Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram

Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari

Aum iaim Hreem Shreem Shree Mathre Namah

Translated by Jayaram V

Lalitha Sahasranamam (The thousand names of Sri Lalitha) forms a part of the Brahmanda Purana as a conversation between Hayagriva and sage Agasthya, who probably introduced it to the worshippers of Southern India. According to the legends, it was originally composed by the eight goddesses of speech (vagdevis), directly under the supervision of the goddess herself and conveyed to the world through Hayagriva and Vyasa. It is an encomium to the Goddess Lalitha Thripura Sundari, extolling her virtues, victories, associations, aspects, greatness, perfections, powers, and manifestations. The Sahasranamam has a great significance in Hinduism because it is used in the ritual and spiritual worship of most goddesses, such as Parvathi, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Sarasvathi, Bhagavathi, etc. It is used in recitations (parayana), ritual worship (homas), meditation and contemplation (dhyana). It is unique for its structural composition, metrical beauty, and spiritual value in knowing and understanding the numerous powers and manifestations of Shakti.

Sri Lalitha is the Mother Goddess, an aspect of Durga, and consort of Kameswara (Shiva), who combines in herself both the immanent and transcendental powers. She resides in the divine city of Nagara, at the top of the Meru Mountain. Famously known as Maha Tripura Sundari, the beauty of the three cities, she is known for her extreme beauty and ferocity, with long and flowing hair, lotus like eyes, vigorous body, and extreme brilliance. She is not only feminine, homely, loving, and delicate but also extremely fierce, proud, intimidating, and courageous. She rules the hearts and minds of her devotees, gods and goddesses, spiritual teachers, students and common people. While she casts her bewitching spell on everyone, she readily destroys it when she is worshipped with devotion.

The Puranas state that she is easily pleased by worship, prayers, and devotion and quickly grants boons to her beloved devotees. She slew the demon Bandasura, leading a large army of Shiva ganas,Nitya Devathas, Avarna Devathas and great Shaktis like Chandini, Anima, Mahima, Brahmi, Kaumari, Jwalamalini, Bala, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Chamundi, Maha Lakshmi. She is also the resplendent goddess who is situated in all the Chakras as the great serpent power, Kundalini. The following prayer addressed to her elevates her both as the Supreme Goddess and Brahman himself in his numerous aspects as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram is a very auspicious prayer, containing the thousand names in 182 verses. This translation of mine which I have done with devotion and humility is a little offering at her infinite, graceful feet. It is does not include the nyasam and dhyanam, but only the sthothram containing her thousand manifestations.

Shree Lalithaa Sahasra Naama Sthothram

1.shree maathaa

Great Mother.

2.shree mahaa raajnee

Great Empress

3.shreemath siṃhaasaneshvaree |

You who sit on the highest throne

4.chidagni kundaa sambhuuthaa

You who are born from the pit of chitagni (the fire of consciousness).

5.deva kaarya samudyathaa || 1 ||

You who are ever ready for the divine work

6.udyad bhaanu sahasraabhaa

You who shines like a thousand suns

7.chathur baahu samanvithaa |

You who bear four arms

8.raaga svaruupa paashaadhyaa

You who wield the rope of passions

9.krodhaakaara ankushojjvalaa || 2 ||

You who wield anger like an angusta (a sharp metal hook)

10.mano ruupekshu kodandaaa

You whose mind is as sweet as the sugarcane that you hold as your bow

11.pancha than maathra saayakaa |

You who have the five tanmatras (subtle senses) as you arrows

12.nijaaruṇa prabhaa puura majjad-brahmaandaa mandaalaa || 3 ||

You who fill the whole universe with red color like that of the morning sun

13.champakaashoka punnaaga saugandhika lasath kachaa

You whose hair is adorned with the fragrant flowers of Champaka, Punnaga and Saugandhika.

14.kuruvinda maṇi shreṇee kanath koṭeera mandaithaa || 4 ||

You whose crown is adorned with the best quality precious stones

15.ashṭamee chandra vibhraaja daḷikasthhala shobhithaa |

You whose forehead shines brightly like the eighth day moon

16.mukha chandra kaḷankaabha mṛiganaabhi visheshakaa || 5 ||

You in whose moon like face the thilak of musk appears like the blemish in the moon

17.vadana smara maangalya gṛha thoraṇa chillikaa |

You whose eyebrows are arched like the mangala thoranas (auspicious ornaments ) of a house

18.vakthra lakshmee pareevaaha chalan meenaabha lochanaa || 6 ||

You whose beautiful eyes move like fish in the pond of your face

19.nava champaka pushpaabha naasaadanda viraajithaa |

You whose nose shines brightly like the newly blossomed Champaka flower

20.thaaraa kaanthi thiraskaari naasaabharaṇa bhaasuraa || 7 ||

You whose nose-ring shines brighter than the light from a star

21.kadamba manjaree kluptha karṇa puura manoharaa |

You who are pleasantly beautiful with ears adorned by Kadamba flowers

22.thaaṭanka yugaḷee bhuutha thapanodupa mandaalaa || 8 ||

You who wear the sun and the moon as your ear rings

23.padma raaga shilaadarsha paribhaavi kapolabhuuḥ |

You whose cheeks shine brighter than the mirror studded with padmaraga (diamond) stones

24.nava vidruma bimba shreeḥ nyakkaari dashanacchadaa || 9 ||

You whose beautiful lips put to shame the newly sprouted corals

25.shuddha vidyaankuraakaara dvijapankthi dvayojjvalaa |

You whose clean teeth shine like two lines of twice born brahmanas who embody the purest knowledge

26.karpuuraveeṭi kaamoda samaakarsha ddigantharaa || 10 ||

You from whose mouth the fragrance of karpoora (incense) spreads in all directions

27.nija sallaapa maadhurya vinirbharthsitha kacchapee |

You whose voice is sweeter than the musical notes of the Kacchapi Veena of Saraswathi

28.mandasmitha prabhaa puura majjath-kaamesha maanasaa || 11 ||

You by whose attractive smile one's mind dives into the river of sensuality

29.anaakalitha saadṛshya chubuka shree viraajithaa |

You whose shining chin is incomparable in beauty to any known object

30.kaamesha baddha maangalya suuthra shobhitha kanthharaa || 12 ||

You who shine with the mangala sutra tied by Kameswara (the lord of sexuality)

31.kanakaangada keyuura kamaneeya bhujaanvithaa |

You who are lovely with golden armlets

32.rathnagraiveya chinthaaka lola mukthaa phalaanvithaa || 13 ||

You who wear a diamond necklace with rolling pearls.

33.kaameshvara prema rathna maṇi prathipaṇa sthanee|

You who has breasts that have received the love of Kameswara and shine like diamonds

34.naabhyaala vaala romaaḷi lathaa phala kuchadvayee || 14 ||

You whose twin breasts are like the fruit of the creeper like thin hair arising from your belly

35.lakshya roma lathaa dhaarathaa samunneya madhyamaa |

You whose slender waist can be deduced only from the tendril like hair seen in the middle

36.sthana bhaara daḷan-madhya paṭṭa bandha vaḷithrayaa || 15 ||

You whose golden belt in the middle seems to protect your slender waist from the weight of your breasts

37.aruṇaaruṇa kausumbha vasthra bhaasvath-kaṭee thaṭee |

You whose reddish orange clothes glow around your slender waist

38.rathna kinkiṇi kaa ramya rashanaa daama bhuushithaa || 16 ||

You who is adorned with a thread below the waist that has bells made of precious stones

39.kaamesha jnaatha saubhaagya maardavoru dva yaanvithaa |

You who is endowed with tender and auspicious pair of thighs known only to Kamesha (Shiva)

40.maaṇikya makuṭaakaara jaanu dvaya viraajithaa || 17 ||

You who have the knees that shine like a crown studded with diamonds

41.indra gopa parikshiptha smara thuuṇaabha janghikaa |

You who have forelegs like the lustrous quiver (of Manmadha) followed by fireflies

42.guudha gulphaa

You who have well-rounded ankles

43.kuurma pṛushṭha jayishṇu prapadaanvithaa || 18 ||

You whose feet are shaped like the back of the tortoise

44.nakhadee dhithi saṃchanna namajjana thamoguṇaa |

You whose brightness from the nails destroy the darkness of ignorance from the minds of your devotees

