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ABMaps - Online interactive map of the world, with detailed street atlas for North America.

Atlapedia Online - Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Atlas of the Biosphere - A collection of maps, schematics, and information about human-environment interactions, directed at the education community.

CIA World Factbook - Reference Maps - Various maps of the world in both jpeg and pdf format that are updated annually.

Cornell's Digital Earth - Use this interactive atlas to create maps displaying land, oceans, borders, roads, lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, faults, mines, seismic, and other geological, geographical, and geophysical data. Requires Java.

Expedia Maps - Offers searchable listing in the United States and Europe by address and driving directions.

Fallingrain Global Gazetteer - Look up countries, cities, and airports and obtain topographic maps, weather data, and selected satellite imagery.

Google Maps - Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of the United States. Can also search by keyword such as type of business.

Great Circle Mapper - Shows great circle path between specified points on the globe with an aviation focus.

Map Up - Provides continental, oceanic, and country-specific maps, followed by geopolitical analysis.

Maporama - Generates maps for a desired address or point of interest. Output is also viewable on handheld computers.

MapQuest - Find directions for and explore towns and cities worldwide. Display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions and maps, and plan a trip with city information. Also includes aerial photographs of selected areas.

Maps of World - Online maps showing countries of the world and continents. Too wide for smaller monitors.

Multimap - Global mapping service including street maps of Europe, North America and Australia.

National Atlas of the United States - U.S. government map portal providing access to many government branches including USGS, Census, U.S. Forest Service, NOAA, National Park Service and others.

Planet Observer - Displays country and ocean maps, followed by demographic data on each reviewed area.

Readmap Project - Online maps collection with political and economical overview of each country.

Shaded Relief Map of the World - Interactive global map, including topographic relief, satellite imagery, and political information. Includes place finder.

TerraFly - Searchable aerial views of cities and towns in the United States.

TerraServer - View maps and aerial photos of various parts of the Earth.

United Nations: Cartographic Section - General country and special issues maps.

United States Library of Congress Map Collections - Top-level categories include cities and towns, cultural, landscapes, conservation and environment, military battles and campaigns, discovery and exploration, transportation and communication. Searchable by keyword, location, creator, subject, and title.

Windows Live Local - Combines online mapping and local search, uses a scratch pad to take notes, and allows to search questions around the United States in a geographical context.

World Atlas - Get maps and relevant information about every country, every U.S. state and dozens of major American cities.

Worldmapper - A collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on according to the subject of interest. - specialize in providing up to date, high quality digital zip code maps, pdf zip code maps, and zip code databases.

Shopping, Antique Maps

Adina Sommer - Offers original maps, books, views and prints from the 16th to the 19th century. Located in Munich, Germany.

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps and Books - Offers a general stock of maps and prints, with an emphasis on North America and early maps of Canada. Located in Canada.

Altea Antique Maps & Books - Specialist dealer in antique maps and atlases, based in London's West End.

Amherst Antiquarian Maps - General stock of antique maps of all parts of the world, specializing in maps of Massachusetts.

Andropov Antique Maps - Specializes in antique maps, prints, books, and related reference literature. Located in the Netherlands.

Antiquaries Manasek - Dealer in maps and antique science and cartography books.

Antique Atlas - Dealers in antique maps, plans, charts, atlases, and prints. Located in the USA.

Antique MapArt Australia - Australian region antique map specialist 1500s-1800s. Offering a large collection.

The Antique Maps Chest - Wide range of antique maps and town plans of the UK and World. Located in the United Kingdom.

Antique Maps Online - Offering antique maps, antiquarian charts and plans.

Antique-World - Offering maps, atlases and books from 15th through the 18th centuries, as well as zoology books. Offered in English and German versions.

Argosy Book Store - Offering books, maps and prints from the 18th to 20th centuries. Located in New York City.

Art Source International - Offers both antique and reproduction maps and prints in a searchable database. - Vintage and antiquarian cartography with some prints. Located in Brisbane, Australia.

Baldwins Old Maps and Charts - Specializes in antique maps and charts organized by geographical region.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps - Dealer in maps and atlases from the 16th to 19th Centuries. Also offers reference books about maps, the history of cartography, and geography.

Baynton-Williams - Dealer in prints and maps located in the UK.

Beach Antique Maps & Prints - Offer genuine engravings from 100 to 450 years old including maps, town views, and topographical prints. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Begeman Fine Arts - Offers antiquarian maps, topographical prints, natural history books fine art prints. Located in The Netherlands.

Bickerstaff's Books, Maps &c. - Offers primarily North American maps and specializing in items related to 18th century New England. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Boston Rare Maps - Specializes in New England and the Northeast United States. Also offers consultation, research and appraisal, and search services.

Brian DiMambro - Features vintage maps and books.

Brian Seed Fine Art - Dealer in antique maps and prints from the 15th -19th centuries, focusing on Asia and especially Hong Kong. Also provides custom framing. Located in Hong Kong.

Brighton Antique Prints and Maps - Deals in rare 16th to 19th Century maps and charts of all world areas, in botanical engravings, books and prints.

Cartographic Arts - Offers maps, prints, and books about maps and mapmakers. Includes a searchable database of maps and sea charts.

Cartographic Associates - Offers 17th to 19th century maps, prints and globes. Located in Frederick, MD.

Cartographica Neerlandica - Dealer offering antique maps from the 16th through 18th centuries, specializing in maps by Ortelius. Located in the Netherlands.

Chartamagna - Antiquarian cartography showing a range of locations is offered. Located in Germany.

Christopher Romyn: Old Prints and Maps - Dealer in prints, ordnance survey maps, and some cycling books. Located in the UK.

Classical Images - Offers cartography collectibles, antique prints and world maps. Located in Australia.

Colin Luther Rare Maps - Specializing in maps of Africa from the 16th through 19th centuries.

Copperplate Antique Maps and Prints - Dealer specializing in antique maps of the UK. Also offers topographical prints and books on Cambridge. - Offers maps from circa 1490 to about 1800.

