticism

How do you respond to criticism? The essay suggests a positive approach to use criticism to know others and improve relationships

Ganesha As Mahat Tattva, Supreme Intelligence

This essay explains the hidden symbolism and significance of Ganesha in the human body and in creation as the son of Shiva and Parvathi.

Why is Ganesha the Leader of Gods?

This essay explains the hidden truth in the legend of how Ganesha became the leader of Gods in the Hindu pantheon.

Karma Doctrine in Hinduism and Buddhism

The essay is a comparative study of the similarities and differences in the karma doctrine of Hinduism and Buddhism

Anatta and Rebirth in Buddhism

This essay explains the process of rebirth, reincarnation or transmigration in the context of Anatta or the Not Self concept of Buddhism.

Types of Knowledge or Jnana in Hinduism

This essay deals with the broad divisions of knowledge in Hinduism and their importance in Hindu ritual and spiritual practices.

Understanding Karma From A Buddhist Perspective

This essay is about understanding the working of karma in daily life from a Buddhist perspective to cultivate discernment with mindfulness on the Eightfold Path.

Awakening and Enlightnment in Buddhism on the Path to Nirvana

In this essay, we present the meaning and significance of awakening in Buddhism which lead to the discerning wisdom, insightful awareness, meditative absorption (Samadhi) and Nirvana.

The Complexity of Knowing Hinduism

This essay is about the problem of understanding Hinduism because of its diversity and complexity due to historical reasons.

The Resurrection of the Dead in Hinduism

This essay is about the concept of resurrection of the dead and whether it exists in any form in Hinduism

Hindu Rituals and Practices for Worldly People

The complexity of Hindu rituals is explained. Know the types of Hindu rituals and their importance in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism

The Purpose of Hindu Rituals

What purpose the Hindu rituals serve in the life of a worldly person? Are they necessary? This essay answers these questions.

The Concept of Nirvana

Know the historical origin and concept of Nirvana (Nibbana) in Hinduism and Buddhism and what it means from different perspectives.

Compassion in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

This essay is about the spiritual importance of compassion and associated feelings in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The Psychology and Spirituality of Compassion

This essay is about the meaning and practice of compassion (Karuna) in human life and the psychology and spirituality associated with it.

The Vedic Symbolism of Gods and Demons

This essay is about the distinction between gods, humans and demons, the children of Brahma, and their relative significance in God's creation

The Problem of Knowing and Not Knowing

Thoughts for contemplation on the problem of knowing and not knowing and limitations of our knowledge and perception.

The importance of food in Hindu Worship

This essay is about the importance of food (annam) in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism.

Finding Your Dream and Creating Your Miracles

This essay is about the symbolism, lessons and the transformative wisdom of the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Pashupata Shaivism Philosophy and Practice

Pashupata Shaivism is one of the oldest ascetic sects of Hinduism. This is a comprehensive essay on the principles, philosophy and practice of the Saiva sect

The Meaning and Significance of Pashupata or Pashupatha

This essay describes the etymology, meaning and significance of the concept of Pashupata in Sanskrit with a brief note on Pashupata Shaivism

Five Great Habits of Successful People

How can you lead a healthy, happy and successful life? These five habits maximize your chances of happy and healthy living and successful career.

Why Religion Matters, The Impact of Religions

The essay is about the positive and negative effects of religions on People and Society and why religions matter in people’s lives

The Spiritual Dimension of Your Religion

This essay is about practising the spiritual dimension of your religion and putting your spiritual values for a better life

Blaming God for Your Problems or Suffering

When things go wrong, people blame God. Find out how far blaming God for your problems and suffering is justified in Hinduism

Honoring Religious Diversity As God’s Will

This essay is about the significance of religious diversity in the ethical practices and spiritual development of human beings

Do You Need a Spiritual Guru?

Is a Guru a necessity? Do you need his help and guidance? In this essay we will examine the importance of a guru in your spiritual journey.

Two Types of Divine Worship in Hinduism

This essay explains the importance of external and internal worship of God (Isvara aradhana and Isvara paridhana) according to the Bhagavadgita and the Upanishads.

Some thoughts on Image Worship or Idol Worship in Hinduism

Find here a few important aspects of Image worship or Idol worship in Hinduism.

God and You in Hinduism

This essay is about the relationship between you and God and the best way to bring him into your life and secure his help and protection.

The Meaning and Significance of Namaskar or Namaste

Find here the meaning and symbolic significance of Namaskar, Namaskaram, Pranam or Namaste in Hinduism.

Aspects of God, the Supreme Being, in the Bhagavadgita

In this essay we discuss the idea of God and the aspects of God according to the Bhagavadgita

Jnana, Right Knowledge in Hinduism

This essay is about the criterial to ascertain jnana, right knowledge or true knowledge, in Hinduism on the path of liberation by the seekers of truth.

Making Right Choices On the Eightfold Path

This essay is about how to overcome the impurities of the mind and think correctly, to solve problems, make right choices and experience peace and equanimity.

