Email Marketing Applications for Small Businesses

By email marketing we mean any message of commercial nature which you may send on behalf your products, service or Company. In a broader sense any communication which you send to your existing or prospectus customers can be considered email marketing. Email marketing is an important and integral part of ecommerce business. It is extremely useful to establish and maintain regular contact with your customers not only during and after a sales transaction but also as an ongoing effort to retain your customer base. Many companies build vast customer databases and use them to frequently interact with their customers.

Email marketing has certain advantages. For example, it is cheaper and faster, and perhaps easier, if you have the right program or right application. Secondly, you can keep updating your customers with the latest information about your products and services. You can also help them with suggestions and guidelines on how to use them or take advantage of them. Depending upon the customers’ response and communication, you can also become familiar with their problems and expectations. Regular communication will also help you establish and improve brand recognition.

However, overtime email marketing has been subject to a lot of abuse, forcing government and internet companies to evolve regulations and punitive measure to control it or prevent it. Many countries have enacted anti-spam laws and many email service providers have developed built-in programs to automatically detect and remove spam mail from the inbox. Sometimes they do it correctly and sometime they put even genuine mails in the spam folders. Because of the overuse and abuse, email marketing is mostly perceived by the Internet community as a nuisance and an infringement upon their privacy. The problem is further aggravated by spam and other problems such as fishing, malware, hacking, password and email skimming, etc.

In view of these problems and to contain them, the US Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which aims to regulate nationally the commercial electronic email. According to it, those who send commercial emails should not obscure their identity or mislead the recipients about the sender or the content, and must provide an option to the recipients to decline them. The act also made a provision to impose fine up to $16000 for each offence committed under the Act.

Despite these problems, businesses cannot do away with email marketing. With all the constraints and negativity surrounding it, each company still need to develop a proper mechanism to engage their customers in meaningful communication and put their message across. In the aftermath of the Act, many applications came into existence to facilitate email marketing within the constraints of the law. They make the task a little easier.

If you want to promote your products through email advertisements, you need to put control in place and ensure that you are not perceived as a spammer or intruder. One of the best ways to do it is to use Opt-in email advertising, or permission marketing, which involves seeking the consent of the recipient of the advertisement to receive it. It also gives the customers an option to opt in or opt out of the communication whenever they want. A good example is to seek customer’s approval before including them in the email database and provide them with an option in each message to unsubscribe by a click.

Suggested Email Marketing Applications

Find here email marketing software that includes simple drag-and-drop creation of autoresponders, signup forms, emails, and landing pages. They are mostly affliate links. A few are not. We have not reviewed their products or services. When you click on any affliate merchant link (marked with asterik) and buy any items, we may earn a little commission. Offers may expire without notice. Please visit the websites to check the latest offers. For more information please click on the disclaimer link at the bottom of this page.


With ConstantContact you can customize an email template and design professional, mobile-responsive emails that look great on any device. You can automate email marketing and keeps your audience engaged to build strong customer relationships. With the service you can Greet new subscribers with a timely welcome email, trigger email series based on where contacts click, segment contacts to send the right message every time, automatically resend emails to non-openers, and expand your reach with powerful list-building tools

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Malligen offers you an easy option to Create, Send & Automate Email Newsletters. They help you personalize the emails so that the customers do not feel that they are treated like robots. Mailigen also lets you quickly perform segmentation based on your subscribers’ past engagement. This allows you to deliver your news more frequently to the active readers or send re-activation emails to the passive subscribers. They offer only a 30 day free trial, but not a free service option. The paid options cost you from $10 to $50 per month.

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GetResponse is a simple yet powerful email marketing software that includes simple drag-and-drop creation of autoresponders, signup forms, emails, and landing pages. Increase ROI with video emails, free online surveys, list segmentation, analytics and more. Create emails in different languages, in German, French, Spanish, and so on. Over 350,000 businesses choose GetResponse for 99% email deliverability, higher response rates and more results. It is easy to use and a cost-effective way to create emails and communicate with your customers. You can also integrate it with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, etc. They offer four paid options and a 30-day free trial operation. The lowest one costs $15 per month with a subscriber list up to 1000.


MailChimp design tools allow you to create sophisticated email campaigns. You can design your emails in a few minutes. Besides, you can sign up for free and build your own subscriber list. You can optimize and automate many processes and focus upon your essential business. The FREE option allows you to send a maximum of 12,000 emails up to 2,000 subscribers each month. Their paid option allows you to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers for a monthly fee starting from $10.


This is a powerful GDPR Compliant tool with which you can easily design elegant, result driven email campaigns. You do not require any technical skills to organize them. Just drag and drop the design blocks you want to build in just a few clicks. The tool allows you to collect the email addresses and contact information from prospective customers and subscribers with ease. With the free version, you can send up to 300 emails per day. With paid versions, you can send from 40,000 to 120,000 per month. They also have an enterprise version.

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