David Archer Maps - Offers old and modern Ordnance Survey maps of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Located in the UK.

David Hulse Associates - Dealer in old maps, prints, and illustrated books.

Donald A. Heald - Offering maps from all areas of the world, celestials, sea charts, wall maps, pocket maps and atlases.

Dumont Maps & Books of the West - Specializing in Western Americana, antique maps, fine out-of-print and rare books.

Earley Maps - Offers antique maps from the 16th to 19th Century. Located in Bath, UK.

FairWinds Antique Maps - Specializes in maps, atlases, and vintage travel books.

Formosa Maps - Specializes in pre-1900 Chinese painting maps of China and Taiwan or Formosa.

Geographicus - Specializes in rare and antique maps, atlases, and prints from the 17th through 19th Centuries.

George Glazer Gallery - Dealer in terrestrial and celestial globes, maps, and views. Also offers atlases, prints, photographs, art, and books.

George Ritzlin - Offers a general stock of maps, prints and cartographic reference books.

Glastonbury Galleries - Dealers in antique maps of Britain and the world. Also sells contemporary prints by Glastonbury artists. Located in Britain.

Grace Galleries - Dealer in maps, prints, sea charts, globes, and reference books. Located in Harpswell, ME

Heirloom Rare and Antique Maps - Dealer offering decorative 18th and 19th century maps of all parts of the world. Services include antique map framing and conservation.

Hemispheres Antique Maps & Prints - Specializes in original maps and prints from the 16th through 19th centuries.

Historical Maps of the Past - Offers maps of the north eastern US, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Idea Rare Maps & Books - Dealer in antique maps and books from the 16th through 18th centuries. Located in London, UK.

The Intenet Antique Map Exchange - Site offering antique maps of all parts of the world from multiple dealers. Includes an extensive database of cartographers and other individuals involved in production of antique maps. Located in the Netherlands.

ISCRA - Dealer in antique maps and prints. Located in the Netherlands.

Jo Ann and Richard Casten, Ltd. - Dealers in maps and atlases from the 15th through the 18th century.

Jonathan Potter Limited - Sells antique maps, reference books and antique-style reproduction and modern globes. Site includeds cartographer biographies and collecting information. Located in the UK.

Kings Antiquarian - Offers both antique maps and prints with two retail outlets located in the South of England.

Kings Court Galleries - Specializing in antique maps and prints including region and city maps, hand colored copper engravings, and architectural engravings. Located in the UK.

Kitty's Antique Prints and Maps - Dealer in maps and prints, located in the UK.

La Rose des Vents - Dealer in antique maps, specialized in 16th, 17th and 18th century maps of Florida, the Caribbean and France.

Lancashire Gallery - Original maps, prints and books from the seventeenth century onwards, with a Lancashire theme.

Lee Jackson - Dealer in maps and prints, based in the UK.

Leen Helmink - Offers antiquarian cartography, atlases, and travel books depicting the entire world.

Librairie Loeb-Larocque - Gallery and auction house specializing in maps, atlases and travel books from the 16th - 19th century. Located in Paris.

Lone Star Antique Maps and Prints - Specializes in antique Texas maps and prints from the 16th through 20th centuries.

Luca Tricerri & Co. - Offers a range of maps arranged by continent or area. Locations in Genoa, Italy.

The Map and Botanical Gallery - Offers a mixed inventory of original and reproduction maps and prints, framing and conservation services.

The Map House of London - Offers a large selection of original maps, globes, and prints dating from the 15th to 19th centuries. Located in the UK.

Map Mogul Ltd. - Specializes in original antiquarian maps, atlases and prints from the 15th to 19th century.

The Map Room - Specializes in cartography, city views and literature from the 15th to 19th century.

Map World - Dealer in antique maps of all parts of the world from the year 1480 to 1860. Located in London.

Mapcarte - Dealer offering antique maps of Africa, Great Britain, the Americas and the World.

Martayan Lan - Offers antique maps, globes, atlases, city plans and views, and nautical charts. Located in New York City.

Merring's Prints and Maps - Offering vintage prints, maps, ephemera and books. Specializing in maps of Michigan.

Michael Jennings Antique Maps & Prints - Offers antique maps and prints from 16th to 19th centuries. Gallery is located in France.

Mostly Maps - UK based gallery selling old British and international prints and maps.

Murray Hudson - Dealer in antiquarian books, globes, maps, and historical prints, based in Tennessee. Includes detailed inventory, terms and conditions for sales, and an article how about the owner got involved in map collecting.

Old Church Galleries - Dealer in antique maps and prints located in London.

Old Map Gallery - Offering world and US maps categorized by geographic areas. Located in Denver, CO.

Old Maps and Prints - Focusing on original antique maps of America and its states and regions, including the Southwest and Mexico, from the 16th through 19th centuries.

Old Print Shop, Inc. - Dealer with over 100 years experience in handling Antique Maps, Atlases, American Prints, Contemporary Photography and Reference books. Located in New York City.

OldMaps Price Guide - Price guide providing broad samples of market values of rare maps from dealer and auction catalogs. Value data requires paid subscription. Located in Arizona.

Ordnance Survey Maps - Offers a selection of 20th century Ordnance Survey maps. Located in the U.K.

The O'Shea Gallery - Specializes in antique prints and maps, also offers the work of current printmaker Annie Tempest. Located in London, UK.

Pacific Shore Maps - Offers antique maps, sea charts, and prints from the 19th and early 20th century.

Past Pages Antique Maps and Prints - Dealer offering 17th - 19th Century maps, prints and ephemera. Mail-order only, but ships worldwide. Based in UK.

PastPresent Gallery - Dealer of 19th century maps, prints, and engravings. Specializes in preservation and conservation.

Paulus Swaen Maps and Prints - Specializes in maps, atlases, manuscripts, and globes from the 16th to 18th century. Includes internet auctions and fixed sale catalogue.

Pettinaroli Maps and Prints - Offers vintage and reproduction maps and topographical prints. Located in Milan, Italy.

The Philadelphia Print Shop - Features maps, prints, and related reference works.

