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The Meaning and Significance of Vratas in Hinduism

A Comprehensive manual of Vratas or ritual observances of Hinduism from the Vedic period to the modern times.A Comprehensive manual of Vratas or ritual observances of Hinduism from the Vedic period to the modern times.

Symbolism of Vedic Rituals or Sacrifices

The essay is about the symbolic significance of Yajna, the Vedic rituals and how the idea or the basic framework of the Vedic sacrifice is hidden in various aspects of creation and existence.

Aspects of Vedic Ritual or Sacrifice

This essay is about the essential aspects or components of Yajna, the Vedic Sacrifice or Sacrificial Ritual

Vedic Rituals and Sacrifices, Srauta Yajnas

This is a complete manual of Vedic Rituals, Sacrifices and Sacrificial Ceremonies, Srauta Yajnas, with detailed description of each based upon the Vedas and Kalpa Sutras

Eight Realizations of the Great Beings

The Sutra on the eight realizations of the Great Beings (Mahasattvas) of Buddhism on the Eightfold Path, commentary by Jayaram

The Prasna Upanishad

Find here the complete original translation of the Prasna Upanishad by Jayaram V with notes.

Finding Islands of Happiness In the Sea of Suffering

Life is full of suffering. This essay helps you with techniques to find and create opportunities for peace and happiness in daily life.

Fifty Shades of Karma

Find here fifty most important beliefs, ideas or concepts associated with the doctrine of karma in Hinduism.

A Pledge For Hindus to Uphold Sanatana Dharma

This self pledge or oath is mainly meant for lay Hindus to strengthen their resolve to practice Hinduism and uphold it as part of their service to God.

The Virtue of Giving Charity in Hindu Community

How charitable are Hindus? A review of the World Giving Index 2014 and the giving behavior of people in various cultures, with specific reference to Hindu Community in India.

Quantum Reality in Daily Life

The essay is about the implications of the latest researches and discoveries in quantum physics and their relevance to human life

The Enigma of the Universe and the Quantum Reality

This essay points out some of the latest discoveries in modern physics and quantum mechanics regarding the nature of reality and how they influence our understanding of the causality, unpredictability and uncertainty of the universe.

Four Important Lessons of Life

Life teaches many lessons. They are part of your karma. Learn these four valuable lessons for peace and happiness in life.

A Brief History Of The Soul According To Hinduism

The essay explains the nature of the individual soul, the difference between embodied soul and free soul, how souls become bound to Nature and how they can achieve liberation.

Ten Reasons Why Hinduism is a Way of Life

This essay lists ten reasons why Hinduism is considered a way of life rather than a religion.

The Definition of Hindu and Hinduism

The essay is about the origin, definition and beliefs of Hindus and Hinduism

Natural Evolution Vs. Spiritual Evolution

The essay is about changing the course of natural evolution with spiritual evolution

The Meaning and Significance of Guru in Hinduism

Find out the meaning, symbolism and significance of a true guru or satguru in Hinduism

What is Faith? Faith According to Hinduism

Find out what is faith according to hinduism, how faith manifests in your life, types of faith, and crisis of faith

Ethical Behavior and the Bhagavadgita

This is about the importance of virtue, righteousness and ethical behavior according to the Bhagavadgita.

Why Idol Worship or Image Worship is Justified in Hinduism?

This essay answers why image worship or idol worship is justified and acceptable in Hinduism as a superior form of divine worship.

The History of image or Idol worship

Find out the origin and history of image worship or idol worship in Hinduism from the ancient times

Vedanta Definition, Purpose and Importance

This essay is a review of the literary, philosophical and spiritual definitions of Vedanta and its relevance and significance in modern times.

Truth According to Hinduism

Find out the meaning, concept, importance and practice of truth and truthfulness (Satyam) in Hinduism with specific reference to the Vedas, Upanishads and Dharmashastras

The Symbolism of War in Hinduism

The archetypal meaning, cultural significance and symbolism of war (ranam or yuddham) in Hinduism

Life’s Lessons from Mother Nature

This essay is about the lessons, which one can learn from Nature about survival, success, flexibility, openeness, adaptability, strength, and discipline.

Yamas and Their Significance in Spiritual Life

Why the monks are prohibited from certain actions? Find out the importance of yamas or restraints in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism

The Duality of Shakti, the Two Faces of Creation

The essay deals with a few fundamental dualities of Nature and how one may deal with them on the spiritual path.

What Is the Highest Siddhi or Perfection in Yoga?

This is about what constitutes the highest siddhi or perfection in the practice of Yoga according to the Bhagavadgita

A Look at the Growing Campus Unrest

Hinduwebsite editorial. A review of the growing campus violence and student unrest in many parts of the world and their causes.

Why Did Swami Vivekananda Die?

The essay examines the reasons why Swami Vivekananda died at an early age of 39 and what factors contributed to it.

To Be Like a Flower in the Winds of Life

This essay is about manifesting your essential nature or dharma and fulfilling your role and purpose in the creation of God.

