Abundance Through Positivity and Feeling Good

Positive Feeling

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by Jayaram V

Summary: This essay is about the ways in which you can transform your thinking and attitude and achieve positive mental states to feel good about yourself and work for your wellbeing and financial security.

You cannot manifest what you do not have within you. If you do not have energy, you cannot bring energy and enthusiasm into your thoughts and actions. If you do not like people, you will not get along well with them. You will not feel good about yourself or others if you are not happy with your current situation or your achievements.

If you do not have feelings of abundance, you will not be generous. Your thoughts and feelings serve the same purpose as your material resources such as money, people and materials, which you need to reach your goals or fulfill your desires. It may not always be possible to feel good. Life is such that you cannot always remain hopeful and happy. Even if you are very successful in life, reality can be daunting.

It is unrealistic even to think otherwise. We cannot ignore the problems and difficulties we face and remain positive in the face of threatening situations. However, when we are faced with problems, it matters how interpret those problems and choose our solutions with strength and confidence. For that, you will require positive states of mind.

It is therefore important to build positive energy and states of mind, which will prove valuable when you need them most and help you become a happy and successful person. Positive mental states are important for rewarding careers, enriching relationships and financial security. If you are mentally healthy, happy and feeling good, you will have greater chances of establishing harmonious relationship with the world and rapport with people. Your relationships will also improve, as you bring positive feelings into them and transmit the same to others.

Whether you are rich or poor, your state of mind is important for your success and happiness. With optimism, you must find your purpose and recognize your natural potential and abilities to ignite your passions. You have to learn to dispute your negative thoughts and revive your spirits in difficult times, so that you are not easily distracted from your goals. In the following discussion we will explore the ways in which you can lean to transform your thinking and attitude and achieve positive mental states to feel good about yourself and work for your wellbeing and financial security.

1. Learn to feel good as your natural state of mind: It is difficult to feel good about yourself most of the time due to daily pressures, worries and anxieties. However, by healthy lifestyle choices such as eating healthy food, doing exercise and taking adequate sleep, and with some discipline and positive affirmations, you can increase your chances of feeling good. When you feel good, you will bring a lot of positivity and positive energy into your thinking, relationships and attitude, which will intern help you attract more positive people and opportunities.

2. Use your mind power to manifest your dreams: Your mind has the ability to manifest your thoughts and desires. For that, you must clearly know what you want, and transform that into a clear vision. Secondly, you must use your imagination and creative visualization to reinforce your subconscious mind to realize the end or the dream you want to materialize. Further, it is also necessary to believe in its possibility, so that you can work with perseverance and laser like focus to reach your goals.

3. Overcome the obstacles to clear thinking: Although we are rational beings, our thinking and perception are clouded by many factors such as our fears, anxieties, ignorance, limited knowledge, likes and dislikes, prejudice, feelings and emotions, desires and attachments. As a result, we suffer from ambiguity, logical fallacies, selective perception, etc. By knowing them through meditation and observation or learning from our actions and mistakes, we can remove most of them. With clear thinking, you can establish clear goals and pursue them with greater clarity.

4. Use your feelings to discern things: Although feelings and emotions may interfere with our rational thinking, it is not at all advisable to ignore them or suppress them. Feelings provide us with a lot of input to make sense of the world and people, which we cannot know by reason only. They help us feel others and empathize with them. They also enhance our intuition and discernment which will help us make right decisions to achieve our goals.

5. Tap your natural talents and skills: Everyone is not born with the abundance of wealth. However, everyone is born with the abundance of some talent, skill or ability. Even the abundance of negativity can be used to learn important lessons and progress in life. Therefore, find out what you are good at, what comes to your naturally, which talents you possess and build your life and goals around them. You can use those abundances to attract good things into your life.

6. Build positive and nurturing relationships: We need positive relationships to satisfy our belongingness needs and to find support and help for our causes, or to deal with problems and challenges. Family and community play an important role in our Wellbeing. They also increase our chances of success, happiness and fulfillment in life. Therefore, build better relationships by paying attention, caring and respecting, empathizing, being honest and showing humility, love and compassion.

7. Free your mind from limiting patterns: Many a time, we sabotage our own chances of success by self-limiting and self-destructive thoughts. We also exaggerate our fears or foresee problem where they may not exist. Limiting thoughts and beliefs also prevent people from realizing their true potential due to fear of failure, rejection or disapproval. You should break free from those limiting thoughts by learning to think in new ways and by disputing your irrational fears and self-talk. You can also do it by stepping out of your comfort zone or changing your daily routine or priorities.

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