Philographikon - Offers maps and prints from all over the world from the 15th through 19th centuries. Located in Germany.

Pine Brook Antique Maps - Offers maps and atlases from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

The Prime Meridian - Offers maps, atlases and related books.

Primitive Pieces - Offers maps, atlases, books, and prints with emphasis on 19th century Americana.

Reinhold Berg Antiquarian - Specializes in vintage maps, atlases, fine decorative prints, and color plate books. Includes show schedule and search feature. Located in Germany, with prices in US dollars.

Richard B. Arkway, Inc. - Dealer offering extensive stock of books, maps, atlases, and globes. Located in New York City.

Richard Nicholson of Chester - Offers both maps and prints. Includes searchable database and reference guides. Located in the UK.

Ridell Rare Maps and Fine Prints - Featuring original antique maps & engravings from the 16th Century thru the American Civil War. Stock also includes Globes, Natural History, Americana, Antique Books & Geological surveys. Located in Dallas.

ROBERT PUTMAN Antique Maps & Books - Dealer offering antique maps and charts of all parts of the world. Located in Amsterdam.

Roderick M. Barron - Antiquarian map dealer, with focus on fine, rare and decorative maps and atlases of most areas of the world, particularly from the 15th to 17th Century. Based in Kent, UK.

Roz Hulse Ltd. - Dealer offering antique maps, books and prints from the 18th to 20th centuries. Located in Wales.

Sanderus Antiquariaat - Dealer offering antique maps and atlases of all parts of the world, from the 15th to the 18th century. Located in Belgium.

Sifton, Praed & Company - Features original 16th to 19th century depictions of all regions of the world. Also offers decorative maps by Abraham Ortelius, Henricus Hondius and Willen Blaeu. Located in the UK.

Southernprints - Dealer in maps and prints, located in the UK.

Steve Bartrick Antique Prints and Maps - Features maps and prints. Located in the UK.

20th Century Maps - Features a catalog of over 12,000 road maps, the majority of them from oil companies, from the 1920s to the present.

Tim Bryars Ltd. - Offering antique maps of a wide variety of regions, mainly pre-1800, prints and antiquarian books. Located in the UK.

Todd Cooper Antique Maps and Prints - Offers a general stock of antique maps, charts, and topographical and natural history prints.

V & J Duncan Antique Maps - Dealer offering a collection of antique maps, prints and books. Located in Savannah, Georgia.

Vintage Views - Dealer in antique maps and prints from the 18th through 20th centuries. Located in Canada

Vintage World Antique Maps & Prints - Features maps and views dating from the 15th to the 19th century, atlases, and books of exploration and discovery, as well as antique prints. Located in Wilton, Connecticut.

Voyager Antique Maps - Dealer offering antique maps from the 16th to 18th centuries, specializing in maps of Asia.

W. Graham Arader III - Dealer offering paintings, books, prints, maps and atlases from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Webster's Fine Books and Maps - Offers 16th to 19th century maps of all regions, specializing in North America. Also offers antiquarian travel books and fine bindings. Research services available.

WorldView Antique Maps - Offers original antique maps of all areas, rare voyage books, atlases, title pages, and prints. Specializing in sea charts and maps of Africa.


Advantage Maps - Offers over 300 map titles covering the USA.

Aqua3 - Weatherproof maps in various scales. Ireland and the UK complete, Europe progressively added.

Arnold Map Service - Sells a wide range of maps and nautical charts, with a specialty in maps of the Pacific Northwest and local maps for Clark County, Washington. Product information and sample views of some types of maps.

Atlas & Zanzibar: ManyMaps - Maps and guides for hiking and climbing, plus road maps and travel guides.

Australian Travel Maps - Specializes in travel maps of Australia and New Zealand. Shipping available worldwide.

Cactus Kurt - Specializing in digital USGS topographic maps for most of the United States, all sizes and scales.

Clover Point Cartographics Ltd. - Offers topographic, vegetation, and sensitive ecosystem maps of Canada.

4 Corners Maps - Sells maps and globes, specializing in wall maps of the US, world, regions, states, counties and cities; zip codes and custom territories in the US; and desk and floor stand globes. Product descriptions and photos.

Davenport Maps Ltd. - Specializes in maps covering British Columbia, Greater Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, Canada. Also offers custom mapping services.

Digital Map Store - Sells topographic maps, atlases, and software, plus aerial photos, covering all US states, for recreational and professional use.

Dog Ears - Maps and guides for outdoor pursuits in Canada, especially canoeing and kayaking.

DRG Maps - Paper and digital topographic map collections with accompanying metadata covering entire U.S. States.

East View Cartographic - Specializes in the supply of worldwide topographic maps, in many scales, including large-scale maps for "difficult" countries.

Elstead Maps - A selected range of maps, wall maps, atlases, mapping cd-roms, guides and globes. Based in UK.

eMapSite - Sells online digital map data. Users can search, browse, zoom, purchase, buy, print, download, and import maps, aerial photography, dem and satellite imagery interactively over the internet. Data is provided from leading map and image publishers.

The English Globe Company - Handmade antique style globes.

EWP Maps and Guides - Maps and guidebooks to the mountains of East Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

FLATTEXT Database Scripts - Offers custom ZIP Code maps for all states and counties in the United States. Specializing in maps showing political, economic, educational, transportation, and environmental data.

Geodus - Offers globes in a variety of sizes, styles, and languages. Based in France. [Site in English, French, and German.]

The Geography Store - Sells raised relief maps, globes, classroom wall maps, and geography products. Based in Boulder, Colorado.

Geography Store Online - Maps, atlases, and globes for classroom and home use.

GeoMart - Retailer of maps for the professional, recreational, and leisure markets, including atlases, topo maps, and globes. Product descriptions and photos.

GoneTomorrow.Com - Maps and atlases for international travel, from a variety of publishers.

The GPS Store Ltd - Sells GPS equipment. Product descriptions, photos, and specifications.