45.padadvaya prabhaa jaala paraakṛtha saroruhaa || 19 ||

You whose brightness from your two feet overpowers that of the lotus flower

46.shinjaana maṇi manjeera mandaitha shree padaambujaa |

You whose anklets made of precious stones on the feet make melodious sounds

47.maraaḷee madana gamanaa

You who walk with the gait of a swan

48.mahaa laavaṇya sevadhi

You who are a treasure house of grace and beauty


You who are golden red in all aspects


You whose limbs in the body are faultless

51.sarvaabharaṇa bhuushithaa |

You who are fully adorned with all ornaments

52.shivakaameshvara ankasthhaa

You who are established in the lap of Kameshwara


You who are the purest (like Shiva)

54.svaadheena vallabhaa || 21 ||

You who have your husband under your control

55.sumeru shrunga madhyasthaa

You who are at the center of the peak of the mountain Sumeru

56.shreeman-nagara naayikaa |

You who are chief lady of the city of Sri Nagara

57.chinthaamaṇi gṛhaanthasthhaa

You who are established in the (wish fulfilling) house of Chintamani

58.pancha brahmaasana sthhithaa || 22 ||

You who are seated in the five (highest) aspects of Brahman

59.mahaa padmaaṭavee saṃsthhaa

You who reside in the lotus colored, great forest (of serpents)

60.kadamba vana vaasinee |

You who are the dweller of the Kadamba forest

61.sudhaa saagara madhyasthhaa

You who are located in the middle of the ocean of honey


You are the (wish fulfilling) goddess Kamakshi

63.kaamadaayinee || 23 ||

You who grant the fulfillment of desires

64.devarshi gaṇa-sanghaatha sthuuyamaanaathma vaibhavaa |

You who have all the greatness to be worshipped by gods and seers

65.bhandaaasura vadhodyuktha shakthi senaa samanvithaa || 24 ||

You who assembled a great army to kill the demon Bhandasura

66.sampathkaree samaaruudha sindhura vrajasevithaa |

You who are worshipped by wealth increasing (well bred) herd of elephants

67.ashvaaruudhaadhishṭhi thaashva koṭi koṭi bhiraavṛthaa || 25 ||

You who are surrounded by millions upon millions of horse riders

68.chakra raaja rathhaa ruudha sarvaayudha parishkṛuthaa |

You who ride the royal Sri Chakra chariot quipped with all weapons

69.geya chakra rathhaa ruudha manthriṇee parisevithaa || 26 ||

You who ride the Sri Chakra chariot attended by the singing Mantrini (a deity)

70.kirichakra radhhaa ruudha dandaa naathhaa puraskṛuthaa |

You who ride the Sri Chakra chariot accompanied by the boar faced goddess Dandanatha

71.jvaalaamaalini kaakshiptha vahnipraakaara madhyagaa || 27 ||

You who reside in the middle of the ramparts of fire (the body) built by Jvalamalini

72.bhandaasainya vadhodyuktha shakthi vikrama harshithaa |

You who were pleased by the forces (Shaktis) that gathered in the battlefield to slay the army of the demon Bhandasura.

73.nithyaa paraakramaaṭopa nireekshaṇa samuthsukaa || 28 ||

You who are eager to see the gods who await (the dawn) everyday to show their valor

74.bhandaa puthra vadhodyuktha baalaa vikrama nandithaa |

You who are gladdened by the valor of the goddess Bala Devi who readily slew the sons of Bhandasura

75.manthriṇyambaa viracitha vishanga vadha thoshithaa || 29 ||

You who are delighted to see the goddess Mantrini who slew the demon Vishanga

76.vishukra praaṇaharaṇa vaaraahee veerya nandithaa |

You who are pleased by the courage of Varahee who ended the life of Vishuka

77.kaameshvara mukhaaloka kalpitha shree gaṇeshvaraa || 30 ||

You who created Lord Ganesha by just looking at the face of Kameswara

78.mahaa gaṇesha nirbhinna vighna yanthra praharshithaa |

You who were overly joyous to see Ganesha destroying the Vighna Yanntra (made by Vishuka).

79.bhandaaa surendra nirmuktha shasthra prathyasthra varshiṇee || 31 ||

You who rained arrows upon arrows to slay the demon king Bhandasura

80.karaanguḷi nakhothpanna naaraayaṇa dashaakṛuthiḥ |

You who created the ten forms of Narayana with the tip of your nails

81.mahaa paashupathaasthraagni nirdagdhaasura sainikaa || 32 ||

You who burnt into extinction the army of asuras with the great arrow of Pasupatha

82.kaameshvaraasthra nirdagdha sabhandaaasura shuunyakaa |

You who burnt into extinction Bhandasura and his city of Shunyaka with the arrow of Kameshwara

83.brahmopendra mahendraadi deva saṃsthutha vaibhavaa || 33 ||

You with whose greatness Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and other gods are fully satisfied

84.haranethraagni sandagdha kaama sanjeevanaushadhiḥ |

You who with Sanjeevani herb brought back to life Kamadeva when he was burnt into ashes by the fire from the third eye of Shiva

85.shreemad vaagbhava kuuṭaika svaruupa mukhapamkajaa || 34 ||

Your Pankaja flower like face is the dwelling place of the auspicious (goddess of) speech

86.kaṇṭhaadhaḥ kaṭiparyantha madhya kuuṭa svaruupiṇee |

You whose body from the neck to the hips represents the middle world (antariksha).

87.shakthikuuṭaika thaapanna kaṭyathho bhaaga dhaariṇee || 35 ||

You whose body below the womb represents the world of Shakti

88.muula manthraathmikaa

You who are the soul of all mantras

89.muula kuuṭa thraya kaḷebaraa |

You who are the body of the triple forms of the Supreme source

90.kuḷaamṛthaika rasikaa

You who enjoys the taste of nectar flowing from the moon on an auspicious lunar day (kula thidhi)

91.kuḷasanketha paalinee || 36 ||

You who are the protector of the family conventions


You who are the noblest woman in (any) family


You who are the highest in (any) family


You who are noble born

95.kuḷa yoginee |

You who are the family goddess


You who have no family (because you have overcome attachment to it).


You who are the ultimate aspect of Time (Kala)

98.samayaachaara thathparaa || 37 ||

You who are devoted to time honored traditions

99.muulaadhaaraika nilayaa

You who reside in the Muladhara Chakra

100.brahma granthhi vibhedinee |

You who break the knot of Brahma (in the lower three chakras).

101.maṇi puuraantha rudithaa

You who roar in the Manipura Chakra to the end

102.vishṇu granthhi vibhedinee || 38 ||

You who break the knot of Vishnu (the middle two chakras)

103.aajnaa chakraantharaaḷasthhaa

You who are established in the interior of Ajna Chakra (between the eye brows).

104.rudra granthhi vibhedinee |

You who break the knot of Rudra (the Ajna Chakra)

105.sahasraaraambujaa ruudhaa

You who are ensconced in the thousand petalled Sahasrara

106.sudhaa saaraabhi varshiṇee || 39 ||

You who rains down the nectar of bliss into the limbs

107.thaṭillathaa samaruchiḥ

You who shine brighter than the streak of lightning

108.shaṭ-chakropari saṃsthhithaa |

You who are established in the six chakras of the body

109.mahaa shakthiḥ

You who are the great force, Maha Shakti


You who are goddess Kundalini

111.bisa thanthu thaneeyasee || 40 ||

You who are as slender as the fine thread of the bisa (lotus stem)


You who are the goddess Bhavani (the most excellent river of life).

113.bhaavanaa gamyaa

You who are known (perceptible) through bhaava (devotion).

114.bhavaaraṇya kuṭhaarikaa |

You are the axe for the forest of (bhava) worldly existence

115.bhadra priyaa

You who love good deeds

116.bhadra muurthir

You whose form is auspicious

117.bhaktha saubhaagya daayinee || 41 ||

You who bestow good fortune upon your devotees

118.bhakthi priyaa

You who like devotion.

119.bhakthi gamyaa

You who are attainable through devotion

120.bhakthi vashyaa

You who can be controlled by devotion.

121.bhayaapahaa |

You who take away fear


You are the goddess Shambhavi


You who are worshipped by the goddess Sharada (vagdevi)


You who are the goddess Sharvani

125.sharmadaayinee || 42 ||

You are the goddess who confers happiness, pleasure, and prosperity.