Wealth, Sin and Suffering: Is Wealth Sinful?

This essay is about the pursuit of wealth and when wealth becomes sinful and the source of suffering

The Concept of Sin in Hinduism

Find here comprehensive information on the meaning and significance of sin (papam or patakam) and atonement in Hinduism

Why do people go to Gurus?

This essay is about why people go to Gurus, the qualities of a true Guru, and the true purpose for which a Guru’s help is needed.

Dealing with Chance, Fate and Acts of God

This essay is about the role of fate, chance, random events or acts of God in human life according to Hinduism and how to protect yourself from accidents, calamities and unforeseen events.

The Essentials of Right Knowledge, Vijnana, in Hinduism

This essay is about the importance of Vijnana, right knowledge or higher knowledge, in spiritual life for self-transformation and liberation.

Hinduism As Santana Dharma, the Eternal Religion

This essay is about the true meaning and significance of Santana Dharma and why Hinduism can rightly be called so from a moral and practical perspective

What is True Sanyasa or Renunciation

his essay is about the true meaning of renunciation or Sanyasa according to Hinduism

The Kausitaki Upanishad English Translation by Jayaram V

This is an original translation of the Kausitaki or Kaushitaki Upanishad by Jayaram V, also known as Kausitaki-Brahmana-Upanishad, which forms part of the Kausitaki Aranyaka of the Rigveda.

Hindu Marriage Laws For People Who Live Abroad

This essay is about the laws applicable to Hindu marriages outside India regarding registration, divorce, legal custody, bigamy or polygamy.

The Ten Iconic Symbols of Hinduism

Find the hidden symbolism of ten important concepts of Hinduism

Know All About Hindu Temples

This is a very comprehensive essay on almost every aspect of Hindu temples, their history, significance, construction, management, aspects and so on.

The Taittiriya Upanishad Complete Translation

Find here the Taittiriya Upanishad complete, original English translation by Jayaram V with notes and Sanskrit Text

Witnessing Your Own Fears

This essay is about understanding and identifying the mental and spiritual causes of fear and controlling it.

Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma?

The essay presents the historic context in which the names Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma became popular and which name one should use for the faith.

The Powers of God

The essay is about the powers that are commonly associated with the idea of God and invoked by a majority of people during worship.

The Soul Facts of Hinduism

This essay is about the nature of the soul or the Self according to Hinduism, and the method by which you may cultivate self-awareness to achieve liberation or self-realization.

A Lesson in the Art of Appreciation

This essay is about appreciation. How we can learn to appreciate and how we can live with a sense of gratitude and respect for the blessings.

Success Principles Worth Following

This essay is about success principles to overcome problems and difficulties and for happiness, knowledge, skills and excellence.

The Higher Purpose of Your Life

The essay is about the higher purpose of human life and the importance of transcending selfishness to fulfill the aims of God and Dharma upon earth.

Take Responsibility for Your Life

This essay is about taking full responsibility for your life and actions and creating your own destiny through self-effort

Hinduism and Wealth

The essay is about the important beliefs and practices associated with wealth (artha) or money in Hinduism.

Dealing with Unnecessary Sufferingy

This essay is about how we create unnecessary suffering by our thinking, behavior and actions which is avoidable, and how we may overcome it

Basic Spirituality for Worldly People

This is about the essential principles of your basic spirituality and how you can put them to practice in worldly life.

The Samaveda Upanishads

The essay on the Upanishads of Samaveda contains a brief description of the 15 major and minor Upanishads associated with the Veda

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

This essay is about how you prioritize your holistic wellbeing, remove stress, and nurture your inner happiness and self-worth

The Meaning and Significance of Vratas in Hinduism

A Comprehensive manual of Vratas or ritual observances of Hinduism from the Vedic period to the modern times.A Comprehensive manual of Vratas or ritual observances of Hinduism from the Vedic period to the modern times.

Symbolism of Vedic Rituals or Sacrifices

The essay is about the symbolic significance of Yajna, the Vedic rituals and how the idea or the basic framework of the Vedic sacrifice is hidden in various aspects of creation and existence.

Aspects of Vedic Ritual or Sacrifice

This essay is about the essential aspects or components of Yajna, the Vedic Sacrifice or Sacrificial Ritual

Vedic Rituals and Sacrifices, Srauta Yajnas

This is a complete manual of Vedic Rituals, Sacrifices and Sacrificial Ceremonies, Srauta Yajnas, with detailed description of each based upon the Vedas and Kalpa Sutras

Eight Realizations of the Great Beings

The Sutra on the eight realizations of the Great Beings (Mahasattvas) of Buddhism on the Eightfold Path, commentary by Jayaram

The Prasna Upanishad

Find here the complete original translation of the Prasna Upanishad by Jayaram V with notes.

Finding Islands of Happiness In the Sea of Suffering

Life is full of suffering. This essay helps you with techniques to find and create opportunities for peace and happiness in daily life.

Fifty Shades of Karma

Find here fifty most important beliefs, ideas or concepts associated with the doctrine of karma in Hinduism.

