Visualization of Success

Visualizing Success

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by Nilesh Gore

To overcome failure and achieve more success, it is always better to know much about yourself.

For achieving more success you must know how much you have achieved, how much you want to achieve and what is the present situation in the process of the same.

Visualization of success is the key aspect to achieve more and more success.

For instance think about "Bar Graph" or progress bar of a sales and profit ratio of the company, so as to understand the past, present and the future condition & situation.

Visualizing the success is the same like above example, put your past & present achievements on paper against the target or goal or objective, and then think.

Success and failure in many field is caused by the mental attitude than the mental capacities.

Success attitude amplifies success and failure attitude amplifies failure.

Conduct yourself as if you were what you want to be coz we are what we repeatedly do.

Dr. H E Stanton said, "Greatest power we have as a human being is use our imagination to help us to change in the way we want to change."

The way to do this would appear to be to create in one's mind an image of the person one wants to be.

All things come through desires coz desires are starting point of all achievements.

We became like that on which our mind and a heart is focused. Set your mind on the goal and visualize its attainment.

Generate a fire within to achieve what you visualized and you will achieve more strongly.

"GRAPHOLOGY" on other hand, is an perfect key to know your Success ratio, level of intelligence, level of efforts, level of focus on objective, intensity to chase the objective and mental road-blocks on the way of success.

Visualize your success day by day & year by year to invoke positive fruitful results.

Visualizing success brings you more success and eases the way to achieve it. So go ahead...... Visualize your Success.

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Author:Nilesh Gore is graphologist & psychological counselor & involved in Personality Assessment / Character analysis, Child development, personality Development, Marital -Educational & parental Counseling, Selection of Business Partner & Life Partner, helping bank officials to detect fraud signature, helping people managing their strengths & weaknesses. You can reach him for any problem on email given at the end. He is also working on ‘Graphotherapy’ i.e. managing emotional health via handwriting. He has also written several articles for several websites. Nilesh Gore may be contacted at [email protected]

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