You who are the beloved wife of Shankara


You who are auspicious and the source of abundance


You who are pure and virtuous

129.sharacchandra nibhaananaa |

You whose face is like the moon in autumn


You who have a soft belly

131.shaanthi mathee

You are peace personified


You are without support (independent).

133.niranjanaa || 43 ||

You are without blemish


You are unattached and sinless


You are without the triple impurities (of egoism, attachment, and delusion).


You are eternal


You are without form

138.niraakulaa |

You are free from confusion


You are without the triple modes (sattva, rajas and tamas)


You are indivisible


You are serene and peaceful


You are free from desires

143.nirupaplavaa || 44 ||

You are Imperishable.


You are forever free (from the samsara)


You are free from defects and imperfections


You are not of this world

147.niraashrayaa |

You are without any (need for) shelter


You who are eternally auspicious


You who are forever wise


You who are beyond reproach

151.nirantharaa || 45 ||

You who are without breaks and barriers


You who are without cause (uncreated).


You are without character flaws


You who are without a base

155.rnireeshvaraa |

You who cannot be lorded over


You who are without passions and desires


You who suppress all desires


You are free from pride and conceit

159.madanaashinee || 46 ||

You are the destroyer of pride


You are without worries


You are egoless


You are free from delusion

163.mohanaashinee |

You are the destroyer of delusion


You are without selfishness

165.mamathaa hanthree

You are the destroyer of selfishness


You are sinless

167.paapa naashinee || 47 ||

You are the destroyer of sin


You are without anger


You are the destroyer of anger


You are without greed

171.lobha naashinee |

You are the destroyer of greed


You are free from doubts


You are the dispeller of doubts


You are without birth

175.bhava naashinee || 48 ||

You are the destroyer of the mortal existence


You are unwavering and without conflicts and alternatives


You are untroubled by any afflictions


You are without dualities and pairs of opposites

179.bheda naashinee |

You are the destroyer of dualities and pairs of opposites


You who are indestructible

181.mṛthyu madhanee

You are the controller of death


You are free from obligatory duties

183.nishparigrahaa || 49 ||

You who do have to take anything from anyone


You are incomparable

185.neela chikuraa

You who have blue hair


You who are free from harm and danger

187.nirathyayaa |

You are completely devoted to your task


You are not easy to attain


You are difficult to approach.


You are the virgin goddess Durga

191.duḥkha hanthree

You are the destroyer of sorrow and suffering

192.sukha pradaa || 50 ||

You are the giver of pleasure and happiness

193.dushṭa duuraa

You are far from evil

194.duraachaara shamanee

You are the destroyer of evil practices

195.dosha varjithaa |

You who are devoid of dark impurities


You are omniscient


You abound in compassion

198.samaanaadhikavarjithaa || 51 ||

You are without an equal


You are the universal energy


You are the universal auspiciousness

201.sadgathipradaa |

You who bestow the path of liberation and truthfulness


You are the controller of all


You are omnipresent

204.sarva manthra svaruupiṇee || 52 ||

You are the personification of all mantras

205.sarva yanthraathmikaa

You are hidden power of all Yantras

206.sarva thanthraruupaa

You are the personification of all Tantras

207.manonmanee |

You are the deluder of the mind


You are the beloved wife of Maheswara


You are goddess Supreme, the beloved wife of Mahadeva


You are Maha Lakhsmi

211.mradapriyaa || 53 ||

You are the beloved of Mrida (Shiva)


You who have a huge form


You who are worthy of worship

214.mahaa paathaka naashinee |

You are the destroyer of mortal sins


You are Maha Maya, the great goddess of delusion


You who are filled with truth and purity


You are Maha Shakti, the great power

218.mahaarathiḥ || 54 ||

You are Maha Rathi, the great conjugal bliss

219.mahaa bhogaa

You are Maha Bhoga, the great enjoyment


You are Maha Isvarya, the great wealth


You are Maha Virya, the great virility

222.mahaa balaa |

You are Maha Bala, the great strength

223.mahaa buddhi

You are Maha Buddhi, the superior intelligence

224.rmahaa siddhir

You are Maha Siddhi, the supreme attainment

225.mahaa yogeshvareshvaree || 55 ||

You are Yogishvari, the goddess of Yoga (Kundalini)

226.mahaa thanthraa

You are Maha Tantra, the great power of tan, the body, or the material universe

227.mahaa manthraa

You are Maha Mantra, the supreme Chant.

228.mahaa yanthraa

You are Maha Yantra, the most auspicious (Sri Chakra) Yantra

229.mahaasanaa |

You who sit on the highest throne (the lap of Shiva).

230.mahaa yaaga kramaaraadhyaa

You who are worthy of worship in great yajnas

231.mahaa bhairava puujithaa || 56 ||

You who are worshipped by the great Bhairava (Shiva) himself.

232.maheshvara mahaakalpa mahaa thaandaava saakshiṇee |

You who witness the great dance of Shiva at the end of the Kalpa (creation).

233.mahaa kaamesha mahishee

You who are the consecrated consort of Kamesha (Shiva)

234.mahaa thripura sundaree || 57 ||

You are Tripura Sundari, the most beautiful goddess of the triple cities and triple worlds

235.chathuḥ shashṭy upachaaraadhyaa

You who are worshipped in 64 rituals

236.chathush shashṭi kaḷaamayee |

You who are skilful in 64 arts

237.mahaa chathushshashṭi koṭi yoginee gaṇasevithaa || 58 ||

You who are worshipped by the group of 640 million yogis.


You are Manu Vidya, the knowledge of Manu Dharma Shastra


You are Chandra Vidya, the Knowledge of Soma rites

240.chandra mandaala madhyagaa |

You who are at the center of the sphere of moon

241.chaaru ruupaa

You are the Most Beautiful.


You who have the most beautiful smile

243.chaaruchandra kaḷaadharaa || 59 ||

You who wear the most beautiful (crescent) moon

244.charaachara jagannaathhaa

You who are the universal lord of all that moves and does not move

245.chakraraaja nikethanaa |

You who live in the king of Chakras, the Sri Chakra


You are Parvathi, she who carries the beings to the other side


You who are lotus eyed

248.padmaraaga samaprabhaa || 60 ||

You who has the same effulgence as the Padmaraga gem


You who preside over the five bodies or sheaths (kosas).

250.panchabrahma svaruupiṇee |

You who give form to the five highest aspects of Brahman


You are pure consciousness


You are the supreme bliss

253.vijnaana ghanaruupiṇee || 61 ||

You are the personification of liberating knowledge

254.dhyaana dhyaathṛu dhyeya ruupaa

You who represent the subject, the object in every meditation, and the meditation itself

255.dharma adharma vivarjithaa |

You who have transcended both dharma and adharma (worldly morality)

256.vishva ruupaa

You who have the universal form


You who are always awake


You who are beyond the dreams

259.thaijasaathmikaa || 62 ||

You are the soul (basis) of taijasa, deep sleep state


You are suptha, deep sleep


You are the basis of prajna, or intelligence


You are Thuriya, the transcendental state

263.sarvaavasthhaa vivarjithaa |

You who have left behind all states


You are the cause of creation


You who give form to Brahma


You who are of the form of Brahma

267.govindaruupiṇee || 63 ||

You who are of the form of Govinda


You who destroy

269.rudra ruupaa

You who are of the form of Rudra


You who conceal the reality

271.eeshvaree |

You are Isvaree, the consort of isvara


You are Sada Shiva


You who bestow blessings

274.panchakṛthya paraayaṇaa || 64 ||

You who are devoted to the five universal tasks (creation, preservation, concealment, revelation, destruction)

275.bhaanu mandaala madhyasthhaa

You who are the center of the sphere of the Sun


You are Bhairvaee

277.bhagamaalinee |

You are the goddess Bhagamalini (controller of the female reproductive organ)


You who are seated in a lotus position


You are Bhagavathee, the give of abundance

280.padmanaabha sahodaree || 65 ||

You are the sister of Padmanabha (Vishnu)

281.unmesha nimishothpanna vipanna bhuvanaavaḷiḥ |

You who create and destroy worlds in the span between the opening and closing of the eyelids