A Pledge For Hindus to Uphold Sanatana Dharma

This self pledge or oath is mainly meant for lay Hindus to strengthen their resolve to practice Hinduism and uphold it as part of their service to God.

The Virtue of Giving Charity in Hindu Community

How charitable are Hindus? A review of the World Giving Index 2014 and the giving behavior of people in various cultures, with specific reference to Hindu Community in India.

Quantum Reality in Daily Life

The essay is about the implications of the latest researches and discoveries in quantum physics and their relevance to human life

The Enigma of the Universe and the Quantum Reality

This essay points out some of the latest discoveries in modern physics and quantum mechanics regarding the nature of reality and how they influence our understanding of the causality, unpredictability and uncertainty of the universe.

Four Important Lessons of Life

Life teaches many lessons. They are part of your karma. Learn these four valuable lessons for peace and happiness in life.

A Brief History Of The Soul According To Hinduism

The essay explains the nature of the individual soul, the difference between embodied soul and free soul, how souls become bound to Nature and how they can achieve liberation.

Ten Reasons Why Hinduism is a Way of Life

This essay lists ten reasons why Hinduism is considered a way of life rather than a religion.

The Definition of Hindu and Hinduism

The essay is about the origin, definition and beliefs of Hindus and Hinduism

Natural Evolution Vs. Spiritual Evolution

The essay is about changing the course of natural evolution with spiritual evolution

The Meaning and Significance of Guru in Hinduism

Find out the meaning, symbolism and significance of a true guru or satguru in Hinduism

What is Faith? Faith According to Hinduism

Find out what is faith according to hinduism, how faith manifests in your life, types of faith, and crisis of faith

Ethical Behavior and the Bhagavadgita

This is about the importance of virtue, righteousness and ethical behavior according to the Bhagavadgita.

Why Idol Worship or Image Worship is Justified in Hinduism?

This essay answers why image worship or idol worship is justified and acceptable in Hinduism as a superior form of divine worship.

The History of image or Idol worship

Find out the origin and history of image worship or idol worship in Hinduism from the ancient times

Vedanta Definition, Purpose and Importance

This essay is a review of the literary, philosophical and spiritual definitions of Vedanta and its relevance and significance in modern times.

Truth According to Hinduism

Find out the meaning, concept, importance and practice of truth and truthfulness (Satyam) in Hinduism with specific reference to the Vedas, Upanishads and Dharmashastras

The Symbolism of War in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of war (ranam or yuddham) in Hinduism

Life’s Lessons from Mother Nature

This essay is about the lessons, which one can learn from Nature about survival, success, flexibility, openeness, adaptability, strength, and discipline.

Yamas and Their Significance in Spiritual Life

Why the monks are prohibited from certain actions? Find out the importance of yamas or restraints in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism

The Duality of Shakti, the Two Faces of Creation

The essay deals with a few fundamental dualities of Nature and how one may deal with them on the spiritual path.

What Is the Highest Siddhi or Perfection in Yoga?

This is about what constitutes the highest siddhi or perfection in the practice of Yoga according to the Bhagavadgita

A Look at the Growing Campus Unrest

Hinduwebsite editorial. A review of the growing campus violence and student unrest in many parts of the world and their causes.

Why Did Swami Vivekananda Die?

The essay examines the reasons why Swami Vivekananda died at an early age of 39 and what factors contributed to it.

To Be Like a Flower in the Winds of Life

This essay is about manifesting your essential nature or dharma and fulfilling your role and purpose in the creation of God.

Devotion in the Age of Kali or Kaliyuga

This is about devotion in today's world according to the Bhagavadgita with specific reference to how the triple gunas influence human behavior and various types of devotion

Meditation, Visualization and Your Emotions

Know how you can cope with your emotions with the help of meditation, visualization and other techniques.

A Lesson About Life from A Zen ‘Dog Master

Learning life's lessons the right way. How problems and difficulties can be used as opportunities to cultivate peace and wisdom

What Is the Aim or Purpose of God's Creation?

This essay examines why God creates the worlds and beings, and what is purpose of his creation

Literary Evidence in The Construction of Indian History

This essay is about the possible distortions that may arise when we solely depend upon literary evidence to construct Indian history

What Language Did the Buddha Speak?

This essay is about the sacred languages of Buddhism and in what language did the Buddha speak

How to Deal with the Fear of Rejection

Find here effective strategies and solutions to deal with the problem of rejection

The Essential Practice of Dharma in Today’s World

Find here the true meaning of dharma and how you can practice it in the contemporary world for peace and prosperity

The Four Virtues of Varnashrama Dharma

The essay is about cultivating four qualities or virtues in human life based on Hindu Varnashrama Dharma

Simple Methods to Change Your Moods and Feelings

You can use these simple methods to change your moods, feelings, and emotions when you are not feeling good

What Happens After Death?

This essay explains life after death, the reason for different near death experiences, and the fate of liberated souls and bound souls in afterlife.