Devotion in the Age of Kali or Kaliyuga

This is about devotion in today's world according to the Bhagavadgita with specific reference to how the triple gunas influence human behavior and various types of devotion

Meditation, Visualization and Your Emotions

Know how you can cope with your emotions with the help of meditation, visualization and other techniques.

A Lesson About Life from A Zen ‘Dog Master

Learning life's lessons the right way. How problems and difficulties can be used as opportunities to cultivate peace and wisdom

What Is the Aim or Purpose of God's Creation?

This essay examines why God creates the worlds and beings, and what is purpose of his creation

Literary Evidence in The Construction of Indian History

This essay is about the possible distortions that may arise when we solely depend upon literary evidence to construct Indian history

What Language Did the Buddha Speak?

This essay is about the sacred languages of Buddhism and in what language did the Buddha speak

How to Deal with the Fear of Rejection

Find here effective strategies and solutions to deal with the problem of rejection

The Essential Practice of Dharma in Today’s World

Find here the true meaning of dharma and how you can practice it in the contemporary world for peace and prosperity

The Four Virtues of Varnashrama Dharma

The essay is about cultivating four qualities or virtues in human life based on Hindu Varnashrama Dharma

Simple Methods to Change Your Moods and Feelings

You can use these simple methods to change your moods, feelings, and emotions when you are not feeling good

What Happens After Death?

This essay explains life after death, the reason for different near death experiences, and the fate of liberated souls and bound souls in afterlife.

How to Practice Spirituality in a Materialistic World?

Five effective techniques to practice spirituality in a materialistic world and live spiritually

A Tale of Two Worlds - Conquering the World Within

The essay explains how the world becomes projected into your consciousness and what you can do about it

Climate Change, Fact and Fiction

The essay proposes a Commonsense approach to climate change, environmental studies, and global warming.

When My Faith is Weak

What to do when you think your faith is weak and wavering? Should you stop believing?

How to Prepare for the Difficulties of Spiritual Life

This essays suggests how to prepare for the difficulties of spiritual life according to the ideals present in Hinduism, Part 2

The Difficulties of Spiritual Life

This essay explains the difficulties of spiritual life and why many people pursue materialism rather than spirituality. Part 1

Japa or Japam in Hinduism

This essay discusses the meaning and significance of japa in the ritual and spiritual practices of Hinduism

Suffering and its Solutions in Indian Mysticism

This is an analysis of Indian mysticism, with specific reference to Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mystic teachings about suffering and its resolution

What Purpose Religions Serve in Human Life?

This essay is about the importance of religion in human life and what purpose they serve

Why Are Religions Destructive?

Find answers to why religions are so destructive, why they cause strife, and what can you do about it.

Dealing With Conversions in India

The Author suggests how through affirmative actions Hinduism can deal with the problem of conversions and protect Dharma

Me, Myself and Maya

The four gems of wisdom from the Advaita school of Hinduism and why its vision and philosophy elude the minds of many

Detachment in Worldly Life

This essay is about how to practice detachment in worldly life and protect yourself from shocks and setbacks.

Religious People of All Faiths Must Unite

Hinduwebsite editorial. About religious amity and why all religions must unite against their common modern enemy

When You are Working from Home

This essay is about importance of self-discipline and not to be complacent when you are self-employed or working from home

Advaita Vedanta and Shunyavada

This essay is a comparative study of the Advaita Vedanta of Hinduism and the Shunyavada Siddhantha (emptiness theory) of Buddhism

How to Spot a Liar?

In life, in love, in business, how do you spot a liar? This essays discusses the current studies in spotting liars and how to detect them and their deception

Who is the Dwarf in the Cosmic Dance of Shiva?

This essay explains the meaning of and significance of Anava, symbolized in the images of Nataraja as the Dwarf, Apasmara.

Three Types of People and Two Solutions for Liberation

This discussion is based upon the teachings of the Bhagavadgita about the classification of beings according to the triple Gunas and how they influence human behavior

Why Renunciation is Prescribed for Seekers of Truth?

This essay explores the importance of being yourself and seeing things clearly as they are

The Sacred Animals of Hinduism

This essays describes the significance and symbolism of important sacred animals of Hinduism, and the treatmentof animals by Hindus

The Significance of Animals in Hinduism

This essay is about how animals are treated in Hinduism and their importance in Hindu ritual and spiritual beliefs and practices.

An Alternate View of India's Religious History

A Review of India's religious history, its existing false constructs, and how they can be rectified by accepting the diverse faiths as convergent paths to one eternal Dharma

A Prayer to the Trimurthis, the Triple Gods of Hinduism

This is an english devotional prayer composed by Jayaram V to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the triple gods, or the Trimurthis, of Hinduism

Why Brahma is Not Worshipped in Hinduism?

A historical analysis of why Brahma is not devotionally worshipped in Hinduism and why there are not many temples built for him

Skanda Matha, the Mother of Skanda

Find out the significance Skanda Matha, an aspect of Durga, who is worshipped on the fifth day of Navarathi

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