282.sahasra sheersha vadanaa

You who have thousands of heads and faces


You who have thousands of eyes

284.sahasrapaath || 66 ||

You who have thousands of feet

285.aabrahma keeṭajananee

You are the mother of all from insects to Brahma

286.varṇaashrama vidhaayinee |

You who have established the varnasharama dharma

287.nijaajnaa ruupa nigamaa

You who formulated truthful commands based upon the Vedas

288.puṇyaa puṇya phalapradaa || 67 ||

You who grant the fruit of virtuous and sinful actions

289.shruthi seemantha sindhuureekṛtha paadaabja dhuuḷikaa |

The dust from your sindhoor covered feet adorns the parting hairline of Shruthi, the Mother of Vedas

290.sakalaagama sandoha shukthi sampuṭa maukthikaa || 68 ||

You are the pearl in the shell of all the Agamas

291.purushaarthha pradaa

You who fulfill the four chief aims of human life (dharma, artha, kama, moksha)


You are complete


You are the enjoyer

294.bhuvaneshvaree |

You are the empress of the universe


You are the Mother Goddess

296.naadi nidhanaa

You are without a beginning and without an end

297.hari brahmendra sevithaa || 69 ||

You who are worshipped by Hari, Brahma and Indra


You are Narayani


You are Narada

300.naama ruupa vivarjithaa |

You have shed all names and forms


You are the syllable Hreem


You are Hreem


You are the heart

304.heyopaadeya varjithaa || 70 ||

You are free from addition and subtraction


You are worshipped by the king of kings (Brahma or Prajapathi)


You are the Queen


You are lovely and pleasant

308.raajeeva lochanaa |

You have the eyes of a deer (or a fish)


You delight others


You are beautiful and pleasant to look at


You are the sap in all

312.raṇath kinkiṇi mekhalaa || 71 ||

You who wear the golden waistband with dangling bells


You who bring good luck

314.raakendu vadanaa

You who have a face like the full moon

315.rathi ruupaa

You are the goddess of sex

316.rathi priyaa |

You are the enjoyer of conjugal bliss


You are the protector


You are the slayer of rakshasas


You are a beautiful female

320.ramaṇa lampaṭaa || 72 ||

You who enjoy romancing your husband


You are desirable

322.kaama kaḷaaruupaa

You represent the art of sex

323.kadamba kusuma priyaa |

You who are fond of Kadamba flowers


You are auspicious


You are the root of the world

326.karuṇaa rasa saagaraa || 73 ||

You are an ocean of kindness


You excel in all arts


You have a pleasing voice


You are the beloved

330.kaadambaree priyaa |

You who love the intoxicating drink of Kadambari


You are the giver of boons


You who have beautiful eyes

333.vaaruṇee madavihvalaa || 74 ||

You who are distracted by the intoxicating drink of Varuni


You who are above the universe

335.veda vedyaa

You who represent the knowledge of the Vedas

336.vindhyaachala nivaasinee |

You who live in the Vindhyachala mountains


You are the support of the world


You are the Mother of the Vedas

339.vishṇu maayaa

You are the deluding power of Vishnu

340.vilaasinee || 75 ||

You love pleasure and enjoyment

341.kshethra svaruupaa

You are Kshetra, the field, or the body


You are the presiding deity of the Kshetra

343.kshethra kshethrajna paalinee |

You are the ruler of both the Kshetra (body) and Kshetrajna (Self).

344.kshaya vṛddhi vinir mukthaa

You are free from degeneration and regeneration

345.kshethra paala samarcithaa || 76 ||

You are worshipped by the rulers of Kshetras (lands)


You are victory


You are free from impurities


You are venerable

349.vandaaru janavathsalaa |

You love those who worship you


You who excel in the art of debate


You have beautiful hair

352.vahni mandaala vaasinee || 77 ||

You who reside in the sphere of fire

353.bhakthimath-kalpa lathikaa

You who are the wish granting creeper Kalpaga for your devotees

354.pashu paasha vimochanee |

You who release the Pashus (living beings) from the bondage

355.saṃhṛthaa shesha paashandaaa

You who destroy the Pashandas (heretics, atheists, and irreligious people)

356.sadaachaara pravarthikaa || 78 ||

You are the founder of Sadachara (a traditional Shaiva code of conduct).

357.thaapathrayaagni santhaptha sama ahlaadana chandrikaa |

You who are like the pleasant moonshine to those who suffer from the heat of triple fires (suffering)


You are eternally young

359.thaapasa araadhyaa

You who are worshipped by the sages

360.thanu madhyaa

You have a slender waist

361.thamopahaa || 79 ||

You are the remover of thamoguna


You are pure consciousness

363.sthathpada lakshyaarthhaa

You are the object of the word Thath (That)

364.chideka rasa ruupiṇee |

You are the only power in pure consciousness

365.svaathmaananda laveebhuutha brahmaadya ananda santhathiḥ || 80 ||

You in whose blissful state the bliss of Brahma looks like a wave


You are para, the transcendental

367.prathyakchithee ruupaa

You are prathyak chitta, the inward looking consciousness


You are the witness

369.para devathaa |

You are the supreme transcendental deity


You are in the middle of everything

371.vaikharee ruupaa

You are the center

372.bhaktha maanasa haṃsikaa || 81 ||

You are the swan in the minds of your devotee

373.kaameshvara praaṇa naadee

You are the vital nerve of Kameshvara


You who command all actions

375.kaama puujithaa |

You who are worshipped by Kama, the god of love

376.shṛingaara rasa sampuurṇaa

You in whom the passion of love is full


You are ever victorious

378.jaalandhara sthhithaa || 82 ||

You who are established in Jalandhara Peetha, the seat of learning

379.odyaaṇa peeṭha nilayaa

You who reside in Odyana peetha

380.bindu mandaala vaasinee |

You who live in the bindu, the dot on the forehead of a married woman

381.rahoyaaga kramaaraadhyaa

You to whom are made in secret rituals (tantrik rituals).

382.rahastharpaṇa tharpithaa || 83 ||

You who are pleased by the offerings made in the fire of the secret rituals

383.sadyaḥ prasaadinee

You who instantly grant wishes

384.vishva saakshiṇee

You are the universal witness

385.saakshi varjithaa |

You who are without any witness

386.shadanga devathaa yukthaa

You who are endowed with six deities as your bodily parts

387.shaadguṇya paripuurithaa || 84 ||

You are complete with six divine qualities


You are always merciful


You are without comparison

390.nirvaaṇa sukhadaayinee |

You are the giver of the bliss of liberation

391.nithyaa shodashikaa ruupaa

You who have sixteen eternal forms

392.shreekaṇṭhaardha shareeriṇee || 85 ||

You who occupy half the body of Sri Kantha (Shiva)


You who are filled effulgence

394.prabhaa ruupaa

You who appear as light


You who are well known

396.parameshvaree |

You who are the highest goddess


You who are the Primordial Nature


You who are invisible (or unmanifested)

399.vyaktha avyaktha svaruupiṇee || 86 ||

You who are both visible and invisible


You are the pervader


You who have diverse forms

402.vidya avidyaa svaruupiṇee |

You who manifest both as knowledge and ignorance

403.mahaakaamesha nayanaa kumuda ahlaada kaumudee || 87 ||

You are the pleasant moonlight who gladdens the lotuses like eyes of Maha Shiva

404.bhakthahaarda thamo bheda bhaanu madbhaanu santhathiḥ |

You are like the rays of the sun who dispel the darkness from the minds of your devotees


You who are the messenger of Shiva


You who are worshipped by Shiva


You who personify Shiva

408.shshivankaree || 88 ||

You are the cause of shivam, auspiciousness


You who are loved by Shiva.


You who are dedicated to no one other than Shiva


You who like shishta, virtuous conduct

412.shishṭa puujithaa |

You who are worshipped by the virtuous


You who are immeasurable


You shine by your own light

415.mano vaachaama gocharaa || 89 ||

You are incomprehensible to the mind and speech


You are the power of sacred knowledge


You represent the dynamism


You are the static energy

419.jadaathmikaa |

You are the hidden power in the inert matter


You are Gayathri


You are Vyahritih, the mystic words


You are Sandhya, the junction

423.dvija bṛunda nishevithaa || 90 ||

You who are worshipped by the twice born


You who are seated in the thattvas, realities


You are That


You are Tvam, You


You are Ayee, Mother

428.panchakoshaanthara sthhithaa |

You are seated in the five sheaths of the body

429.nisseema mahimaa

You canst not be Bounded.