Guidepost - Sells maps and walking books. Maps include Ordnance Survey, Harvey, and laminated maps. Walking books come from a wide range of publishers. Product details and links to sites of British walking, motoring, and outdoor groups.

Guides Galore - Sales of Australian topographic and tourist maps, atlases, street directories and books for travel, camping, fishing, bushwalking, motoring and boating.

The Hereford Map Centre - The European online map specialists. Cycling map, road maps, and walking maps.

Historic Atlas Series: 19th Century County Maps - 19th century county maps and atlas data including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Info-Map for the Georgia Mountains - About the Info-Map, showing the locations of many area attractions, including waterfalls, hiking trails, and campgrounds.

Intelligent Direct, Inc. - Sells maps featuring geographic data, census data, consumer data, and business location data. Also sells mapping software and databases, and offers custom services.

Just Globes - Offers deskktop, floorstanding, children's, and drink cabinet globes. Based in the UK.

Land Info - Maps and GIS data for over 60 countries. Products for recreational and professional use.

Map and Globe - Sells a wide range of maps and related items.

Map Books 4 U - Sells road and street atlases, Thomas Guides, and wall maps.

The Map Center - New England store offers maps, globes, atlases, charts, and accessories for business, personal and recreational use.

Map Express - Sells USGS topographic maps and other USGS publications. Also offers historical maps and publications from the USGS Library in Denver, Colorado.

Map Link - Sells travel maps, wall maps, globes, and atlases.

Map Machine - Access to political and physical maps and information for anywhere in the world by the National Geographic Society.

Map Marketing - A wide range of maps of the world, continents and countries. Business aids include UK postcode maps as well as sales & marketing maps and other map related products.

The Map Shop - Includes catalogues of stock, description of Ordnance Survey products and services, business and multimedia products, and ordering information. Based in the UK; ships worldwide.

The Map Shop - Offers maps, nautical charts, globes, travel guides, satellite imagery, flags, geography games, custom mapping, USGS maps, and related items. Products, services, and map facts.

The Map Store - Featuring pre-printed items, as well as custom mapping services. Also offering globes, games, and GPS. Includes resource information.

Map Store of Orlando - Retailer of maps, globes, street atlases, and wall maps. Also NOAA and USGS maps. Florida maps a specialty. Products include descriptions and photos.

The Map Superstore - Retailer for ZIP code maps and data, business maps, wall maps, globes, and other maps. Product descriptions and photos.

Map Town - Specializing in Canada but carrying maps and travel guides for the world.

Map World - Retailers of maps and globes. - Sells maps and travel books of the British Isles and the United Kingdom, including the brands Ordnance Survey, Harvey, Footprint, and National Cycle. Products and descriptions.

Maponics - Sells maps in digital format for carrier routes, ZIP codes, and Canada postal codes. Also sells demographic, street, and census maps.

Maps 2 Go - UK retailer of road maps, topographic and wall maps from around the world. Shipped worldwide.

A Maps & Graphics Company - Maps for business and reference, specializing in custom cartography for regional marketing and sales. In-stock wall maps, globes, and atlases. Mounting, laminating and framing services available.

Maps Australia and World - Offers road maps, atlases and charts for Australia and world cities.

Maps Etc - Software, maps, guidebooks, globes, and world atlases.

Maps Galore - Sells a large selection of atlases and road maps of the United States: national, state, county, city and regional maps.

Maps, Guides & More - Specializes in theme-related travel maps, atlases, and guides covering world destinations.

Maps in Minutes - Sells computer editable worldwide political, satellite, and relief maps and globes for technical, graphic, and decorative design. Gallery, downloads, products, and instructions for use.

Maps of India - Sells CD of maps featuring Indian states, cities, railway networks, highways, history, tourism, wildlife, and industries.

Maps of - Sells maps and guides of Scotland, including historic, tourist, street, and satellite maps. Also sells atlases, charts, and books on Scottish history. Product images and descriptions.

Maps To Anywhere - City and country maps, globes, travel guides, languages, dictionaries and travel accessories. Order by email or phone.

Maps Worldwide - Specialist supplier of maps, travel guides, globes and satellite images for 200 countries. Shipped worldwide.

MapsCd.Com - Digital maps of the world. Bilingual English and Spanish. - Maps and guides for travellers. - A collection on DVDs of soviet military topographic maps published during 1960-2003.

Mapstore - Specializing in ordnance survey maps.

MapVendor - Retailer of London map showing buses, tube (underground), trains and streets on a single piece of paper. Interactive map available on the site.

McElfresh Map Company - Specializes in hand drawn, watercolor maps of significant events in American history including famous Civil War battlefield maps.

Mexico Maps - Maps and atlases for Mexico. Also offers topographic sheets from INEGI.

Milwaukee Map Service, Inc. - Sells maps, globes, atlases, and software, with a specialty in maps of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Mindbird Maps and Books - Retailer of Arizona topo and geologic maps; US trail, road, and recreation maps; and other maps, star charts, and globes.

Netmaps - Maps of all countries, in editable format, structured by layers, and free of rights.

Netstore USA Maps - The map and guide department of an online book store. Based in USA; will ship overseas.

Oceania Digital Maps - Country maps in Illustrator, Freehand and eps formats that can be edited and used royalty-free for reproduction.

Offroute, Inc. - Sells topographic maps, guidebooks, travel guides, how-to books, nature guides, and adventure narratives. Includes products and travel resources.

Omni Resources: Map - A wide collection of maps, flags and other geographical items.

One Map Place Inc. - Carries maps for the entire world, including wall maps and folding travel maps. Custom map services also available.

Ordnance Survey - Leisure Map Shop - Britain's national mapping agency offers maps for walkers, cyclists and motorists, covering the entire United Kingdom.

Outstanding Maps - Road, tourist, and wall maps of the world; continents, countries, regions, towns and cities.

Pathfinder Maps - Sells Canadian topographic maps, aeronautical charts, nautical charts for Canada and the USA, globes, historical map reproductions, wall maps, street maps, and custom cartography. Product photographs and descriptions.

PresentationMall - Editable digital maps for use in presentations, websites and multimedia applications.

