Adya Kali Svarupa Sthothram

Maha Kali

Aum Sri Mathre Namah

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From the Mahānirvāṇa Tantra, Seventh Ullāsa, verses 12 et seq. This hymn to the primordial Kālī contains a hundred of her names all beginning with "K." Thus Kālī, Karālī, Kalyānī, Kalāvatī, Kamalā, Kalidarpaghni, Kaparddīśakripanvitā, etc. Kāli is that which has "Ka" in the beginning. In the Tantrarāja, Devī says to Śiva: "The syllable 'Ka' is in Thy form, and that Śakti confers all siddhis"


1. HRĪM, O destroyer of time!
2. ŚRĪM, O terrific one!
3. KRĪM, You who are beneficent,
4. Possessor of all the arts,
5. You are Kamalā,
6. Destroyer of the pride of the Age of Kālī.
7. Who are kind to him of the matted hair,
8. Devourer of Him who devours,
9. Mother of Time
10. You are brilliant as the fires of the final dissolution.
11. Spouse of Him of the matted hair.
12. O You of formidable countenance,
13. Ocean of the nectar of compassion,
14. Merciful,
15. Vessel of mercy,
16. Whose mercy is without limit,
17. Who are attainable alone by Thy mercy,
18. Who are fire,
19. Tawny,
20. Black of hue,
21. You who increaseth the joy of the Lord of creation,
22. Night of darkness,
23. In the form of desire,
24. Yet liberator from the bonds of desire,
25. You who are dark as a bank of cloud,
26. And bearest the crescent moon,
27. Destructress of sin in the Age of Kālī,
28. You who are pleased by the worship of virgins,
29. You who are the refuge of the worshippers of virgins,
30. Who are pleased by the feasting of virgins,
31. And who are in the form of the virgin,
32. You who wanderest in the Kadamba forest,
33. Who are pleased with the flowers of the Kadamba forest,
34. Who hast Thy abode in the Kadamba forest,
35. Who wearest a garland of Kadamba flowers,
36. You who are youthful,
37. Who hath a soft low voice,
38. Whose voice is sweet as the cry of a Cakravāka bird,
39. Who drinkest Kādambarī wine,
40. And are pleased with the Kādambarī wine,
41. And whose cup is a skull,
42. Who wearest a garland of bones,
43. Who are pleased with the lotus,
44. And who are seated on the lotus,
45. Who abidest in the centre of the lotus,
46. Whom the fragrance of the lotus pleases,
47. Who movest with the swaying gait of a hamsa,
48. Destroyer of fear,
49. Who assumeth all forms at will,
50. Whose abode is at Kāmarūpa,
51. Who ever dallies at the Kāmapītha,
52. O Beautiful One,
53. O creeper which givest every desire,
54. Whose beauty is Thy ornament,
55. Adorable as the image of all tenderness,
56. You with a tender body,
57. And who are slender of waist,
58. Who are pleased with the nectar of purified wine,
59. Giver of success to them whom purified wine rejoices,
60. The own Deity of those who worship Thee when joyed with wine,
61. Who are gladdened by the worship of Thy-self with purified wine,
62. Who are immersed in the ocean of purified wine,
63. Who are the protectress of those who accomplish vrata with wine,
64. Whom the fragrance of musk gladdens,
65. And who are luminous with a tilaka mark of musk,
66. Who are attached to those who worship Thee with musk,
67. Who lovest those who worship Thee with musk,
68. Who are a mother to those who burn musk as incense,
69. Who are fond of the musk-deer,
70. And who are pleased to eat its musk,
71. Whom the scent of camphor gladdens,
72. Who are adorned with garlands of camphor,
73. And whose body is besmeared with camphor and sandal paste,
74. Who are pleased with purified wine flavoured with camphor,
75. Who drinkest purified wine flavoured with camphor,
76. Who are bathed in the ocean of camphor,
77. Whose abode is in the ocean of camphor,
78. Who are pleased when worshipped with the bīja "Hūm,"
79. Who threatenest with the bīja "Hūm,"
80. Embodiment of Kulācāra,
81. Adored by Kaulikas,
82. Benefactress of the Kaulikas,
83. Observant of Kulācāra,
84. Joyous one,
85. Revealer of the path of the Kaulikas,
86. Queen of Kāśī,
87. Allayer of sufferings,
88. Giver of blessings to the Lord of Kāśī,
89. Giver of pleasure to the Lord of Kāśī,
90. Beloved of the Lord of Kāśī,
91. You whose toe-ring bells make sweet melody as You moveth,
92. Whose girdle bells sweetly tinkle,
83. Who abidest in the mountain of gold,
94. Who are like a moonbeam on the mountain of gold,
95. Who are gladdened by the recitation, of the mantra "Klīm,"
96. Who are the Kāma Bīja,
97. Destructress of all evil inclinations,
98. And of the afflictions of the Kaulikas--
99. Lady of the Kaulas,
100. O You who by the three bījās, "KRĪM" "HRĪM" "ŚRĪM" are the Destructress of the fear of death
(To Thee I make obeisance.)

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Source: From the Hymns to the Goddess by John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon),1913. Readers please note that this is not an exact reproduction of the original text. We have made some changes to it and also added Sanskrit text in some cases. While we have taken every care to reproduce the original text in parts, we cannot guarantee its accuracy orauthenticity. Please check original copy for accuracy, study and research.