Mental Peace and Relaxation


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How can you experience peace in your daily life as you live in impermanent and uncertain world? The impermanence of the world by itself is a great source of stress and anxiety. It does not let you relax or ignore your vital interests. Almost everything that you deal with in this world disturbs you or causes you stress. Whether it is relationships, people, problems, events, situations, possessions, each of them produce in you different emotions and keeps you in a state of flux. However you can learn to stay calm amidst problems and take control of your emotions, by understanding your own behavior and how your mind works and responds, and by developing certain qualities. You can invite peace into your life by cultivating self-discipline, healthy habits, detachment, moderation in your choices, right living conditions and right attitude. The following essays deal with mental peace, relaxation, stress reduction, happiness, positive thinking and related subjects.

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