QuickByte Productions - River maps of Montana's Bighorn River, the Upper Colorado River and Utah's Green River show access points, mile markers, fishing holes, rapids, hazards, campgrounds, and other features. Sent by email in PDF format.

Rain Maps - Detailed precipitation maps for hunting in selected southwestern U.S. states. Statewide rain totals to estimate local populations of quail, deer, elk and other game.

Red Thread Maps - Sells hand drawn China provincial orphanage location maps.

s.mile Direct Corporation - Physical, political, history, thematic, and climate maps.

Software Maps - Specializes in software topographic maps of the western states, Alaska, and Hawaii, and custom street maps for the entire country, for PC and PDA/GPS applications.

1st Stop Travel Store - Sells world globes and luggage. Product images and descriptions.

Stanfords - Map and travel book store in the United Kingdom sells world-wide street, road, travel, walking, and wall maps. Includes newsletter.

Street Point - Australian street directories, street maps, and GPS navigation. Shipping worldwide.

Summit Geology & Consulting, LLC - Sells high-resolution satellite image wall maps and posters, including popular recreation areas of the mountain ranges and desert parks of North America. Images, descriptions, and geological research project services.

Tasmanian Map Centre - Sells local, Australian, and international maps and literature. Includes information about Tasmania, and photos of the shop and its owners.

Texas Map Store - A comprehensive inventory of Texas maps. Offers map books as well as wall, topographic, lake, historical, and street maps.

TravelSITE, Inc. - Sells road maps, wall maps, and world atlases, as well as travel accessories and children's travel activities.

Trident Maps - Sells Ordnance Survey maps, street and road atlases, maps of Ireland, and educational products. Product information and specialist services.

VinMaps - Online sale of wine country maps in different areas of world.

Web Travel Services - Sells large wall maps of the world and of Europe. Product descriptions and images.

Wide World of Maps - Sells maps, atlases, globes, books, gps units, and travel guides, including a specialty of products covering Arizona and the Southwest.

The World History Chart - Seller of poster wall map of world history. Close-up image of chart and online store for purchasing.

World History Maps - Offers historical maps, showing countries of the world for every year in recorded history.

1-World, LLC - Sells maps and globes for the classroom, office, and home from a variety of publishers. Product photos and descriptions.

World Maps - Ireland-based company sells wall maps designed for school, business, and personal use, in a variety of languages. Photos and descriptions.

WorldScope - Sells maps and inserts originally published in National Geographic magazine.

XYZ Digital Map Company, Ltd. - Offers world maps, UK street maps and CDs, air photo posters, digital images, GIS map data, map-related software, and training.

1yachtua - Atlas of electronic maps for the Mediterranean Sea. Scale 1:500 000.

Zip Code Maps - Maps of every metro, county, and custom radius (USA).

Driving Directions

Map24 - Maps and Routing - Interactive maps and route planner. Information on a number of country, with geo-location used to redirect the surfer to their country of origin.

MeetMeMap - Provides door to door travel directions - covers train, bus, ferry, foot and driving directions.

Subway Navigator - Maps and stations of subways and other heavy rail transit systems throughout the world, and a route finder detailing the path between any two stations.

Yahoo! Driving Directions - Provides driving directions based on a given address, a pre-stored location, or an airport code. Draws route maps with zoom-in option.


Cartographica Helvetica - Journal for the history of cartography. Includes complete table of contents, summaries and indices.

ChoroWare - A tool designed to help cartographers and map users find class intervals for choropleth mapping.

Computer Cartography at Northeastern Illinois University - Online course syllabus and assignments aimed at teaching mapping techniques to effectively display spatial information.

Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) - The Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Data Center (EDC) is a data management, systems development, and research field center for the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) National Mapping Division.

Harvard Map Collection: USGS Legend - Scans from 'Standard Symbols Adopted by The Board of Surveys and Maps, United States of America' (1932).

Hogweed Mapmaker - Offers free downloadable program to create maps illustrating walking routes, including grid references and landscape features.

Indian Bay Network - We are a network consisting of 17th Century Olde World Cartography, Maritime Art, Nautical Custom Portolan Creation (Hand-Drawn Cartography, known by some as "Artistic Nautical Charts ."), and Themed Web Site Development.

International Cartographic Association (ICA) - The primary international organization devoted to the science and practice of cartography.

Java World Map Projections - An interactive java applet for exploring different map projections of the world, with the ability to change the projection, scale and center of the map.

KennKart Digital Mapping - Custom maps for outdoor recreation and adventure, real estate, web design, tourism and environmental education.

Kingfisher Maps - Kingfisher maps has been producing quality maps since 1970. From contour lake maps to county road maps and real estate development maps, we can produce the map you need including custom mapping services.

Learn2Map - GIS tutorial, free maps, free GIS program.

LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines - Cartography/GIS/Remote Sensing - A comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide but especially in German and English: Directories of Cartography Journals; Cartography-related catalogs of scientific search engines;additional starting points and sites of special interest.

Location Maps - cartographers who specialise in producing location maps

Map History / History of Cartography - Tony Campbell's tightly organized global overview of the subject's resources, activities and opportunities, with leads to the collecting of old and early maps and thousands of links.

Map Projections - Descriptions of many projections with formulas and illustrations.

Map Projections - Collection of printable map projections organized by type.

Maps of the World - Digital royalty-free maps covering the entire contemporary world. Maps fully modifiable in programs like Adobe Illustrator.

MapTrax Australia - Produce digital topographic maps, street maps, aeronautical charts, marine charts and NRMA travel maps of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

National Geographic Maps - Archive of digital maps that can be downloaded and printed on demand. Covers all of US. Many special maps and foreign maps from Society archives.

The National Geographic Society - Explore National Geographic Online. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

National Imagery and Mapping Agency - NIMA provides imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information in support of national security objectives.

Oddens Bookmarks - List of maps and mapping resources, maintained at Utrecht University.

PDF Map Source - The site is a growing collection of pdf maps. The pdf maps are free for personal use.

