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by Jayaram V

When you hear that you can attract things and situations into your life by your thoughts, it is not an allusion to any supernatural powers or magic. It simply means that your predominant thoughts and desires influence your thinking and perceptions in specific ways and lead you in specific directions. For example, if you always think about sports and sportsmen, you may spend more time watching it on television or become friends with those who have the same passion or learn a lot about it or become a player yourself, and so on.

In other words when you deeply desire something and if you are very passionate about it, you will be more inclined to work for it and realize it. The thoughts and feelings associated with it influence your choices, decisions, actions and relationships, or what goals and priorities you will chose to experience fulfillment. With your personality being shaped by them, and your behavior as well as mindset, you will perceive the world from a specific perspective and find right opportunities or circumstances to realize your goals and dreams. This is well evident from the fact that we are inclined to see the world according to our desires, inclinations, preoccupations, states of mind, interests, cultural beliefs, etc. It not only determines the way we live and make sense of the world but also our choices, preferences, likes and dislikes.

This behavior of the mind can be used to out best advantage to attract desired things into our lives and create the life we want to live. It also provides an insight into how we can change ourselves or our lives for better, if we so desire and work for it. It is now an established fact that by saturating your mind with right thoughts about your envisioned future or goals, you can increase the possibility of manifesting them.

You become what you think. There is a lot of truth in it. It happens not because your thoughts have supernatural power but because you are influenced by your own predominant thoughts and desires when you make decisions or engage in actions. They influence almost all your actions from making purchases, choosing a life-partner to form relationships.

Therefore, if you want to attract good things in your life, choose your thoughts carefully. Focus upon what you want to achieve or where you want to see yourself in future. Organize your thoughts so that you can establish clear goals. Envision them and believe in your ability to achieve them. Do not let any negative or depressing thoughts interfere with your life.

If you want to be successful, think and act like a successful person. Act as if you have already achieved it. Reflect it in your words, appearance, dress habits, food, lifestyle preferences and so on. Saturate your mind with images of success, using positive affirmations and reinforcing positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

You should also believe in the possibility of achieving success. Belief is a powerful force. Having the right beliefs is as important as having right thoughts. Your beliefs sustain your motivation and determination. They strengthen your will and help you persevere in your effort. The opposite may also happen if you entertain negative and self-destructive beliefs.

Hence, take a stock of your beliefs. You may not be aware of some of them because they might have become so integrated in your thought process that they may be influencing you subconsciously without your knowledge. They are largely responsible for your assumptive behavior and irrational thinking. You have to unearth them through introspection and by paying close attention to your habitual thoughts, compulsive behavior, prejudices, likes and dislikes.

All possibilities begin in the mind, which plays an important role in your survival and success. It is where you sow the seeds of your future and destiny. It has some inexplicable and mysterious powers, which we cannot clearly define yet, but which anyone can use to improve his or her life and manifest their deepest thoughts and aspirations. There is no secret to attracting abundance or good things into your life other than attuning your mind to the reality you want to manifest. You will find below five most important powers of your mind which you can harness to make it possible.

  1. Desire or intention. This is the starting point. Translate your desires or intentions into precise goals or a clear vision of the future you want to manifest.
  2. Belief or conviction: This is required to harness your energies in the desired direction. It is the fuel which sustains your enthusiasm, motivation and determination.
  3. Passion: It is as important as your beliefs to sustain your motivation. You must be passionate about your goals, intentions and aspirations or the work you want to do.
  4. Positivity: It will help you remain shielded from depressing and negative thoughts and stay focused upon your goals and hopes. See how you can benefit from every situation.
  5. Adaptability: It is useful to go with the flow and remain flexible as you make progress, making necessary adjustments to your plans and priorities according to circumstances.

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