The Amazing Abilities of the Human Mind

Brain's abilities and thinking power

by Jayaram V

The human mind has amazing abilities. It is a self-learning system, which evolves continuously, and adapts itself to its environment and circumstances. In speed it is swifter than light and gives you a vision of the universe, which no computer or gaming system can match, at least for now.

Unfortunately, this greatest gift of Nature becomes an ordinary tool in our hands. We use it, misuse it, underuse it, and underestimate its power and potency most of the time, or take its abilities and functions for granted.

For example, computing power is inherent in the human brain. The brain can calculate numbers and distances on its own at amazing speed. It does a lot of things for you before you even realize what it does.

For example, you do not consciously measure any distance to carry out most of your daily functions. You do not have to measure the distances between you and other persons when you shake your hands with them, handover something to them or walk into their presence. You do not have to measure the distance between you and a television set to adjust your vision, park your vehicle exactly between the two white lines in a parking lot, or drive your vehicle cautiously in a traffic jam to avoid bumpting into another vehcile.

It is a wonder that you are able to do them without thinking much because of your brain's amazing power to crunch numbers at unimaginable speeds.Your brain perfomrs many complex functions in the blink of an eye. In case of intuition, it works even more efficiently at incredible speeds

I was once told by a scientist about a research project on people who were born without any mathematical ability. He said that they would not understand the concept of numbers or calculations, no matter what they did. I asked him, then how did they manage to walk from one place to another, or how would they even eat food because for that to happen, their minds had to measure the distance between their hands and the food plates and between their hands and their mouths.

When they walked, would they bump into walls or into other people? How would they even manage to sleep on the bed or go to the rest room? He said that it was still under study how they did it and whether these two abilities came from different areas in the brain.

We are endowed with super brains. We have amazing and unique abilities. We are Nature's best specimens. So far, all those whom we consider superior to us, exist in our imagination, history or mythology.

We have such low esteem issues collectively that we ascribe them all good things and consider ourselves imperfect and inferior. We have yet to learn to trust our abilities and our intelligence to resolve our problems.

We must wake up from this delusion that someone far superior to us will help us. We must look within ourselves into that amazing virtual space called the mind to find solutions and answers. Perhaps we may be better off if we stop worrying and let our minds find solutions to our vexing problems on their own.

Creative solutions arise in our minds, only when we let them do the work on their own and at their own pace. Have you ever wondered why creativity and intuition, the higher faculties of your mind happen without your active involvement? Perhaps there is a lesson and a message in that truth.

Do you wonder why our scriptures say that true renunciation is when you let things happen rather than make them happen?

We are at our best when we are spontaneous.

Will we be better off if we remove all judgments, opinions and preconceived notions from our thinking?

Can you set your mind free from your fears, preferences, prejudices, dependencies, conditioning and habitual thought patterns?

Can you liberate your mind and set yourself free?

Do your want to be free? Right now, are you free?

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