Power of Mapping - Maps are a powerful tool in spatial analysis, helping problem solvers on many levels.

Rustbelt Cartography - Rustbelt Cartography: map designers, researchers, editors and publishers. Custom maps for print or for electronic media

Solid Terrain Modeling - STM creates physical 3D terrain models from digital data.

Tercomp s.r.l. - Progettazione e Realizzazione Sistemi Informativi Territoriali

Terrain - The purpose of this web page is to assemble, organize, and present digital information about the earth's land surface of use to outdoor enthusiasts.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers - The USACE is responsible for investigating, developing and maintaining the nation's water and related environmental resources. A great source for hydrographic information.

USGS Geography - National mapping information from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Verification of the Zeno Map and Voyages - Evidence to prove the validity of this map.

Versamap Digital Mapping - Versamap draws outline maps on many map projections. Print publication quality maps, or export maps in vector graphic (WMF, CGM, DXF, ASCII) and bitmapped (BMP) formats. Text may be added to maps using any Windows font. Plot your own data in a simple ASCII format.

What's in a Map? - What really makes a map? Find out the required elements that should be placed on all maps you make.

Working with Maps - This tutorial was designed by the USGS to help secondary school children understand cartography.

Mapping Software

Annova Technologies Private Limited - Provides IT related services to the global market, with prime emphasis on AM/FM/GIS and CAD/GIS services.

Atlatnech Solutions, Inc. - Focused on software delivery, configuration, deployment, training and customization of engineering modeling products.

Atoll GeoCAD - CAD applications for mapping, interpretation and visual design of Land Surface, and Geographical Information processing.

Autodesk Map - Software package combining CAD functions with GIS analysis, with links to reviews, user groups and other resources.

Bentley - Provider of solutions to government organizations around the world with a focus on providing a platform for planning, designing and engineering, operating and maintaining spatial assets.

CGSS - Develop AutoCAD applications for surveying, GIS, coordinate and database connectivity, and related utilities, targeted at the mining industry.

Designing with Maps - Article by Stephen M. Ervin discusses and illustrates the convergence of GIS and CAD technologies.

Gecko Software - USGS digital mapping products and file translators for AutoCAD.

Geocomm CAD Scripts - LISP routines and CAD scripts for 3D modelling and spatial utilities.

Geographic Data and Management Solutions - GDMS provides solutions for CAD and GIS integration. Includes software, resources and support.

Guthrie Software - Free conversion software as well as utilities for CAD/GIS integration.

Hitachi R/V mapping tools - Software used in producing mapping, GIS and Civil drawings is using the methodology of 'line following'. AutoCAD only based software.

Imass - Specialists in GIS CAD document management and WAP mapping for utilities, emergency services and property companies.

Pythagoras Software - Topographical CAD and GIS software for land surveying and civil engineering.

R2V - CAD-conversion and data digitization services in all types of Engineering services including CAD-Conversions and GIS.

Satura Computers SRL - Announces of the InfoZone CAD application for surveying.

TCI Software - Tools and services to automate the creation and maintenance of AutoCAD maps. Special expertise in 3D Corridor Mapping.

Toyo Computers, India - Providing Geographical Information system software and services for automated mapping, facilities management and CAD data management.

UCLID Software - IcoMap, automated parcel mapping for the CAD, Windows and ArcGIS platforms. Free trial downloads and webinars available.

WaterWorks/FM - Spatial Associates, LLC develops customized GIS applications and services for small municipalities and rural utilities. System mapping on DOQQs and/or DRG.

Geographic Information Systems - Links to free software and data.

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis: GIS Timeline Team - A timeline reference outlining the history of GIS.

EPA Region - Environmental Protection Agency resource for GIS system data and applications in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

European Geo-Portal - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe is an initiative launched by the European Commission.

Example Code - Forum features information and resources related to GIS.

The Food and Agriculture Organization - The FAO GeoNetwork provides Internet access to interactive maps, satellite imagery and related spatial databases.

GeoCommunity - Data downloads, news, software tools and utilities.

Geography Network - An Internet portal to spatial data.

GIS Cafe - A resource for GIS professionals.

GIS Case Studies - Examples of United States and Canada raster and vector GIS projects.

GIS Lounge - The complete source for information and resources. Information on data and applications and about GIS careers.

GIS Monitor - GIS monitor goes beyond the headlines and press releases. Local, county, state and federal Mapping and GIS users, top notch consultants read and depend on the GIS Monitor Newsletter every week.

GIS Skills Page - Page contains Ryan Galbraith's academic and work experience. - Provides introductory overviews on many aspects of GIS. Find information about industries, curriculums and current events in GIS.

GISuser - Site delivers the latest news, feature articles, and updates concerning the use of GIS, LBS, GPS, and geospatial technologies.

GISZone - The site contains information resources about the emerging technologies like Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System, and related technologies.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions Home Page - The leading mapping, GIS, and geospatial solutions provider for: geospatial resource management, land information management, geospatatial data management & cartography, geospatial intelligence, commercial remote sensing and photogrammetry

Public Health - Provides information on the use of GIS in public health applications, from a 1998 conference.

ReGeo Geo-Information System - Project aimed at creating an information system based on a virtual geo-multimedia database, which will serve different applications including rural communities and eco-tourism.

SpatialNews - News, features, career postings, events, and daily wire.

Steigerwald, Scott - Exploration of geography, GIS, geographic programming and serving maps on the web. Resource for ArcIMS and ESRI-based software.

U.S. Geological Survey - Gives a brief overview of how a GIS is used, some of the theory behind how it operates, as well as a discussion of various applications.

Wen Tzai-Hung's Geospatial Research - Describes study results on the use of geographic information system models that could be used to help people with water usage control and epidemic health risk predictions. Includes map illustrations.

GIS Software

AGIS Map - Geographic data plotting. [Windows]

Apic S.A. - Designs and publishes APIC, a software product for managing geographic information. Site in both English and French.

Azteca Systems Cityworks - Producers of a GIS-based work management system for public works, utilities, state, and local government.

