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by Anna Johnson

You've probably heard self-improvement authors and speakers extol the virtues of "positive thinking".

The idea is that in order to succeed at something, we must first think positive -- we must convince ourselves that we can do it. Even better, we should visualize ourselves doing it.

Well, I'm no psychologist, and I reckon positive thinking (and visualization) is helpful.

But I DON'T think positive thinking alone is any more effective than negative thinking.

What really works?

Positive ACTION.

And frankly, you can think NEGATIVE all you want... but if you still ACT... you'll be light-years ahead of anyone who does nothing except think positive thoughts.

Want proof?

Well, let me ask you this: have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever been pleasantly surprised?

Both situations are where what actually happened was totally different to what you thought would happen.

When you were disappointed -- your expectations were dashed. When you were pleasantly surprised, your expectations were exceeded.

Happens all the time. That's why I don't believe positive or negative thinking are absolutely essential to success or failure. Otherwise there would be no such concept as "surprise".

Positive action -- actually doing something no matter whether or not you think it'll work -- is what really makes the difference.

I need only think back to the time I was somehow persuaded to run in my first running race. I dreaded it. I thought I would come last. My head was filled with NEGATIVE thoughts.

But I did it anyway. And you know what -- I was not only among the first across the line, but I fell in LOVE with racing!

Now I don't want you to think negative. In fact, I want you to be as positive as possible. I want you to visualize yourself succeeding. Not because I think these are necessary preconditions for success -- but because if you think positive you're MORE LIKELY TO ACT.

Chronic negative thinking is likely to plant so many doubts and fears in your head that you are far more likely to associate failure with your goal than success... and, as a result, give up rather than go ahead. It's also a pretty unhappy state to be in.

But regardless of how you think... JUST DO IT!

By doing it you're way more likely to convince yourself that you CAN do it than merely imagining yourself doing it. And of course, doing it is the ONLY way you'll actually achieve the success you want.

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Author: Anna Johnson is the author of the How To Manage People System, which includes her controversial new book, How To Manage People (Even If You're A Control Freak!) (ISBN 0-9775175-0-0). Anna Johnson may be contacted at For invaluable advice on how to manage people, claim your copy of Anna's FREE 12-page report, How To Be An Outstanding Manager -- The 8 Vital Keys To Managing People Effectively.

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