Coping With Fear and Anxiety


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Fear is one of the most dominant and frequent emotions humans experience. Its source is the primitive brain, and it helps you safeguard yourself from potential threats. Since life is full of uncertainties and unknown risks, you are bound to experience fear and insecurity even when you are in a safe environment. Worry and anxiety are forms of fear only. Fear restricts you and limits your ability to find opportunities to succeed, or solutions to your problems. It prevents you from venturing out of your comfort zone or break free from your routine life. Besides, it also prevents your freedom to be yourself and express yourself. Those who live in restrictive and primitive societies ruled by monarchies and dictatorships experience more fear and lead submissive lives. So also the people who live in politically and socially unstable regions. In pluralistic societies minorities may also experience fear of discrimination and persecution. On the positive side, fear help you remain within your limits and avoid hurting yourself or others through reckless behavior.The following essays deal with the problem of fear and how to conquer common fears such as fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of loneliness.

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