Best-Fit Computing, Inc. - Manufactures Columbus, a geodetic network design, analysis, coordinate transformation and adjustment software.

BG-Map - Computer mapping software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It links plant records stored in the BG-BASE collections management database with an AutoCAD map.

Biodiversity - Free GIS software for biodiversity mapping.

Byers SpatialAge Solutions - Geospatial software solutions for the utilities and telecommunications industries.

Cadcorp SIS - Website of Cadcorp. Developers of Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System, the integrated, Open GIS conformant suite of Windows based GIS software.

Caliper Corporation - Develops GIS, mapping software, web mapping software, and transportation planning software.

CARIS Geographic Information Systems - Supports raster, vector and dimensional data, cartography, map projections, topology and digital terrain modeling.

Carto World - Provides integrative mapping technology and consulting.

Centrus - Provider of geocoding software and other business geographic solutions.

Charon Cemetery - Management Suite is mapping and management software solution for the cemetery industry

Charon Cemetery Management Suite - Provides fully integrated and user friendly cemetery software to the death care industry including integrated Records, GIS Mapping, Touch Screen, Accounting and Web capability.

Christine - Free GIS software with own script language.

CMC International - Business software for location intelligence, mapping, segmentation for business and government users.

Collins Software - Supplier of Maverick Professional, a GIS translation software package for popular GIS data formats.

ComGrafix, Inc. - GIS and mapping software, map publishing and indexing, and customized digital map files.

CompassOwl - Developer of thematic mapping software for Macintosh.

DeLorme - Provides dataset solutions and geographic information systems, practical mapping applications for business and government GIS projects.

Dig-Smart - Software used to support "Call Before You Dig" or "One-Call" guidelines for protecting underground utilities and operators, compatible with ESRI-based technology.

DIVA-GIS - Free software for the analysis of biological distribution data. It includes point-to-grid mapping of species richness, diversity, complementarity, and molecular distance.

DSS - Site dedicated to the application of GIS in business. Provides one-stop shopping for software, data and services.

Eagle Globe Software - Provides 3D GIS world mapping software with GPS tracking to view, convert, digitize, edit and print vector, raster and elevation datasets with a free software download.

ERDAS, Inc - Creators of Imagine software.

ESRI - Offers free software, online mapping and GIS training, demos, data, product and service information, user scripts, and related information. Makers of ArcView, ArcGIS and ArcIMS.

ExploSTat - Performs exploratory spatial data analysis to identify outliers and areas with the same spatial variation.

FalconView - FalconView is a Windows mapping application that displays various types of maps and geographically referenced overlays.

Find Map - Location enabled applications and detailed map content for Windows Desktop, Linux Server and Cellular/Mobiles (SMS,WAP).

Geocart mapping software - Map projections program for Macintosh computers. Offers tools for creating and manipulating maps.

Geographic Information Management Services - Complete GIS solutions based in South Africa.

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System - GRASS GIS is an open source, free software with raster, vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.

GeoGraphs Corporation - Software company specializing in internet mapping and GIS using MacroMedia Flash technology and OpenSource technology (PHP, MySQL, Apache).

Geoimage - Image processing software for map production. Provider of DEM, Land Cover, and Orthoimages geographic databases.

GeoLytics - Offers CD integrating US Census and demographic data with boundaries and mapping software.

GeoMedia - Official site of Intergraph product. Features information on product, classroom training, white papers and product literature.

GEOREF Systems Ltd. - Company provides various GIS software packages.

GIS ObjectLand - Software processes data organized as geoinformation database (GDB). Basic GDB components are maps, themes, tables, queries, external databases, layouts, users, and styles.

Grass GIS - Open source GIS raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.

Graticule - Software for desktop and Internet mapping, route finding, drive time, and e-business mapping systems.

Haestad Methods - Specializes in hydraulics and hydrology software.

The HandMap Network - The place for Palm and PocketPC mapping software and digital maps.

Hudsal - MFworks is raster GIS that can do vector-like network analysis.

Idevio - Innovative Vector Storage, company focusing at geographic storing and streaming technology. The main product is the RAVE Geo vector database.

ImageSTOR Raster Database Manager - System for managing spatial raster databases in GIS systems.

Ingit - Software developer in geographical information technology and fabrication of electronics maps.

InteliMap, Inc. - Provides electric and gas utility boundaries for mapping and data analysis, using Tactician software and the ABI database.

Intergraph Channel - Portal with mapping news, downloads, events, links, and resources about GeoMedia.

Intergraph Solutions - AM/FM/GIS solutions for the utilities industry, including communications, gas, pipeline, electric, and water/wastewater.

KDE - KGIS it is a GIS application for KDE. The objective of KGIS is be the base for the development of GIS applications in KDE.

Leica Geosystems - Company offers GIS products for multiple applications.

Luciad - Advanced solutions for geo-spatial data handling and visualization. Online GIS applets.

MacDEM - An application to view, edit, and convert DEM and SDTS DEM files for the Mac OS.

The Magazine for MapPoint - News, tips, tutorials, discussion and free stuff for Microsoft MapPoint and MapPoint Technologies. Free newsletter.

Manifold - Software for viewing, converting, and editing map data.

Map Maker - Tool to make maps. Includes documents, links, FAQs and online shop.

MAP Systems, Inc - Authorized ESRI reseller, offering ArcView, its extensions, and many other ESRI products at very competitive prices.

MapInfo - Large GIS software developer. Locate software, data, events, solutions, services, partners, alliances, and corporate information.

Mapping Science, Inc. - Focused on customization of the JPEG2000 compression standard (ISO/IEC 15444) to include features deemed critical by the GIS community, with particular emphasis on intelligence and remote sensing applications. - Tools, utilities, add-ins, and templates for Microsoft's MapPoint application.

MFworks by Thinkspace - Raster GIS with image processing and spatial analysis functions.

MicroImages, Inc. - Creator of TNTmips, an advanced professional GIS and geospatial data analysis package for Windows, Unix and Macintosh.

Motherplanet - Mapper software developer. Integrates high resolution satellite/topographic imagery and political boundaries, costlines, islands, lakes and lat/lon grids.