How to Practice Spirituality in a Materialistic World?

Five effective techniques to practice spirituality in a materialistic world and live spiritually

A Tale of Two Worlds - Conquering the World Within

The essay explains how the world becomes projected into your consciousness and what you can do about it

Climate Change, Fact and Fiction

The essay proposes a Commonsense approach to climate change, environmental studies, and global warming.

When My Faith is Weak

What to do when you think your faith is weak and wavering? Should you stop believing?

How to Prepare for the Difficulties of Spiritual Life

This essays suggests how to prepare for the difficulties of spiritual life according to the ideals present in Hinduism, Part 2

The Difficulties of Spiritual Life

This essay explains the difficulties of spiritual life and why many people pursue materialism rather than spirituality. Part 1

Japa or Japam in Hinduism

This essay discusses the meaning and significance of japa in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism

Suffering and its Solutions in Indian Mysticism

This is an analysis of Indian mysticism, with specific reference to Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mystic teachings about suffering and its resolution

What Purpose Religions Serve in Human Life?

This essay is about the importance of religion in human life and what purpose they serve

Why Are Religions Destructive?

Find answers to why religions are so destructive, why they cause strife, and what can you do about it.

Dealing With Conversions in India

The Author suggests how through affirmative actions Hinduism can deal with the problem of conversions and protect Dharma

Me, Myself and Maya

The four gems of wisdom from the Advaita school of Hinduism and why its vision and philosophy elude the minds of many

Detachment in Worldly Life

This essay is about how to practice detachment in worldly life and protect yourself from shocks and setbacks.

Religious People of All Faiths Must Unite

Hinduwebsite editorial. About religious amity and why all religions must unite against their common modern enemy

When You are Working from Home

This essay is about importance of self-discipline and not to be complacent when you are self-employed or working from home

Advaita Vedanta and Shunyavada

This essay is a comparative study of the Advaita Vedanta of Hinduism and the Shunyavada Siddhantha (emptiness theory) of Buddhism

How to Spot a Liar?

In life, in love, in business, how do you spot a liar? This essays discusses the current studies in spotting liars and how to detect them and their deception

Who is the Dwarf in the Cosmic Dance of Shiva?

This essay explains the meaning of and significance of Anava, symbolized in the images of Nataraja as the Dwarf, Apasmara.

Three Types of People and Two Solutions for Liberation

This discussion is based upon the teachings of the Bhagavadgita about the classification of beings according to the triple Gunas and how they influence human behavior

Why Renunciation is Prescribed for Seekers of Truth?

This essay explores the importance of being yourself and seeing things clearly as they are

The Sacred Animals of Hinduism

This essays describes the significance and symbolism of important sacred animals of Hinduism, and the treatmentof animals by Hindus

The Significance of Animals in Hinduism

This essay is about how animals are treated in Hinduism and their importance in Hindu ritual and spiritual beliefs and practices.

An Alternate View of India's Religious History

A Review of India's religious history, its existing false constructs, and how they can be rectified by accepting the diverse faiths as convergent paths to one eternal Dharma

A Prayer to the Trimurthis, the Triple Gods of Hinduism

This is an english devotional prayer composed by Jayaram V to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the triple gods, or the Trimurthis, of Hinduism

Why Brahma is Not Worshipped in Hinduism?

A historical analysis of why Brahma is not devotionally worshipped in Hinduism and why there are not many temples built for him

Skanda Matha, the Mother of Skanda

Find out the significance Skanda Matha, an aspect of Durga, who is worshipped on the fifth day of Navarathi

The Changing Dynamics of Public Opinion in Hindu Society

Hinduwebsite editorial. Why increased public participation in defense of Hinduism is making secular elite groups in India disturbed and unhappy

Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram

English translation and transliteration by Jayaram V of Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram, the thousand names of goddess Lalitha Thripura Sundari

How to Pray? A Brief Guide to the Art of Praying in Hinduism

Four important questions that you need to know in religious and spiritual practice. How to Pray? What to Pray? When to Pray? and Where to Pray?

Why The World Cannot Be Free From Violence?

An enquiry into the significance of death, destruction and violence in the mortal world and how to escape from them through nonviolence

The Importance of Learning and Growing

This essay is about the importance of learning and improving your knowledge and awareness for a better life

Damaru, The Drum of Shiva

Find here the meaning and symbolic significance of damaru or damru in Hinduism and Shaivism

The Main Beliefs of Hinduism

Find here the most important, essential beliefs of Hinduism, which are commonly held by a majority of Hindus

Going Beyond Your Religious Identity And Attachment

The essay discusses the importance of spiritual practice rather than religious practice for liberation or moksha

The Idea of Perfection or Siddhi in Hinduism

Find out the meaning and significance of siddhi (perfection) in Hinduism and Hindu spiritual practices

Hinduism and The Secrets of Success

This essay is about how success is viewed in Hinduism and the best practices found in the scriptures to achieve success

Symbolism and Significance of Vibhuthi in Hinduism

This essay is about symbolism, and significance of vibhuthi or sacred ashes in Hinduism and Shaivism. And why Hindus cremate bodies?