430.nithya yauvanaa

You are eternally young

431.mada shaalinee || 91 ||

You are resplendent with pride

432.madaghuurṇitha rakthaakshee

You who have eyes rolling with pride

433.madapaaṭala gandaabhuuḥ |

You whose cheeks are red with pride

434.chandana drava digdhaangee

You whose body is smeared with sandal paste

435.chaampeya kusuma priyaa || 92 ||

You are fond of Champaka flowers


You are in excellent health


You are soft and pretty


You are the goddess, Kurukulla

439.kuleshvaree |

You are the family deity (of every family)


You abide in the family treasure

441.kauḷa maarga thathpara sevithaa || 93 ||

You are ever eager to serve those who follow the path of Kaula

442.kumaara gaṇa naathhaambaa

You are the mother of Ganesha and Kumara


You are happiness


You are good health


You are the mind

446.dhṛthiḥ |

You are firmness


You are peace


You who keep yourself fit


You are light


You are Nandini

451.vighna naashinee || 94 ||

You are the remover of obstacles


You who shine with vigor

453.thri nayanaa

You who are endowed with triple eyes

454.lolaakshee kama ruupinee

You are the passion in the roving eyes


You are the garland


You are the swan


You are the mother

458.malayaachala vaasinee || 95 ||

You who live in Malayachala


You who are with a pleasant face


You are Nalini (a particular class of woman)


You who have beautiful eyelids


You who bring lustier to things

463.sura naayikaa |

You are the leader of the gods

464.kaala kaṇṭtee

You are Kala Kanttheem, the throat (or necklace) of Kala (Shiva)


You are lustrous


You are the cause of kshoba, mental suffering

467.suukshma ruupiṇee || 96 ||

You are subtle


You are Vajresvari, the goddess of Jalandhara Peetha


You are Vama Devi, the consort of Vama Deva

470.vayovasthaa vivarjithaa |

You who are free from the changes that come with aging


You are Siddhesvari, the goddess of Siddhas (supernatural powers)

472.siddha vidyaa

You are Siddha Vidya, the knowledge of Siddhas

473.siddha maathaa

You are the mother of Siddhas

474.yashasvinee || 97 ||

You are famous

475.vishuddhi chakra nilayaa

You who abide in the Vishuddha Chakra


You who are red colored

477.thrilochanaa |

You who are three eyed

478.khaṭvaangaadi praharaṇaa

You who strike with Khatvanga and other weapons

479.vadanaika samanvithaa || 98 ||

You who have only one face (without deception)

480.paayasaanna priyaa

You who are fond of Payasam (sweet rice).


You who are the presiding deity of skin, the sense of touch

482.pashuloka bhayankaree |

You who invoke fear in the minds of pashus, the ignorant and deluded ones

483.amṛuthaadi mahaashakthi saṃvṛthaa

You who are surrounded by Amritha and other great Shaktis

484.daakineeshvaree || 99 ||

You are Dakhinesvari, the goddess of Death

485.anaahathaabja nilayaa

You who abide in the Anantabja Chakra


You who are black in color

487.vadana dvayaa |

You who have two faces (pleasant and unpleasant)


You who have large, fiery, fang like teeth

489.akshamaalaadhi dharaa

You who wear Akshamala, (rudraksha mala)

490.rudhira saṃsthithaa || 100 ||

You who abide in the blood stream

491.kaaḷaraathryaadi shakthyaughavṛuthaa

You who are surrounded by Shaktis like Kalarathri and others

492.snigdhaudana priyaa |

You who are fond of oily foods

493.mahaaveerendra varadaa

You who grant boons to great kings who worship you

494.raakiṇyambaa svaruupiṇee || 101 ||

You are verily Rakini Amba

495.maṇipuuraabja nilayaa

You who abide in the Manipura Chakra

496.vadanathraya saṃyuthaa |

You who have three faces (Sarasvathi, Lakshmi, Parvathi)


You who are armed with weapons like the Vajrayudha

498.daamaryaadibhi raavṛthaa || 102 ||

You are surrounded by goddesses like Damari


You are blood colored

500.maaṃsa nishṭhaa

You who are seated in the flesh (as energy)

501.gudaanna preetha maanasaa |

You who like Gudannam (a sweet preparation with rice)

502.samastha bhaktha sukhadaa

You who grant pleasure to all your devotees

503.laakinyambaa svaruupiṇee || 103 ||

You verily are in the form of Lakini Amba

504.svaadhishṭhaanaambu jagathaa

You abide in the lotus of Svadhishtana Chakra

505.chathur vakthra manoharaa |

You who have four beautiful faces

506.shuulaadyaayudha sampannaa

You who are endowed with the spear as your weapon


You are golden colored

508.athigarvithaa || 104 ||

You are excessively proud


You who situated in the body fat (as energy)

510.madhu preethaa

You who are fond of Madhu, honey

511.bandinyaadi samanvithaa |

You are accompanied by Bandini Shaktis (who are six in number)

512.dadhyannaasaktha hṛdayaa

You who have a pleasing heart for Daddhy Annam (curd rice)

513.Kaakinee ruupa dhaariṇee || 105 ||

You verily assume the form of Kakini

514.muulaa dhaaraambujaaruudhaa

You who preside over the lotus in the Muladhara Chakra


You who have five faces (representing the Panchanana Shaktis)

516.ashthi saṃsthhithaa |

You who are situated in the bones (as the marrow)

517.ankushaadi praharaṇaa

You who strike with weapons like the Ankusha

518.varadaadi nishevithaa || 106 ||

You who are attended by Varada and other goddesses

519.mudgau danaasaktha chitthaa

You who are fond of the food made with Mudaga seeds (green grams)

520.saakinyambaa svaruupiṇee |

You verily are in the form of Sakini Amba

521.aajnaa chakraabja nilayaa

You who reside in the lotus of the Agna Chakra

522.shukla varṇaa

You who are white colored

523.shadaananaa || 107 ||

You who have six faces

524.majjaa saṃsthhaa

You who are situated in the marrow of the bones

525.haṃsavathee mukhyashakthi samanvithaa |

You who are surrounded by the chief Shaktis called Hamsavathi

526.haridraannaika rasikaa

You who are fond of rice mixed with turmeric

527.haakinee ruupadhaariṇee || 108 ||

You who assume the form of Hakini

528.sahasradaḷa padmasthhaa

You are seated in the thousand petalled lotus, Sahasrara

529.sarva varṇopa shobhithaa |

You shine with all colors


You bear all the weapons

531.shukla saṃsthhithaa

You are situated in the semen

532.sarvathomukhee || 109 ||

You have faces everywhere

533.sarvaudhana preetha chitthaa

You who think pleasantly about all types of rice

534.yaakinyambaa svaruupiṇee |

You verily are present in the form of Yakini Amba


You verily are Svaha, the offering mantra


You are svadha, the offering made to each god


You are mindless


You are mental brilliance


You are the Vedas


You are the Smrithis, the remembered literature

541.anuththamaa || 110 ||

You are the most excellent


You have a great reputation for good deeds


You are attained by the fruit of good works

544.puṇya shravaṇa keerthanaa |

You are the merit arising from listening and singing of your greatness


You who are worshipped by Puloma, the wife of Indra


You who free people from bondage

547.bandhuraalakaa || 111 ||

Your hair is curled like waves

548.vimarsha ruupiṇee

You represent the opposite view


You are knowledge

550.viyadaadi jagathprasuuḥ |

You gave birth to the earth, the sky, and such

551.sarva vyaadhi prashamanee

You who suppress all diseases

552.sarva mṛithyu nivaariṇee || 112 ||

You prevent all forms of death


You are the foremost of all


You are beyond thought

555.kalikalmasha naashinee |

You destroy the impurities of the age of Kali


You are Kathyayani, the daughter of sage Kathyaya

557.kaala hanthree

You who dissolve Kala, Time

558.kamalaaksha nishevithaa || 113 ||

You who are worshipped by Kamalaksha, the lotus eyed Vishnu

559.thaambuula puuritha mukhee

You whose mouth is filled with thambula, betel leaves and nuts

560.daadimee kusuma prabhaa |

You who shine like the Dadimi flower buds, pomegranate


You have the eyes of a deer


You are Mohini, a female form of Vishnu


You are the first (or the sovereign)


