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by Sharon Gilbert

Daydreaming is really an art form. Children know it instinctively and believe that they can achieve anything that they concentrate on long enough. As adults, we forget the power of daydreaming, of letting loose and letting our minds create limitless possibilities for our lives. We’ve let life and responsibilities interfere with our hopes of who we’d someday like to become, what we’d someday like to create and what we’d someday like to accomplish. We’ve allowed ‘someday” to be pushed so far out of our minds that we no longer believe we can achieve those things we dreamed about so long ago. defines daydreaming as “a dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes”. Without the ‘fulfillment of wishes or hopes’ life has little meaning. Instead we go through the drudges of life thinking that someday we’ll have time for ourselves, time to do all of the things we’d like to do, time to become the person we’d like to be.

The problem is that we’re caught in the middle. We’ve left our daydreams behind forgetting that life should be a fun and fulfilling journey. We’ve postponed our ‘someday” to when we retire, and we’ve left our responsibilities behind.

Except that responsibilities are never left behind. That’s life; there’s always something we’re supposed to do. And so, we’re stuck in the middle, living life, going through the motions, with little time spent on fulfilling those dreams that once had so much meaning.

That’s when creative visualization and meditation need to step in. That’s when we need to focus our concentration on becoming the best we can be. It’s time to let our imaginations go, follow our dreams and start on a journey of fun, fulfillment and self-actualization. It’s time to live up to our full and complete potential.

Creative Visualization

So what is creative visualization? And how does it relate to meditation? Creative visualization is simply setting our minds free, daydreaming and letting our creative thoughts flow. It is allowing our imaginations to run wild, setting us on a course of action we might never have taken. It’s about attracting into our lives those things that our hearts truly desire whatever they may be.

Meditation allows us to reach a dreamlike state by relaxing our minds and slowing our brain frequencies. Together creative visualization and meditation allow us to focus on a life of fulfillment, a life we have first created in our minds.

Shakti Gawain in her book Creative Visualization talks about the steps of creating anything you would like to manifest in your life. The process is a simple one, yet one that leads to happiness, joy and the knowledge that we’re living life on our own terms. She defines them as:

1.Set Your Goal

2. Create a Clear Idea or Pictur

3. Focus on it Often

4. Give It Positive Energy

Picture a goal you’d like to create or an outcome you’d like to achieve. It could be something material, a change you’d like to make, becoming more spiritual, improving your relationships – anything at all. Then form a clear mental image of that desire in your mind, complete with emotions, pictures, colors and as much detail as your can muster. Think of it as happening now, here in the present, already manifest in your life.

Throughout the day think of your desire, daydream about it, meditate on it. It doesn’t take long, a few minutes here and there several times a day. Perhaps a morning and evening meditation with several minutes of quiet attention paid to that special desire. Picture yourself as already having that desire, as already being, doing or having what you’d like to create. Let negative thoughts simply pass through without giving them any credence. Just concentrate on the positive, feeling it, seeing it, enjoying it.

Before long, you’ll start noticing some wonderful changes in your life. Things you’ve thought about will materialize; you’ll feel lighter and more relaxed; you’ll start accomplishing things you’ve always wanted to; your heart’s desire will begin to come true. You’ll be on a path of your own choosing; moving closer and closer each day to becoming who you’ve always hoped you would someday be. After all, isn’t that worth dreaming about?

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Author: Sharon B. Gilbert, Ph.D. is an avid researcher and writer particularly interested in the areas of women’s health, meditation, metaphysics, organic foods and cooking, and natural health remedies. For further information or to contact the author, please visit or email [email protected].

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