Hinduism and Numerology

This is a brief overview of the principles and practice numerology according to Hindu tradition

Ten Incredible Reasons Why Hinduism is an Amazing Religion

Find out ten unique and amazing features of Hinduism and why you should be proud of being a Hindu.

Freeing Your Mind From the Inner Dictator

This essay is about how to free your mind from mental rigidity, cultural biases and authoritarian thinking and cultivate open mindedness and detachment

Hinduism and Begging (Bhiksha)

When begging (bhiksha) is allowed in Hinduism as per the Hindu ethics, spiritual practices, and code of conduct

Do You Know Why You Should Worship Ganapathi?

Find out why Ganesha or Ganapathi occupies such a prominent and leadership position in Hinduism

The Panchanana Aspects and Forms of Shiva

This essay describes the fivefold functions, asepcts and forms of Shiva as represented in the Panchanana or Panchamukha Shiva

The History of Yoga, References in the Upanishads

This essay is about the history of Yoga based upon the references found in the Upanishads and how Yoga became integral to Vedic beliefs and practices.

The Purusharthas, Chief Aims of Human Life

Know What the meaning and significance of Purusharthas is in Hinduism and their importance to human life

Symbolism of Light in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of light (prakash) in Hinduism

The Mathematical Basis of Life As a Play of Numbers and Equations

This is a modern interpretation of Samkhya as the philosophy of numbers hidden in Nature and the realities that manifest in the transformation of causes into effects.

Symbolism of Food (annam) in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of food (annam) in Hinduism

What is the Best Path to Liberation (Moksha)?

This essay examines the validity of various paths in Hinduism to self-realization or liberation (moksha). And some truths about self-realization.

Twelve Questions For An Idle Mind

12 thought provoking questions for contemplation and reflection know about yourself and your life

How Do You Know the Self in You?

The Essays explains the standard methods suggested in the Upanishads to know the existence of your true Self

Karma and Akarma - Action and Inaction

The essay is about the disction between karma and akarma according to the Bhagavadgita, and when actions do not produce karma

Your Religion is as Good as Your Knowledge

Hinduwebsite editorial. About the problem of how religious fanaticism, intolerance, extremism, and bigotry may effect the future of Hinduism

Hinduism and Abortions

This essay examines the moral and spiritual consequences of abortions in Hinduism for souls, their karma and rebirth

When Spiritual Practice May Not Work For You

This essay explains why your fascination with spiritual practice may draw you into the delusion of spirituality and worldliness rather than set you free

The Amazing Power of Manasa Puja or Mental Worship

An important, and amazing, devotional and spiritual practice of Hinduism that leads to mental stability, peace, and happiness.

Hinduism, Problems, Prospects and Future Challenges

Hinduwebsite editorial about the problems and challenges faced by Hinduism and Hindu community and how they may shape its future

Human Worship in Hinduism

This essay answers the question of whether human worship (vyakthi puja) is allowed in Hinduism and if so in what context

The Darshanas or Schools of Philosophy in Hinduism

This essay explains the meaning of darshana and presents a brief summary of the six Hindu darshanas or schools of Hinduism

Hinduism and the Theory of Motivation

This essay compares and contrasts the modern theories of motivation with the ideas present in Hinduism about motivation and motivated actions

Popular Prayers of Lord Ganesha

Find here the most popular Hindu prayers addressed to Lord Ganesha who is worshipped devotees as the remover of obstacles

A World Without Mirrors and Milestones

This essay is about the transcendental state of nonduality and why it is difficult to perceive it or know it with the mind and the senses

Why You Matter in God's Infinite Universe

This essay explains your role and purpose in the infinite creation of God and why dharma and karma are important in your life

The Nature of Consciousness

This essay is about the nature, meaning, types and states of consciousness according to different schools of opinion in Hinduism

Are You Willing To Be Yourself?

This essay is about the importance of cultivating an authentic personality and being true to yourself and your feelings rather than blindly following popular opinions and personalities.

How To Escape From Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Limiting Patterns?

A practical analysis of how attahcments maninfest in your life, how they motivate you and influece you, and how to break free from them for peace and happiness.

THE Sanatsugâtîya, A Spiritual Dialogue

This is the English translation of Sanusgatiya, a spiritual dialogue between sage Sanatsugâta (Sanatkumara) and Dhritarashtra from the Mahabharata.

Anugita English Translation

This is the complete translation of all the 36 Chapters of Anugita, which like the Bhagavadgita forms part of the Mahabharata

Theism and Atheism in Hinduism

The essay deals with different perspectives on theism and atheism held by different schools of Hinduism. The treatment of the subject is very unique, long (7200 words), well researched, balanced, comprehensive, and well presented

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Know how to be comfortable With yourself, and feel good about you to be an authentic person and keep your esteem high.

Pollution and Evolution

Is pollution really bad for the Earth? According to the author climate change and pollution may be part of an evolutionary process for Nature to create better and more capable human species.

