The Seven Success Principles

Principles for success

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by Jayaram V

Success is the ability to fulfill your desires and aims, reach your goals, or achieve perfection or excellence in any chosen field, profession, talent, or skill. Success is generally achieved through intelligent, hard work. Goal setting, planning, decision making, problem solving, controlled execution, learning and improving are part of the success process.

The seven success principles

Many principles contribute to success. Of them the following seven success principles are the most important.

Success Thinking

If you want to achieve success, you must think and act like a successful person. It means you have to condition your mind to think about success, prepare for success, and believe in your ability to achieve success. Positive thinking, possibility thinking, opportunity thinking, managing your expectations, flexibility thinking, fearlessness, enthusiasm, and willingness to change and adapt are important to cultivate the success mindset and translate your thoughts into reality. They will help you achieve your chosen goals, or manifest your desired ends with a healthy, mental attitude.

Success Vision

In the context of success, vision means the ability to know what success means to you, where you want to go in life, what you want to accomplish through success and how you will make use of it. It is seeing the larger picture and accommodating success in the large plan and purpose of your life. You have to know whether achieving success is an end in itself or the means to a still higher and larger purpose. More challenging than achieving success is managing your success and ensuring that it will not corrupt your mind or disrupt your life. By having the right vision, you will not only achieve success but also manage it successfully.

Strong Resolve

The path of success is seldom straight. The more difficult the goals are, the more arduous the path becomes. There will be uncertainty, problems and challenges, and unexpected developments, as you pursue your goals. You will be discouraged by people and circumstances as well as by your own fears and anxieties. Therefore, once you choose your goals, you need a strong resolve to stay the course and keep the momentum going. With determination, you can sustain your motivation and your fighting spirit. When situations are tough, you will become tougher and keep pushing through walls of resistance. Successful people do not give up because they have a strong resolve to achieve their goals, which makes them determined, courageous and perseverant.

Unwavering Focus

Many distractions can arise in your pursuit of success. Early failures and setbacks may discourage you or distract you. More pressing problems in life may demand your attention and resources and weaken your resolve or conviction. Many people do not succeed because they become easily distracted from their goals or discouraged due to negative thinking or esteem problems. Once you choose your goals, you must remain focused on them. You must keep thinking about them and remembering them so that you remain committed to them. Your success in any chosen field is directly proportional to the strength of your focus or concentration. The human mind is fickle and easily distracted. Hence, concentrating your mind upon success and upon achieving your goals is very vital to your success in life.

Ethical Character

Character means being fair and honest with the people who matter, keeping promises and commitments, building trust, and staying true to your purpose and values. For some people achieving success is more important than how it is achieved. It does not matter to them at what cost they achieve success. It is a very risk way to pursue success. On the path of success, you will be met with many temptations to resort to shortcuts or trade your values and morality for quick results. You may take that path, but you must be ready to pay the price it demands. Many successful people often end up in civil and criminal disputes, legal liabilities, and even in jails as they pursue success without regard for the consequences of their actions. It is important how you achieve success, and for what ends.

Right Discretion

Discretion or discernment is a valuable resource to identify right goals, right methods, build right relationships and pursue success for right ends. It empowers you to select your goals, identify problems and opportunities, conserve your resources, avoid mistakes, and employ right means to achieve goals. Discretion arises from intelligence, reason, analysis, observation, judgment, knowledge, clarity of purpose, foresight, right decisions, and right thinking. It helps you to use reason rather than emotions to solve your problems, respond to challenges and difficult situations, and stay in control. It is also helpful to know your friends and allies, and safeguard yourself from potential enemies and hidden threats. It is also important to manage your success and stay balanced and disciplined.


Discipline is the ability to control and regulate your thoughts and actions, and the processes and programs that lead you towards your goals and dreams. Without discipline in personal and professional matters none of the principles mentioned above can be used effectively. Success is a product of self-discipline only. From discipline arise your commitment to chosen goals, determination to pursue them, focus, moral strength, ethical conduct, intelligence, balance, and discernment. With discipline, you can direct your thoughts, control your actions and emotions, persevere in your pursuit, and manifest your will.

There may be many other success principles, but these seven are the key principles of success. They serve as the foundation upon which you can safely build the mansion of your success. To achieve success in any field or endeavor, you need them. Therefore, before you embark upon your journey of success, cultivate them and incorporate them in your success philosophy and practice.

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