You are Mridanee, the giver of pleasure

565.mithraruupiṇee || 114 ||

You are of the form of Mithra


You are always satisfied


You are the treasure of your devotees


You who control

569.nikhileshvaree |

You who are the controller of all

570.maithryaadi vaasanaalabhyaa

You who can be attained by friendship and such

571.mahaa-praḷaya saakshiṇee || 115 ||

You who witnesses the great deluge at the end of each creation


You are Para Shakti, the transcendental energy


You who are absorbed in the transcendental

574.pramnaana ghana-ruupiṇee |

You who are the superior Pramana, the standard used in validating truth


You who enjoy savoring the sugary, intoxicating drink, Madhavi


You who are inebriated (with intoxication)

577.maathṛukaa varṇa ruupiṇee || 116 ||

You who represent the form of syllable A

578.mahaa kailaasa nilayaa

You who reside in the great Kailasa, the heaven of Shiva

579.mṛuṇaala mṛududorlathaa |

Your arms are soft and tender like a lotus stalk


You are great


You are the personification of kindness

582.mahaa saamraajya shaalinee || 117 ||

you who are ruler of a great empire


You are Atma Vidya, the knowledge of the Self


You are Maha Vidya, the knowledge of Maha Deva


You are Sri Vidya, the knowledge of the Mother Goddess

586.kaamasevithaa |

You are worshipped by Kama, the god of love

587.shree shodasha-aksharee vidyaa

You are Shodasa Akshari Vidya, the knowledge of the 16 letters


You are Thrikuta, the mountain with three peaks

589.kaamakoṭikaa || 118 ||

You who situated in Kama Koti

590.kaṭaaksha kimkaree bhuutha kamalaa koṭisevithaa |

You who are served by millions of Lakshmis who year for your glance

591.shiraḥ sthhithaa

You who are located in the head


You are like the full moon


You are in the forehead of Indra

594.dhanuprabhaa ||119 ||

You who shine like a rainbow

595.hṛdaya sthhaa

You who are in the heart


You have the luster of the Sun

597.thrikoṇaanthara deepikaa |

You are the light in the triangle (the body made of triple modes)


You are Dakshayanee, the daughter of Dakshya

599.daithya hanthree

You who slay the Daithyas

600.dakshayajna vinaashinee || 120 ||

You who were responsible for the destruction during the Dakshyajna

601.daraandoḷitha deerghaakshee

You who have long eyes that move a little

602.darahaasojjvalanmukhee |

Your face shines brightly with your smile


You verily are of the form of the Guru


You are a treasure house of good qualities


You are the mother cow

606.guhajanmabhuuḥ || 121 ||

You who gave birth to Guha


You are the ruler of the gods


You are adept in the laws of punishment

609.daharaakaasha ruupiṇee |

You are of the form of the wider sky

610.prathipan mukhya raakaantha thithhi mandaala puujithaa || 122 ||

You who are worshipped on all auspicious moments in the fifteen days of the full moon


You are the soul of all arts

612.kaḷaa naathhaa

You who are the supporter of all arts

613.kaavyaalaapa vinodinee |

You who enjoy listening to literary works

614.sachaamara ramaa vaaṇee savya dakshiṇa sevithaa || 123 ||

You who are served by Sarasvathi and Lakshmi as fanners


You are Adi Shakti, the primal force


You are immeasurable


You are the individual Self


You are the highest

619.paavanaakṛthiḥ |

You have auspicious form

620.aneka koṭi brahmaandaa jananee

You are the mother of billions of universes

621.divya vigrahaa || 124 ||

You have divine form


You are of the form of Kleem (a mystic sound)


You are alone (because you are without a second)


You are the secret

625.kaivalya pada daayinee |

You who grant the state of liberation


You are Tripura, the triple entity

627.thri jagadvandyaa

You who are worshipped in triple worlds


You are the Thrimurthis, the three highest aspects of the Supreme Being

629.sthridasheshvaree || 125 ||

You are the lord of the 33 gods


You are the triple syllables


You emit divine fragrance

632.sindhuura thilakaancithaa |

You have a red thilak on your forehead


You are Uma


You are the daughter of the king of mountains


You are Gauri

636.gandharva sevithaa || 126 ||

You are attended by the Gandharvas.

637.vishva garbhaa

You the womb of the universe

638.svarṇa garbhaa

Your whose womb is golden


You who punish the ignorant

640.vaagadheeshvaree |

You are the ruler of speech

641.dhyaana gamyaa

You who can be attained by meditation


You whose movements or whereabouts cannot be predicted


You are the giver of jnana, liberating knowledge

644.jnaana vigrahaa || 127 ||

You are the personification of jnana

645.sarva vedaantha saṃvedyaa

You who is known through all the Upanishads

646.sathyaananda svaruupiṇee |

You who is of the form of truth and bliss


You who are worshipped by Lopamudra (the wife of Agasthya)

648.leelaakluptha brahmaanda mandaalaa || 128 ||

You who created universal sphere in a short play


You who are invisible

650.dṛshya rahithaa

You are without the visible (form)


You who knows

652.vedya varjithaa |

You who do not have to learn anything (because you know all)


You are yogini.


You are the giver of the state of yoga


You worthy of the state of yoga


You are the bliss arising from yoga (the union)

657.yugandharaa || 129 ||

You who uphold the yugas

658.icchaashakthi jnaanashakthi kriyaashakthi svaruupiṇee |

You who embody the power of intention, the power of knowledge, and the power of actions