Buddhism, Journalism, and Journalistic Ethics

This essay is about how journalists, writers, and news reporters can use the principles of Right Living on the Eightfold Path for professional integrity.

New Facts About the History and Antiquity of Hinduism

How old is Hinduism? The author speaks about some recent discoveries that throw new light upon the history and antiquity of Hinduism

What is the Color of God?

This article examines the color prejudice against black color that persists among many Indian men and women, and why Hindus should appreciate dark color as a divine quality

The River Sutra, Lessons From the River

The River sutra, What the rivers can teach you and what lessons you can learn from them.

Creating Harmony In You And Around You

This essays compares life to music and teaches an important lesson about creating harmony in your life and the best way to do it.

Should We Call Hinduism Santana Dharma?

Find out what Dharma truly means in Hinduism, why it is important in human life and how it is applicable to you.

Symbolism of Ganga As the Purifier and Liberator

The essay describes the symbolism of the River Ganga as the purifier and liberator of mortal beings and how it similar to other purifiers or sources of liberation.

Hinduism And The Evolution of Life And Consciousness

This essay explains the Evolution of Life and Consciousness According to Hinduism, contrasted with the current scientific theory of evolution.

Kaivalya, the State of Aloneness

This essay explains the importance of aloneness or Kaivalya in spiritual practice and why it is important to become free from the influence of everything to achieve liberation or the state of aloneness

The Importance of the 10th Chapter of the Bhagavadgita, Day 38

Find out the spiritual significance of the 10th Chapter of the Bhagavadgita which speaks about the manifestations of God.

Gandhi, Jesus, Hitler, What is Common to Them?

The author ponts to a rather unsual similarity in character of Gandhi, Hitler and Jesus, despite their dissimilar and contrasting backgrounds

Can Downloading Mind Into a Computer Help Humans to Reconnect to Their Past Lives?

The author discusses the possibilities and advantages of downloading human consciousness into computing systems and its implication to future world including remembering or recalling past life memories and experiences.

Are You Stuck Between Being and Becoming?

The essay is about managing your expectations, knowing the states of being and becoming, why we must accept the current reality to learn from it and make progress in life

Helping Others

Hinduwebsite editorial. About the need for charitable activity among Hindus and willingness to serve the community with philanthropic activity to outgrow selfishness and prevent conversions

A Great Hindu Emperor Not Many Hindus Know

This essay speaks about the greatness of Samudra Gupta a Hindu ruler who played a prominent role in the preservation and continuity of Hinduism

The Symbolism of Mahishasura Marddini

The essay presents the true symbolism hidden in the legend of Mahishasura Mardanam found in the Hindu Puranas and what the goddess Chandika represents

Does God Take Birth?

Does God take birth? What does Hinduism say about it? This essay answers this question according to the beliefs of Hinduism, and explains the hidden connection between God and the humans as enshrined in the Vedas and the Bhagavadgita

Hinduism and Premarital Relationships

The essay presents an analysis of trends in Hindu socieity towards premaritial sex and changing sexual and moral values

The Problem of Conversion - Make Hinduism a Missionary Religion

Conversions cannot be stopped by legislation. Hindus should deal with the problem of conversion by changing their mindset about conversions and transforming Hinduism into a missionary religion to protect and promote the faith.

What is Your Notion of God?

The author presents the idea and the illusion of God according to Hinduism and the diversity of opinion regarding his existence or nonexistence

Why do we want our World to End?

The author examines the reason why people are drawn to science fiction (sci-fi) movies, novels, and popular literature that deal with apocalyptic themes and end of the world scenarios.

How Can You Combine the Power of Five Yogas To Wash Away Your Sins? 

 The essay examines the importance of karmayoga and its relation with four other yogas, namely jnana yoga, buddhi yoga, sanyasa yoga, and bhakti yoga.

Should December 25th be a Public Holiday in India?

Hinduwebsite editorial on how Hindu festivals are not declared as public holidays outside India in Christian and Muslim majority nations, and why the controversy raised by Time of India about a Navodaya School circular is unjustified.

The Meaning and Significance of Heart in Hinduism

This essay is about the meaning, symbolism, and significance of heart in Hinduism in different planes of existence and its various interpretations in the Upanishads.

Do You Have Any Plans For Your Rebirth or Reincarnation?

Planning for your rebirth or reincarnation. If you believe in rebirth, you must plan for it in this life and know how your current life and actions (karma) will shape your next life?

Making Peace With The Imperfections of Your Existence

This essay reflects the wisdom of the Upanishads about idealism and realism, and treating the opposites and the dualities of life with sameness, as you pursue your ideals and values.

Racism in America, The Truth

Hinduwebsite Editorial regarding the truth about race relations in America and elsewhere, different types of racism and discrimination, and how it effects the lives of people.

The Origin And Development Of Karma Doctrine In Hinduism

The purpose of this essays is to explain you some of the earliest Vedic beliefs and concepts associated with the doctrine of karma and how they developed into our current knowledge of the law of karma in Hinduism.

