Religious People of All Faiths Must Unite

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Religions should not fight other religions. Religious people should not quarrel among themselves like the blind people in the elephant story, while they are being systematically attacked in Media and elsewhere by groups who are not committed to any faith and who believe in the Marxist dictum that religion is the opium of masses.

All religions owe their allegiance to a Supreme Being in their own ways. The ethical and moral conduct which they suggest has many identical features. Religious people should realize that their common enemy is not a person of another faith, but the irreligious socialists, communists, atheists, terrorists, and secularists, who want to destroy the traditional values of piety and humanity and replace them with their own. They must realize how these groups divide them on religious grounds and rule over them, and how they are immensely benefited by the flames of communalism, religious intolerance and inter religious conflicts.

These irreverent groups want to destroy all faiths with their political and ideological agenda and replace God with big government. They want everyone to look to their government for support and protection instead of God and themselves.

In today’s world religious people are being used as pawns by politicians of all hues and colors to stay in power and keep the masses under their control by exploiting their beliefs and their attachment to their faiths. They use minority religious groups in every country to fight the majority faith, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, or another faith. Alternatively, in theocracies they use the majority faith to stay in power and enrich themselves, while oppressing those who do not support them.

If religious people do not realize this, and keep fighting among themselves, or support the fanatics, the intolerant and the extremist elements in their own communities, their faiths will be eventually weakened and destroyed. As their values will become eroded, they will have to deal with growing atheism, materialism and related evils within their own families and communities.

If people of diverse faiths practice tolerance, stop aggressive proselytizing, and support one another against their common foes, the world will be a better place and the best of human values and moral precepts will prevail. Most importantly, God and his laws will prevail. The world should be governed by righteous conduct rather than the collective will of those who want to impose a socialist or communist agenda on the whole world. This is true even as we move forward into future and conquer new frontiers of knowledge in science and technology and integrate it into our value system for our common betterment.

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