You are the support of all


You are well established

661.sad asad ruupa dhaariṇee || 130 ||

You assume both true and false aspects

662.ashṭa muurthir

You who have eight forms


You who are victorious against ignorance

664.lokayaathraa vidhaayinee |

You who set the worlds in motion


You are one and alone


You who are of the form of the earth


You are without duality

668.dvaitha varjithaa || 131 ||

You who have shed duality


You are the giver of food


You are the giver of wealth


You are the most ancient

672.brahmaathmaikya svaruupiṇee |

You who are of the form of oneness with Brahman


You are vast


You are the female aspect of Brahman


You are Brahmi, the consort of Brahma


You are the supreme bliss of Brahman

677.balipriyaa || 132 ||

You who like sacrificial offerings

678.bhaashaa ruupaa

You personify languages


You have a vast army

680.bhaava-abhaava vivarjithaa |

You have transcend both birth and death


You who can be worshipped with pleasure


You who make things auspicious

683.shobhanaa sulabhaa gathiḥ || 133 ||

You who are a beautiful deity and easy to attain

684.raaja raajeshvaree

You are the lord of the kings

685.raajya daayinee

You who bestow kingdoms upon kings

686.raajya vallabhaa |

You are the support of the rulership


Your mercy shines

688.raajapeeṭha niveshitha nijaashrithaaḥ || 134 ||

You make kings of those who take refuge I you


You are the wealth of the kingdoms

690.kosha naadhaa

You are the guardian of treasures

691.chathuranga baleshvaree |

You are the strength of the fourfold army

692.saamraajya daayinee

You who are the cause of empires

693.sathya sandhaa

You who uphold truthfulness

694.saagara mekhalaa || 135 ||

You are the wall of mountains encircling the oceans


You who give spiritual initiation

696.daithya shamanee

You who suppress the daithyas

697.sarvaloka vashamkaree |

You who keep all the worlds under your control

698.sarvaardha dhaathree

You are the giver of all types of wealth


You are the resplendent Savithri

700.saccidaananda ruupiṇee || 136 ||

You are of the form of Satchidananda, truth, consciousness and bliss

701.desha kaalaa paricchinnaa

You are not subject to the divisions of time and place


You are everywhere and in all

703.sarvamohinee |

You who bewitch everyone


You are Sarasvathi

705.shaasthra mayee

You are the source of all Shastras


You who abide in the cave of the heart

707.guhya ruupiṇee || 137 ||

You whose form is hidden

708.sarvopaadhi vinirmukthaa

You are free from all upadhis, conditions, and alternatives

709.sadaashiva pathivrathaa |

You are the chaste wife of Sada Shiva


You are the lord of traditions and rituals


You who are gentle and kind

You are, ee, the all pervading effulgence

713.gurumaṇdala ruupiṇee || 138 ||

You are of the form of Guru Mandala, the sphere of the gurus


You are beyond the senses

715.bhagaa raadhyaa

You who are worshipped in the Bhaga


You are the Maya


You are Madhumathi, the state of achieved in Madhu Vidya

718.mahee |

You are Mahi, the earth


You are the mother of the Shiva Ganas


You who are worshipped in secret rituals


You possess tender limbs

722.gurupriyaa || 139 ||

You are the beloved of spiritual teachers


You are free

724.sarva thanthreshee

You are the master of all Tantras

725.dakshiṇaa muurthi ruupiṇee |

You are of the form of Dakshinamurthi, the World Teacher

726.sanakaadi samaaraadhyaa

You who are worshipped sages like Sanaka

727.shiva jnaana pradaayinee || 140 ||

You are the giver of the knowledge of Shiva


You are the creative consciousness


You are the source of bliss

730.prema ruupaa

You are of the form of love

731.priyamkaree |

You who make things pleasant and likeable

732.naama paaraayaṇa preethaa

You who like the recitation of your names

733.nandi vidyaa

You are Nandi Vidya

734.naṭeshvaree || 141 ||

You are the lord of dance

735.mithhyaa jaga-dadhi-shṭhaanaa

You who are established in the illusory world


You are the giver of liberation

737.mukthi ruupiṇee |

You are of the form mukthi, the state of liberation

738.laasya priyaa

You love dance


You are the cause of laya, musical melody or dissolution of the world


You are shyness

741.rambhaadi vandithaa || 142 ||

You are worshipped by Rambha and other celestial dancers

742.bhavadaava sudhaa vṛshṭiḥ

You shower comfort in the suffering of mortal beings

743.paapaaraṇya davaanalaa |

You are forest fire who burn the forest of sin

744.daurbhaagya thuula vaathuulaa

You blow away the strands of bad luck

745.jaraa-dhvaantha ravi prabhaa || 143 ||

Who are the sunshine that swallows the darkness of old age

746.bhaagyaabdhi chandrikaa

You are the like the full moon to the ocean of luck

747.bhaktha chitthakeki ghanaa ghanaa |

Just as the dark cloud to peacock, you are to the devotees mind

748.roga parvatha dambhoḷir

You are the weapon of lightning to the mountain of sickness

749.mṛithyu-daaru kuṭhaarikaa || 144 ||

You are the axe to the tree of death


You are Maheshavari, the great lord

751.mahaa kaaḷee

You are Maha Kali

752.mahaa graasaa

You are the great eclipse (destruction)

753.mahaa shanaa |

You are the great eater


You are Aparna


You are fiery anger

756.chandaa-mundaaasura nishuudinee || 145 ||

You are the slayer of Chanda and Munda

757.kshara akshara-athmikaa

You represent in both the imperishable and the perishable

758.sarva lokeshee

You are the ruler of all worlds

759.vishva dhaariṇee |

You are the supporter of the universe

760.thrivarga dhaathree

You are the supporter of the triple divisions


You are the giver of subham, auspiciousness


You are Thrayambaka Devi

763.thri-guṇa-athmikaa || 146 ||

You represent the triple gunas


You are the giver of heaven as well as liberation


You are pure

766.japaa pushpa nibhaakṛuthiḥ |

You have the color and form of the Japa flower


You are the vigor and strength in the body

768.dyuthi dharaa

You are the supporter of light

769.yajna ruupaa

You are of the form of yajna, sacrifice

770.priya vrathaa || 147 ||

You like penances


You are not easily attainable

772.duraa darshaa

You are difficult to be seen

773.paaṭalee kusuma priyaa |

You are fond of the buds of Patali tree


You are the great one

775.meru nilayaa

You reside in the Mountain Meru

776.mandaara kusuma priyaa || 148 ||

You like the buds of Mandara plant


You are worshipped by the valorous


You who have the universal form


You who are free from impurities

780.vishvathomukhee |

You who have faces everywhere

781.prathyag ruupaa

You who are of the form the inverted withdrawn state


You are the heavenly sky


You who give life breath

784.praaṇa ruupiṇee || 149 ||

You who are of the form of life breath

785.maarthaandaa bhairava-araadhyaa

You who are worshipped by Marthanda Bhairava

786.manthriṇee anyastha raajyadhuuḥ |

You who gave Mantrhini the kingdom to rule

787.thri pureshee

You are the goddess of Tripura


Your army is ever victorious


You are free from the triple qualities (in the transcendental state)

790.para-aparaa || 150 ||

You are transcendental and immanent

791.sathya jnaana-ananda ruupaa

You are of the form of truth, knowledge, and bliss

792.saamarasya paraayaṇaa |

Conciliation is your final goal


You are the wife of Kapardini (the ascetic Shiva)


You wear the garland of arts


You are Kamadhuk, the wish fulfilling cow

796.kaamaruupiṇee || 151 ||

You who give shape to desires


You are the treasure of arts


You are the art of poetry


You are the queen of the nine rasas (emotions).

800.rasashevadhiḥ |

You are the treasure house of all rasas


You are healthy


You are the ancient


You are worthy of worship


You are Puskhara, blue lotus or a sacred lake

805.pushka-rekshaṇaa || 152 ||

You who see with lotus eyes

806.param jyothiḥ

You are supreme light

807.param dhaama

You are the highest goal


You are the subtlest atom

809.paraathparaa |

You are higher than the highest

810.paasha hasthaa

You who hold pasas (noose) in your hand

811.paasha hanthree

You who destroy the bonds

812.para manthra vibhedinee || 153 ||

You who dispel the spells cast by others


You are with form


You are without form

815.nithya thṛpthaa

You are eternally satisfied

816.muni maanasa haṃsikaa |

You are the swan in the minds of the sages

817.sathya vrathaa

You resolved to uphold truth

818.sathya ruupaa

Your of the form of Truth


You are the inner deity in all

820.sathee || 154 ||

You are Sathee, chaste and dutiful wife


You are Brahmani, daughter of the Brahmana Prajapathi


You are Brahma


You are the Mother

824.bahu ruupaa

You have many forms

825.budhaarcithaa |

You are worshipped by people who are known for their wisdom


You who give birth to everything


You are Prachanda (a form of Durga, known for fierceness)


You are the order


You are the foundation of all

830.prakaṭa-akṛthiḥ || 155 ||

You are all manifested forms


You are the lord of the senses


You are the supplier prana (to the limbs in the body)

833.panchaashath peeṭha ruupiṇee |

You are the 50 Shakti Peetthas


You are without chains


You who are found in the lonely places

836.veera maathaa

You are the mother of brave warriors

837.viyathprasuuḥ || 156 ||

You who gave birth to the sky


You who bestow liberation

839.mukthi nilayaa

You are the seat of liberation

840.muula vigraha ruupiṇee |

You are of the chief deity in a place of worship


You comprehend thoughts and feelings


You remove the sins of birth

843.bhava chakra pravarthinee || 157 ||

You who move the cycle of births (and deaths)


You are Chandah Sarah, the essence of Chandha


You are the essence of the Shastras


You are the essence of mantras.

847.thalodaree |

You have a small belly

848.udaara keerthi

Your fame is widespread

849.ruddaama vaibhavaa

Your greatness unimpeded

850.varṇa ruupiṇee || 158 ||

You are embody the alphabet

851.janma mṛithyu jaraa-thaptha jana vishraanthi daayinee |

You relieve people from birth, death, and old age


You who are loudly proclaimed as the highest by the Upanishad

853.shaanthy atheetha kaḷaathmikaa || 159 ||

You are the personification of Kala who is beyond tranquility


You deeply serious


You who are located in the realm of the sky


You who are proud

857.gaanalolupaa |

You who have fondness for songs


You who do not indulge in imagination


You are the highest limit


You who remove pain and sin

861.kaanthaardha vigrahaa || 160 ||

You are the female half of every form

862.kaarya kaaraṇa nirmukthaa

You are free from cause and effect

863.kaamakeḷi tharangithaa |

He who swim in the waves of sexual bliss

864.kanath kanaka thaaṭankaa

You who wear shining golden ear rings

865.leelaa vigraha dhaarimee || 161 ||

You who assume form for you play


You are without birth

867.kshaaya vinirmukthaa

You free from decay


You are beautiful

869.kshipra prasaadinee |

You are quick in blessing

870.antharmukha samaaraadhyaa

You who are worshipped with the inbound mind

871.bahirmukha sudurlabhaa || 162 ||

You who are difficult to attain with the outbound mind


You are the triple Vedas

873.thrivarga nilayaa

You who are established in the triple divisions of creation


You who are in the three's

875.thripura maalinee |

You are Tripura Malini, the goddess of Tripura

876.niraa mayaa

You are free from diseases

877.niraa lambaa

You are without support (independent).