NovaPOINT - Design tools for surveyors. Products specific to highway, railway, bridge, and landscape design.

PCI Geomatics Group - Geomatica software for remote sensing, image interpretation, digital photogrammetry, GIS, cartography and data visualization.

Pocket Systems Ltd. - Developer of PocketGIS, a GIS for Windows CE handheld computers.

PrithviGIS - Developed by Prithvitech. Also providing GIS setup and management, digitizing, hosting data on the internet, and a whole range of software development services.

SchoolVision Software - Offers a K-12 school district GIS planning tool.

Seabed Mapping International Ltd - Provides bathymetry of the world's ocean floors to the international fishing industry. Delivers paper or digital charts for anywhere on the planet.

SIA Limited - Creaters of dataMAP, a multi-user GIS for 32 bit Windows operating systems.

Softelec VPmap - Program converts raster maps into vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute determination functions, and add individual attributes.

SoftMap Technologies Inc. - Privately owned software company specializing in the development of map data visualization software.

Streets On A Disk - Mapping software includes detailed maps with full search capabilities, GPS tracking,travel directions, editor, programmer's interface, & can overlay addresses or other custom data. Over 100 menus of features.

SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. - Makers of software for stand alone operation, networked collaboration, handheld display, surveying, and form based data entry.

Surdex - Providers of Digital orthophotography, aerial photography, topographic mapping, planimetric mapping and data conversion services for municipal, county, state, and federal government and civil engineers.

Synergy Program - Family of programs by Intergraph that uses GeoMedia technology as a platform. Features white papers, forum, and online research library.

TatukGIS - Comprehensive GIS development toolkit with 2000+ functions and properties, GIS internet server, and aerial imagery rectification software.

TENET Defence - Advanced toolkits for the production of 2D & 3D digital map based display systems. End User systems for the exploitation of environmental data.

Tenet Systems - Provides real-time mapping software and services for the defense and transportation market.

TerraSeer - Statistical analysis software for environmental and public health decision making.

TerraSel Software GmbH - Consulting, development and products for mapping and GIS, as well as customized intra- and internet solutions for all platforms.

Thuban - Extensible multiplatform geographic data viewer (free, with code).

Tobin International, Ltd. - Integrated, map-powered land management solutions.

TOPOtoIMAGE mapping software - TOPOtoIMAGE is software for Macintosh computers that creates color and shaded relief images of the Earth's surface from digital elevation databases.

Understanding Systems GIS Software - OasisGIS line of products includes CountyMapper, DeedPro, and TopoMetrix.

Urban Data Solutions - Provides new way to view, analyze and present buildings and their surrounding areas.

VDS Technologies - Offers Internet/intranet GIS and mapping components for Web developers.

Weiler Mapping, Inc. - Provides GIS services, including data conversion of assessment and utility mapping, database development and data integration.

WinQuery for WinGIS - Offers a powerful way of linking any relational database to WinGIS 2000. Connects to multi-user databases like SqlServer, Oracle, SQLBase, Sybase, Interbase, MySQL.

Place Names

BC Geographical Names - Government site lists geographical naming principles and policy, how to propose a geographical name, access to the BC Geographical Names Information System (BCGNIS), links to BC-history/related sites, and to toponymy sites.

GeoNative - Luistxo Fernandez lists place names from all over the world in minority languages, which usually never appear in maps. [Basque and English].

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Compiled by the Getty Research Institute, TGN is a structured vocabulary developed primarily for the field of art history, but can be used in any in many other applications. The thesaurus contains nearly 1 million place names representing approximately 900,000 places.

GNS: GEOnet Names Server - Global searchable database set up by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), US. Foreign place names as approved by the US Board of Geographic Names, other name variants. Approx. 3.3 million entries

International Alternative Country Names - A list of names for existing countries and some regions and islands that differ from the standard international and/or English nomenclatures.

Place Names Servers on the Internet - A collection of links by Arizona State University.

A Political World Gazetteer - An outline of the world's political divisions, organized by continent, nation, national subdivision, and further geographic areas.

Toponomastica Toponymy - A database of place-names from the classical Greek and Roman sources, with comments on their etymology, in English, plus toponymy of the Abruzzese Appennine in Italian.

UNGEGN - United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names. Contains information and resolutions on the issue of place names.

World Gazetteer by ESRI - Enter a city, country or river name for which to search. ESRI stands for Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

World Ocean Bed History: Geographical Names - Article on the toponymy of the ocean, undersea features and relief.

Sky Maps

The Constellations and their Stars - Listings with information, images, sky charts, references, resources, and links.

3-D Starmaps - An attempt to assist science fiction fans and authors of science fiction novels who lack the knowledge to construct maps.

The Dome of the Sky - Online planetarium showing views of the stars and constellations at different latitudes and different dates.

Lunaria Lunar Almanac Sky Maps - Maps and tables designed for seven U.S. cities and updated weekly.

Monthly Sky Maps - Sky charts for every location.

MyStarsLive - MyStars for Windows software to construct for any city.

NGC891 - Interactive Star Charts - Interactive star charts, with Messier, Caldwell and Herschel 400 objects. Downloadable as Excel spreadsheets or PDF charts.

Out of This World - The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas - An exhibition of rare books from the collection of the Linda Hall Library.

SkyMaps - Maps of the night sky for northern and southern hemispheres, designed to be printed and used, and updated each month.

Solar System Live - Interactive Orrery of the web with links to other software.

Solar System Simulator - Collection of planetary and star maps.

SolStation - On-line interactive 3D maps including software and support.

Star Gazer Guide - View a star map for any date, time and latitude, then click on stars for detailed information.

Star Maps - Star maps generated for any city.

Virtual Sky - Information, themes, features, uranometria, and a virtual sky blog.

WikiSky - Provides an online interactive system. Includes articles, gallery, forum, and FAQ.

Your Sky - Online planetarium gives three ways to view the sky and produce free sky maps.

Your Sky - Interactive planetarium that can produce maps for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location

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