The Negative Side of Achieving Success

Perspectives and Viewpoints

by Jayaram V

What happens to some people who achieve distinction and success? At some stage they may stop listening to others or paying attention to problems and causes. They become comfortable with their success and stop noticing the subtle signs of problems, conflicts and grievances, which may eventually lead to bigger problems and crises. By that time, they might have also spent a lot of their good will and lost many friends and relationships. Depending upon your nature, success can grow your circle of friends and well-wishers or constrict it.

It usually happens because of either arrogance or confidence or both which prevents them from being flexible, humble and careful. As a result, they make mistakes in their choices and decisions which lead to other problems. If you are chugging along and enjoying the sweet fruit of success, remember this. You have to be humble, open-minded and willing to change and adapt.

Avoid the assumptive behavior or the "know it all" attitude. However, successful you may be, you cannot take people for granted, because human nature is such that you cannot always predict how they behave in particular situations. It always better to check with people, ask questions and know what is going on in their minds and lives. Even if they are extremely friendly or loyal, show them respect by paying attention to their opinion and advice.

If you are not willing to  learn from others, show them courtesy or pay attention to their feelings and emotions, it is a dangerous sign that you have reached the end of your learning. Success is seldom achieved by one's own efforts only. You need the help and cooperation of many people. Sometimes, you have to actively seek them and engage them. You need expert advice. You need support. You need people who can compensate for your lack of knowledge, resources, skills or expertize.

Therefore, if you want to continue on the path of success and sustain your progress, you have to keep your head down. You have to listen, pay attention, respect those who have a mind of their own, who do not fear you or obey you. Further, you should always question your own judgment by verifying the assumptions which are hidden in your decisions and actions. You would be better off by being careful and humble rather than arrogant, rude, and rigid.

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