878.svaathma araamaa

You who enjoy within yourself

879.sudhaasmthih || 163 ||

You are the rain of nectar

880.samsaara panka nirmajna samuddharama pandithaa |

You who rescue people who are caught in the mire of Samsara

881.yajna priyaa

You who live Yajnas, fire sacrifices

882.yajna karthree

You are the sacrificer

883.yajamaana svaruupinee || 164 ||

You are the host of sacrifice

884.dharma adhaaraa

You are the upholder of Dharma


You who preside over the wealth

886.dhana dhaanya vivardhinee |

You who increase the wealth of grains


You who like the Vipras, Vedic students

888.vipra ruupaa

You embody the students of the Vedas

889.vishva bhramana kaarinee || 165 ||

You are the cause of the rotation of the universe

890.vishva graasaa

You who swallow the universe (at the end of creation)


You who has the luster of Vidruma (a tree or a coral)


You are Vaishnavee, the consort of Vishnu

893.vishnu ruupimee |

You who personify Vishnu


You are without a cause

895.yoni nilayaa

You are who are situated in the cause (or womb)


You are stable

897.kula ruupinee || 166 ||

You who represent the family

898.veeragoshtee priyaa

You who like the company of warriors


You are virile


You who perform desireless actions

901.naada ruupinee |

You are of the form of Nada

902.vijnaana kalanaa

You are the impeller of intelligence


You are skilful in arts


You are sharp in knowing the nature of women

905.baindha-vaasanaa || 167 ||

You who are seated in the Bindu


You who higher than the tattvas


You who are filled with tattvas

908.thatthva mardha-svaruupimee |

You provide the purpose to the tattvas

909.saamagaana priyaa

You like the songs of the Samaveda


You who are gentle and pretty

911.sadaashiva kutumbinee || 168 ||

You who belong to the family of Sada Shiva

912.savya apasavya maargasthaa

You who are both the right hand and left hand paths

913.sarvaapadvi nivaarimee |

You who prevent all dangers


You who are fit and healthy

915.svabhaava madhuraa

You who are sweet by nature


You are strong and brave

917.dheera samarchithaa || 169 ||

You are worshipped by the brave

918.chaithanya-arghya samaaraadhyaa

You are worshipped with ablation of active consciousness

919.chaithanya kusuma priyaa |

You like the flowering of consciousness


You are the truth that is up and above

921.sadaa thushtaa

You are always happy and contended

922.tharunaadithya paatalaa || 170 ||

You are Taruna Adithya, the pale red morning sun

923.dakshinaa dakshinaaraadhya

You are worshipped by both teachers and non-teachers

924.darasmera mukhaambujaa |

You have a cheerful face like the lotus in full bloom

925.kaulinee kevalaa

You are the path of Kaula for kevala, liberation

926.anarghyaa kaivalya pada daayinee || 171 ||

You who show the incomparable path to liberation

927.sthothra priyaa

You who are fond of sthothras, encomiums

928.sthuthi mathee

You who give boons to those who praise you

929.shruthi samsthutha vaibhavaa |

You whose greatness is extolled in the Shruthi (Vedas)


You who are absorbed in the mind


You who have self-respect


You are Mahishi

933.mangalaakruthih || 172 ||

You perform auspicious tasks

934.vishva maathaa

You are the universal Mother


You are the supporter of the manifested creation


You are Vishalakshi, the one with wide eyes


You are free from passions


You reveal your own greatness


You are supremely generous


You are supremely happy

941.mano-mayee || 173 ||

You are absorbed in the mind

942.vyoma keshee

You who have the sky as your hair


You who are situated in the vimana, the higher realm


You are Varjine, Indra's wife

945.vaamakeshvaree |

You are the goddess of the left hand path

946.panchayajna priyaa

You like the five daily sacrifices

947.panchapretha manchaadhi-shaayinee || 174 ||

You sleep on the bed of five bodies


You are the fifth aspect (of Panchanana Shiva)

949.pancha bhuutheshee

You are the ruler of the five Mahabhutas

950.pancha samkhyopa chaarinee |

You who are worshipped with the five the substances (in ritual worship)


You are permanent


Your wealth is permanent


You give pleasure

954.shambhu mohinee || 175 ||

You bewitch Shiva


You are the supporting power


You are the daughter of the mountain (Mandhara)


You are blessed


You practice Dharma

959.dharma vardhinee |

You promote Dharma


You are beyond the world


You are beyond the modes (gunas)


You are above all

963.shamaathmikaa || 176 ||

You embody peace

964.bandhuuka kusuma prakhyaa

You have the splendor of the Bhanduka flowers


You are the young maiden

966.leelaa vinodinee |

You enjoy the play (of creation)


You cause good things to happen


You grant happiness


You are well made

970.suvaasinee || 177 ||

You radiate the sweet fragrance of married women


You prefer to be worshipped by married women


You are resplendent

973.shuddha maanasaa |

You are pure minded

974.bindu tharpana santhushtaa

You are pleased with the offering of Bindu


You are before all

976.thripuraambikaa || 178 ||

You are the mother of Tripura

977.dashamudraa samaaraadhyaa

You are worshipped with ten mudras (hand gestures as in Tantra)

978.thripuraa shree vashankaree |

You who keeps the goddess of Tripura under control

979.jnaana mudraa

You are the symbol of knowledge

980.jnaana gamyaa

You who are attained by knowledge

981.jnaanagneya svaruupinee || 179 ||

You embody both knowledge and knowing

982.yoni mudraa

You are the symbol of Yoni, the female genital organ


You are the lord of the three divisions (mind, body, and soul)


You the triple modes (gunas)


You are the Mother.

986.thrikonagaa |

You are in the triangle.


You are impervious to sin

988.adbhutha chaarithraa

You who have a wondrous history

989.vaanchithaardha pradaayinee || 180 ||

You who grant what is desired

990.abhyaasa-athishaya jnaathaa

You who become known by constant practice

991.shadhadhva atheetha ruupinee |

You are the state beyond the six forms

992.avyaaja karunaa muurthi

You who are compassionate without a cause

993.ajnaana dhvaantha deepikaa || 181 ||

You are the light which dispels (the darkness of) ignorance

994.aabaala gopa vidithaa

You are known to everyone from children to cowherds

995.sarva anullanghya shaasanaa |

Your law cannot be broken

996.shree chakra raajanilayaa

You reside in the Sri Chakra

997.shreemath thripura sundaree || 182 ||

You are the splendorous, beautiful goddess Tripura

998.shree shivaa

You are Shiva

999.shiva-shakthyaikya ruupinee

You are the Shakti, one with Shiva

1000.lalithaambikaa |

You are the Mother Goddess, Lalitha

ithi shree brahmaanda puraane utthara khande shree hayagrevaagasthya samvaade shree lalithaa rahasyanaama saahasra sthothra kadhanam dvithiyo adhyaah

Thus ends the most secretive Lalitha Sahasranamam, the prayer of Lalitha containing her thousand names, from the second chapter of the Brahmanda Purana in the dialogue between Hayagriva and Agasthya

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Guidelines to pronunciation: Sanskrit is essentially a language of sounds and sound vibrations. The efficacy of Sanskrit prayers depends upon the vibrations that are produced during chanting. It is difficult to transliterate Sanskrit words into English with full justification to the original sounds. In the above stated transliteration we followed a simple approach to make it easier even for those who are not familiar with English or Sanskrit. Wherever you find repeat vowels (aa, uu, ee) please stretch the vowel sound (for ex., aa as in vast or path, uu as in cool or root, ee as in eel or feel). Similarly, "ai" should be pronounced as in gait, fight, or tight. Th should be pronounced as in think or thick, but when t alone is used, it should be pronounced as in two, top or tip.

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