Tapping Into The Hidden Intelligence

This is about tapping into the intelligence that is hidden and inherent within every object of creation and how it manifests itself in the beauty, diversity and symmetry of the universe.

Does God Control Your Life?

This essay explains role of God, fate, karma, and free will in Hinduism and answers who controls your life and who is responsible for your and actions and destiny. .

Birth and Conception in Hinduism

The Essays explains the process of birth and rebirth according to the Upanishads, and the role of mother, father and their sexual union in the conception of beings and rebirth of the souls.

The Twelve Manifestations of Brahman

The Essay describes twelve most important and highest manifestations of Brahman, the highest God, and their significance in Hinduism

The Ten Manifestations Of Sattva

Sattva is the purest among the triple gunas of Natute. This essay explains how sattva manifests in human behavior, thinking and attitud

The Ten Main Duties (dharmas) in Hinduism

This essay graphically explains why duties are important in Hinduism, and the ten main duties or dharmas of a Hindu

Ten Distinguishing Features Of Hinduism

Find the ten most distinguishing features of Hinduism such as Atman, Brahman, gods and goddesses, literature, karma, rebirth, and liberation

Yin and Yang, and the Hindu Connection

This essay explains the possible historical origin and connection between the Yin and Yang principles of Chinese culture and the Linga and Yoni symbolism of Hinduism

The Mind and The Illusion of Reality

The Vedanta perspective on the illusion of reality in our perceptions and how to cultivate the vision of a seer to see things clearly without the delusions and modifications of the mind

The Meaning And Significance Of Swastika In Hinduism

Find out the different meanings of Swasti and Swastika (svastika) in Sanskrit and their importance in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism

The Origin and Significance of the Epic Mahabharata

This essay explains how the epic Mahabharata was composed, its historic significance, why it is considered greater than the Vedas, and why it is called the Mahabharata instead of Bharata

Conditioned Ignorance, The New Social Evil

How modern education has not helped people to become more knowledgeable, rational, intelligent, and self-aware, but selectively ignorant, dependent and mentally enslaved to certain beliefs and ideologies.

Letting your God live in You - The True Essence of the Hindu Way of Life

 The importance of internalizing your religious beliefs and spiritual values and letting God and religion live in you and through you is essence of the Hindu way of life

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs From The Perspective Of Hinduism

A Cultural Path To Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs and a comparative analysis of Maslow theory of motivation with the four aims of human life as prescribed in Hinduism

Significance of Happiness in Hinduism

About happiness as a way of life in Hinduism, with special reference to achieving physical, mental and spiritual happiness here and hereafter

The Origin and Character of Hindu Drama

About the origin, construction, and history of Hindu Dramas in ancient India with special reference to famous Sanskrit plays, literary compositions, and playwrights such as Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti, and Vishakadatta

Why Hinduism is a Preferred Choice for Educated Hindus

The author presents four important reasons why many educated Hindus are devout Hindus and why they prefer Hinduism

Teaching Faith in Classrooms

Hinduwebsite Editorial on the importance of teaching faith to children so that they can learn to take responsibility for their lives

The Construction of Hinduism

The construction of Hinduism in colonial times and how the false narratives effected our understanding of its beliefs and practices

Three Myths about Hinduism

Three important myths people entertain about Hindus and Hinduism, namely tolerance, vegetarianism, and non-violence.

Does the Bhagavadgita Teach Violence?

The essay examines whether the Bhagavadgita teaches violence. This is part of the Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita Series, presented by Jayaram V for Hinduwebsite.com

Significance of Death in Hinduism

About the ritual and spiritual significance of death in Hinduism, the hidden purpose of Vedic rituals and spiritual practices, and symbolism of death in the beliefs and practices of Hinduism

Who Am I?

About the difficulties in establishing self-identity, the nature of your existential self, and how you may explore your consciousness to know certain vital aspects about yourself

Self-knowledge, Difficulties in Knowing Yourself

The author explains Upanishadic perspective on the barriers to self-knowledge in the journey of self-discovery and how one can cultivate the seeing of the Seer.

Lessons from the Dance of Kali, the Mother Nature

About symbolism of Mother Nature as Kali in Hinduism and what lessons we can learn from the creative and destructive functions of Nature

Hinduism and Diversity

About the diverse nature of Hinduism which sets it apart from other world religions, and how diversity is reflected in the theory and practice of Hinduism

Love Jihad - War in the Name of Love

About love jihad, and how radical Muslims are using the weapon of love to convert Hindu women

क्या तुम ने कभी शान्ति की खोज में निकल पड़े हो?

An exposition in Hindi by Jayaram V on whether you can ever search for peace anywhere.

क्या कोई तुमको देख रहा है?

An exposition in Hindu by Jayaram V whether you think that no one is watching you.

मजबूरी से कसे मुक्ति मिलेगा?

An few answers in Hindi by Jayaram V about duty and liberation.

The Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita, Day 35

The Bhagavadgita on why discretion is important in life and how to cultivate it.

Listen to the Messages Life Delivers

Learning from observation, intuition, perception, and attentiveness the messages delivered by the forces of Nature.

Creation in Hinduism As a Transformative Evolutionary Process

Find answers to the role of God and Nature in creation according to creation theories in Hinduism and whether Hinduism believes in evolution and intelligent creation.

Devotion and Meditation in Hinduism

Find out the unique aspects of meditation and devotion in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism according to different schools of philosophy.


About the meaning, origin and history of the siddha tradition (siddha sampradayam) in Hinduism, and Buddhism

Appreciating Diversity in Daily Life

The essay is about the practical implications of the practice of the Jain theory known as Anekantavada or Syadavada in daily life.

Hinduism and Conversions

This essay deals with conversion of Hindus by Christian missionaries, attitude of Christianity and Vatican towards Hinduism and other religions, the methods used by missionaries in India to convert Hindus, and facts and politics about Christian missions

Objective Concentration Techniques

This essay describes five powerful techniques to gain control over your mind and emotions and experience peace, insight, mastery, stability and creativity

Suppression of Thugs in British India

This article explains how the thugs were suppressed by the British

Mahatma Gandhi on Swadeshi, Hinduism and Conversions

Find out what Gandhi said about Swadeshi, its relevance to Hinduism and what he felt about religious conversions by Christian missionaries

The Early History of Madras (Chennai)

The finding of the city of Madras (Chennai) in the 17th Century and life under the British Rule.

Slavery in British India

The article presents a historical account of Slavery and the Slave Trade in India during the early British occupation and how the Mughals stopped it

How to Deal With Unpleasant Situations

This essays explores strategies and approaches to deal with difficult and unpleasant situations.

Healing Your Consciousness - Advanced Self-healing Techniques

In this essays, the author suggests an integrated approach to self-healing which will eventually lead to the liberation of the soul, peace and happiness.

How to Avoid Stereotyping People

The mental habit of stereotyping people and how to avoid stereotype thinking and behavior in your dealings and decisions.

Suicide Help - How to cope with suicidal feelings?

This essay examines the reasons why people commit suicide, its implications to society, how to cope with suicidal thoughts and how you may prevent suicide by helping people who suffer from suicidal thoughts.

The Interest of European Scientists in Indian Calendar and Chronology

This essay by an eminent historian examines the influence of Indian chronology, Cosmology, astronomy, mathematics and other sciences upon the European scientists of 16th-19th centuries.

Advaita For Practical People

What can you learn from Advaita, and how a practical person can understand and approach the subject

The Role of Archakas, Temple Priests, in Hinduism

The roles, duties and responsibilities of temples priests, known traditionally as archakas, or yajakas, in Hinduism.

The Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita, Day 33

The Universe as an information system, and the purpose of consciousness. A look into the recent researches on consciousness.

Five Great Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

Five great thoughts that can potentially transform your thinking and attitude and change your life and destiny

How to Manage Worldly Success

This essays expalins how to manage worldly success and why you should pursue both spiritual and material goals simultaneously

Why is Life Such a Struggle?

Why is life such a struggle? Why do you face problems and resistance when you want to achieve or change something? Understand the forces that shape your life and influence your thoughts and actions.

Are You a Secular Person? Should You Be?

What is the true meaning of the word secular and the true definition of the word secularism? Find out.

Finding Happiness In The Simple Pleasures Of Life

Five simple positive affirmations to increase your happiness from the simple pleasures of your daily life.

Simple Miracles of Yoga

Experience the immediate and miraculous benefits of yoga practice with these simple meditation techniques.

How to Solve Problems With Spiritual Help?

This essays explains how to seek spiritual help to solve complex problems that defy rational solutions.

Bollywood Seculars and their Hidden Agenda

Why certain Bollywood people want to harp on Secularism during elections time? What is their hidden agenda?

Is Enlightenment the Right Word for Spiritual Liberation?

Is the world enlightenment adequately describes the state of liberation? Find out?

Little Known Health Facts

Find five not so well known facts about your physical and mental health

Hinduism and Judaism

A comparative study of Hinduism and Judaism, persecution and discrimination of Hindus and Jews in history.

Symbolism of Snakes in Hinduism

Snake symbolism is very complex in Hinduism. The Snake (naga) symbolizes many energies, deities and objects. This is a pictorial representation of Snake symbolism in Hinduism.

Please Come Back to Earth and Be Here

Why pursuing ideals, ideologies and idealism is not good enough, why they do not solve our problems or improve our circumstances, and why we need a different approach.

Being alone and Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is a major social problem. This article provides suggestion to deal with the problem.

How Should We Deal with Our Bad Memories?

How do we manage our memory to remember the good things and forget the bad. Is it possible to eliminate bad memories and the suffering arising from them?

Ten Teachings of the Buddha From the Dhammapada

Ten teachings of the Buddha taken from the Buddhist text the Dhammapada, with explanatory notes

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