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DNS Web Tools

About The Domain - A free tool to find information about a website.

AnalogX: DNSDig - DNSDig is a web version of dig. Allows queries for a domain's DNS from any machine on the Internet.

DNS Bajaj - Check the delegation of your domain. Has interesting graphical results.

DNS History - Displays changes to a domain's DNS records.

DNS Inspect - Free DNS reports with IPv6 support, more than 50 tests organized into parent, NS, SOA, MX, mail and web sections.

DNS Loc - Creates a DNS LOC record, which is meant to express the geographic location information for a domain name.

DNS Propagation Check - Check DNS records against 60 different nameservers worldwide. Real-time dashboard shows propagation as it happens.

DNS Search Gateway - Handy web-based DNS lookup service, with links.

DNSQueries - More than twenty network testing tools such as domain health check, IP neighbours, DNS query etc. with concise explanations. The site also has a forum.

DNSstuff - Provides a free DNS report on a domain name, verifying that DNS hosting is working properly. Includes over 40 different tests.

Dnstoolkit - Free online tools: NsLookup, Whois, Ping, my IP address.

Global DNS Propagation Checker - Checks the current state of propagation of a domain name on a selection of random name servers located around the world.

Global Whois - A WHOIS domain name search. Check domain name registrations, look up domain names, IP addresses, nameservers, registrars, etc.

How is my DNS? - Contains tools that have been designed to validate and check the health of public DNS servers.

intoDNS - Checks the health and configuration of a domain name and provides a detailed report.

ItIsTimed - Free DNS and Whois related tools. Visual location of IPs, domains or hostnames on map. Site offers gadgets, too.

Kloth.net NSlookup - Web-based nslookup tool that lets you look up IP address information. Query their and other DNS domain name servers to look up and find IP address information of computers on the internet.

Lookup Server - Provides basic forward and reverse DNS lookups, as well as MX record and server software lookups.

Lookup tools - Whois lookup, DNS lookup, DNS verification, IP lookup, Reverse IP lookup.

Mr.DNS Network Tools - A dozen DNS and network diagnostic tools, including DNS lookup, DNSSEC lookup, Ping and visual traceroute.

MxToolbox - Various free tools: DNS lookup, blacklist check, SMTP diagnostics and others.

myDNStools - Provides many free DNS, network and IP tools (Whois, reverse DNS, Traceroute, Ping etc.)

MyIpTest.com - Network tools site: IP/DNS/Reverse DNS lookup, Ping, Traceroute. Location is displayed on a map.

Network-Tools.com - Free DNS tools: ping, lookup, trace, spam blacklist check, etc.

Online Toolkit - Collection of network tools including HTTP Headers, Ping, Whois, Traceroute, Subnet scanner, NS and DNS lookup.

PagesInventory - Provides information about domain names and web hosting. Other tools include an IP subnet calculator and Internet speedtest.

SamDNS - Free online DNS tools and utilities: DNS lookup, Reverse DNS, Geo IP, WhoIs, Blocking list lookup.

Same IP - Shows all domain names hosted on the same IP address.

SLow-Server Project - A DNS server with configurable latency, which allows you to simulate slow or misconfigured DNS services.

SolveDNS - Checks name servers, A records, mail servers, SOA records for errors, consistency, accuracy and speed.

SpyOnWeb.com - Discloses websites with the same advertising and statistic codes, IP addresses, DNS servers.

squish.net DNS Checker - Complete DNS traversal check. Shows every DNS server that is (or maybe) used for a DNS lookup.

TCPIPUTILS - Various IP, DNS and e-mail tools, Whois, Traceroute, Ping, SEO toools. Site contains browser addons, too.

Ultimate Network Information Center - Networking tools to produce detailed information on domains, IP addresses, network names, including DNS lookup and whois.

UltraTools - Tool set provided by NeuStar. Includes both free and paid DNS and domain name checks and tests.

ViewDNS.info - Collection of DNS related tools and information.

whois.com.au : Dig (DNS) Lookup - Browser based DIG (domain information groper).

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