The Power of Determination

Think Success by Jayaram V

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by Jayaram V

Source: This essay was originally published in the book “Think Success, Essays on Self-help” by Jayaram V under the same title, “The Power of Determination," and reproduced with publisher's permission.

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Your quest for success and happiness begins with right intentions. It culminates when you reach your chosen goals. What sustains your effort in between is your determination. What carries you towards your goals is your determination. If mankind has reached the moon or is planning to land on Mars or another planet someday, it is because some people, somewhere, are determined to make it happen, with firm conviction.

Determination means the firmness of purpose or intention. It is the strength of your will and focus to remain steadfast in your effort. It means having the ability to stay on course, remain focused on your goals, stand up to the problems and obstacles with conviction, stay fixed and firm about your decisions, solutions and intentions and apply the power of your will to your dreams and desires with resolve, grit, fortitude, faith and courage.

If there is one gift that you can give to yourself in your life to be what you want to be, it is the power of determination. Without it you are a mere passive spectator in the drama of your life. If there is one quality that makes a difference between a winner and a loser or a leader and a follower, it is the power of determination. Without it, you may dream wild dreams, but you will not accomplish much in life. If you have determination, nothing can stop you and deter you from following your course of action to achieve your goals or realize your dreams.

Obstacles may arise and obstruct your progress. They may delay your success, disturb you temporarily, and may even mislead you, but they cannot withstand the power of determination. It is the power that you generate within yourself to remain committed to your path and conviction, and march towards your cherished goals. Determination is a strength and valuable resource in itself. If you have it, you can aim for the stars. You are successful or unsuccessful to the extent you are determined and committed to your goals. With determination, we can accomplish many goals in our lives. With faith in God and confidence in yourself, and with strong determination, you can achieve the impossible, realize the most difficult dreams and achieve excellence and incredible success in your life. Remember the following formula. Write it down and frequently refer to it until the idea is firmly implanted in your mind. The first one leads you to success, and the second one to nowhere but into a fantasy land.

Idea + Determination + Effort = Success.

Idea - Determination - Effort = Wishful thinking, fantasy.

Before you take up any project or goal, you should know whether you have the determination to stick to your plans and reach your goals. Your determination has to arise from within and derive its reinforcement from your thinking and beliefs rather than circumstances. Only then you will be able to sustain your effort, even when the going gets tough. Determination is your inner strength. Like the hardwood inside a tree, it gives you the power to stand tall and face the winds of turmoil. The following factors strengthen your resolve.

  • Clear goals.
  • Knowledge and skills.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Positive mental attitude.
  • Courage.
  • Faith in yourself and God.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Visualizing the end.
  • Positive self-affirmations.
  • Supporting people.
  • Empowering thoughts and beliefs.

With determination, you can crush the mountains of fear and doubts in you. You can find your way through the most difficult situations. Determination does not mean you will be insensitive to the reality of the situation. A determined person is also an adaptable and flexible person. He is not interested in being tough for toughness sake, but to overcome obstacles and reach his goals. Hence, he remains open-minded about possibilities and opportunities, but firm in his commitment and convictions. Discipline and determination go together. If you have them, you become unstoppable.

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