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How to Get Rid of Negative Emotions?

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Negative emotions, like insecurity, fear, despair, discouragement, frustration, anger, deception can pollute your life.

Throughout the day, you experience all kinds of emotions, some are positive and others are negative and painful.

Feeling positive emotions, like happiness or peace is a choice, isn't it? Negative emotions are choices as well.

Consciously or unconsciously, you choose to generate a feeling.

When you feel negative about yourself or an outside event, you can say to yourself: "I am in a bad mood" or a better way to say it is: "I choose to be in a bad mood".

This statement gives you more freedom and responsibility, don't you think?

This freedom and responsibility can help you choose whether you want to immediately change the kind of emotions you're experiencing or not.

It is your choice to totally master your thoughts and eventually master your personal life.

Here are the following three steps to get rid of negative emotions, simply but powerfully.

With some practice, you can apply it successfully in seconds. This technique is called the cloud technique.

So the next time, you experience a negative emotion, apply these three little steps:

1.The cloud symbol. First, make a representation of the negative emotion as a cloud. Notice its shape, colour and how it moves? The representation for example could be a big, black cloud that moves around you.

2. Blow the cloud. Step out of the cloud and leave it where you were standing. Look at it, asking yourself the following questions "Is this emotion useful for me right now?" or "Is this emotion helping me as I communicate?"

Now you’re going to take a deep breath and blow at the cloud which will dissolve before you or float up into the blue sky and disappear. Notice how the negative emotion goes away as well.

3. Feel great. Finally, decide what you want to replace your negative emotion. Choose a new positive emotion to try such as love, kindness, peace, friendship, confidence, humour or curiosity.

Imagine another cloud or a door that will represent your positive feeling. Then step into the cloud or the open door and see how you feel. By then, you should be calm, at peace or full of love. This is your choice.

This technique can be surprising at first, due to its simplicity.

When you are stuck in a negative mood, it may seem like you have no choice.

When you use this technique, you will be more aware of your power to change your thoughts, emotions and even your life.

You will be more conscious of your inner gift, which is your free agency or your freedom to choose.

Changing your emotions in a blink of an eye is possible.

It is also a choice you can make consciously.

Don't let your emotions control you. You can master your life by mastering what happens inside of you.

The more you apply this technique, you more you will feel great and the more you will be success in your life.

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Author:Emmanuel SEGUI is a NLP and neuro-semantics master practitioner. He's the author of "Moving From Vision To Action" and his purpose is to inspire and help people create the life they want. Emmanuel SEGUI DE CARRERAS may be contacted at http://www.vision-to-action.com emmanuel@vision-to-action.com

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