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The Changing Dynamics of Public Opinion in Hindu Society

Hinduwebsite editorial. Why increased public participation in defense of Hinduism is making secular elite groups in India disturbed and unhappy

Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram

English translation and transliteration by Jayaram V of Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram, the thousand names of goddess Lalitha Thripura Sundari

How to Pray? A Brief Guide to the Art of Praying in Hinduism

Four important questions that you need to know in religious and spiritual practice. How to Pray? What to Pray? When to Pray? and Where to Pray?

Why The World Cannot Be Free From Violence?

An enquiry into the significance of death, destruction and violence in the mortal world and how to escape from them through nonviolence

The Importance of Learning and Growing

This essay is about the importance of learning and improving your knowledge and awareness for a better life

Damaru, The Drum of Shiva

Find here the meaning and symbolic significance of damaru or damru in Hinduism and Shaivism

The Main Beliefs of Hinduism

Find here the most important, essential beliefs of Hinduism, which are commonly held by a majority of Hindus

Going Beyond Your Religious Identity And Attachment

The essay discusses the importance of spiritual practice rather than religious practice for liberation or moksha

The Idea of Perfection or Siddhi in Hinduism

Find out the meaning and significance of siddhi (perfection) in Hinduism and Hindu spiritual practices

Hinduism and The Secrets of Success

This essay is about how success is viewed in Hinduism and the best practices found in the scriptures to achieve success

Symbolism and Significance of Vibhuthi in Hinduism

This essay is about symbolism, and significance of vibhuthi or sacred ashes in Hinduism and Shaivism. And why Hindus cremate bodies?

Hinduism and Numerology

This is a brief overview of the principles and practice numerology according to Hindu tradition

Ten Incredible Reasons Why Hinduism is an Amazing Religion

Find out ten unique and amazing features of Hinduism and why you should be proud of being a Hindu.

Freeing Your Mind From the Inner Dictator

This essay is about how to free your mind from mental rigidity, cultural biases and authoritarian thinking and cultivate open mindedness and detachment

Hinduism and Begging (Bhiksha)

When begging (bhiksha) is allowed in Hinduism as per the Hindu ethics, spiritual practices, and code of conduct

Do You Know Why You Should Worship Ganapathi?

Find out why Ganesha or Ganapathi occupies such a prominent and leadership position in Hinduism

The Panchanana Aspects and Forms of Shiva

This essay describes the fivefold functions, asepcts and forms of Shiva as represented in the Panchanana or Panchamukha Shiva

The History of Yoga, References in the Upanishads

This essay is about the history of Yoga based upon the references found in the Upanishads and how Yoga became integral to Vedic beliefs and practices.

The Purusharthas, Chief Aims of Human Life

Know What the meaning and significance of Purusharthas is in Hinduism and their importance to human life

Symbolism of Light in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of light (prakash) in Hinduism

The Mathematical Basis of Life As a Play of Numbers and Equations

This is a modern interpretation of Samkhya as the philosophy of numbers hidden in Nature and the realities that manifest in the transformation of causes into effects.

Symbolism of Food (annam) in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of food (annam) in Hinduism

What is the Best Path to Liberation (Moksha)?

This essay examines the validity of various paths in Hinduism to self-realization or liberation (moksha). And some truths about self-realization.

Twelve Questions For An Idle Mind

12 thought provoking questions for contemplation and reflection know about yourself and your life

How Do You Know the Self in You?

The Essays explains the standard methods suggested in the Upanishads to know the existence of your true Self

Karma and Akarma - Action and Inaction

The essay is about the disction between karma and akarma according to the Bhagavadgita, and when actions do not produce karma

Your Religion is as Good as Your Knowledge

Hinduwebsite editorial. About the problem of how religious fanaticism, intolerance, extremism, and bigotry may effect the future of Hinduism

Hinduism and Abortions

This essay examines the moral and spiritual consequences of abortions in Hinduism for souls, their karma and rebirth

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