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The American College of Vedic Astrology Educational organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of Vedic Astrology -- Jyotish -- founded in November 1993. Information and upcoming events.

Aryabhatt Astrology Services The portal for astrology and occult science: Vedic (Indian) Astrology, Numerology, birth chart consultancy, Astrology books.

An Astro Journey to the Zodiac Secrets Articles, horoscopes and Rudraksha information.

Astro World Introduction to Jyotisha. Accepts simple online queries, consultations through prior appointment.

Astrogyan Vedic Astrology: birth charts, match making and predictions based on the traditional Indian astrological methods developed by Ashwini Kumar Sharma. Panchanga online, Events and Festivals, Questions and Answers, Lost and Found, Herbal (ayurvedic) Cure, Mantra Cure, Herbal Tips. Astrology predictions, articles, services.

AstroPalmistry Uses Vedic Astrology and Hindu Palmistry for events in life with actual dates of occurrence.

Astroview Features Vedic astrology, business and personal counseling service.

Birth Time The influence of incorrect birth times on astrological predictions.

British Association for Vedic Astrology Provides a European forum for Vedic astrology including monthly meetings and international conferences. Features interactive lessons, features and tips, with details of consultations available.

Dirah Academy International Information about the astrology of India, the Hindu Lunar Zodiac, yogas and astrology, ayurveda and astrology.

Doug Riemer Certified Vedic astrologer from Sedona, Arizona. Readings with Vedic remedies and astrocartography, lectures and classes.

Eastro Vedica Details of consultancy and software services, plus gemology, electional, mundane and horary astrology, with practitioner profile.

Harish P. Goswami Astrologer, author, and software developer.

Indian System of Astrology Astrology based on Nakshatras -- Moon's constellations. Consultancy and education on Vedic Astrology. Astrological books, periodicals, magazines, directories.

J.J. Enterprises Astrological center in Jaipur, India, providing online consultation, computerised horoscope calculations. Also online courses in Jyotish.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Yagyas Yagyas to bring positive influences and avert negativity by Vedic astrologers. Jyotish consultations and Yagya services. Free predictions based on Lagna-rashi, free chart. Case studies on profession, health, progeny, marital, education and remedies. Paid courses through email.

Sai Sree Vedic Astrology Center Prepares and analyzes horoscopes using Vedic methods.

Sre Kagabujandar Nadi Astrological Research Centre Offering both free and paid predictions and remedial services, with background information.

Vedic Astrologer Shyamasundara Dasa Offers consultations in vedic astrology, educational articles and training in vedic astrology.

Vedic Astrology and Predictions Free online Vedic Astrology charts and reading. Ancient Vedic texts. Tips for life. Body indicates. Dream interpretations. Nature signs. Vastu. Love in female's life. Zodiac signs and horoscopes.

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