Laksmī Sthothram From The Thanthra Sāra

Goddess Lakshmi

Aum, Sri Mahalakshimi Namah

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Lakṣmī, commonly called Śrī, Devī of prosperity and beauty: the Śakti, or Spouse of Viṣṇu, who rose resplendent from the sea at the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras, and then reclining on the breast of Hari, gazed upon the enraptured Devas. As her Lord assumes various forms, so does She.


O Devi Kamala, beloved of Viṣṇu,
Adored by the three worlds,
As Thou art constant to Viṣṇu, be Thou constant to me.
Whoever worshipping Lakṣmī, reads these twelve names of Her--
Iśvarī, Kamala, Lakṣmī, Calā,
Bhūti, Haripriyā, Padmā, Padmālayā, Sampat,
Uchaih, Śrī Padmadhārinī,
With such an one, his wife and children,
Lakṣmī ever abides.

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Source: From the Hymns to the Goddess by John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon),1913. Readers please note that this is not an exact reproduction of the original text. We have made some changes to it and also added Sanskrit text in some cases. While we have taken every care to reproduce the original text in parts, we cannot guarantee its accuracy orauthenticity. Please check original copy for accuracy, study and research.