The Seven Simple Pleasures of Life

Simple Joy

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by Jayaram V

Summary: Here are a few ways to find happiness and contentment in the simple pleasures of life, without spending money or going on vacations.

Are you happy with your life? If you want to know the answer, you have to pay attention to your predominant thoughts, feelings and emotions. We usually do not pay attention to them, as we remain preoccupied with numerous things and our daily routine.

If most of the time you feel depressed or unhappy, it may be because it has become a habit with you, and you have grown insensitive to your own suffering. That unhappiness may have even become a natural state of your mind, and you may not be even aware of it.

We seek happiness or enjoyment by having things, gaining things, seeking things and fulfilling our desires. We may also do it by associating with things and situations that produce happiness or pleasure, and avoiding those that produce pain and suffering.

This strategy does not always work, since we do not have complete control upon our lives. Most of the time, life happens against our wishes or expectations, and we feel pressured or pushed by circumstances. We deal with unpleasant situations that do not seem to be of our own making, as if we are drawn into a game of chance.

Life is a journey. A lot of it is not under our control. Yet, within our limitations, we can do something about it and make it comfortable. We can adapt to situations and make that journey memorable by finding happiness within the simple pleasures and little blessings of life. We may dream big and pursue bigger goals. Yet, it should not be an excuse to forget the most important goal of our lives, which is to enjoy the moments that would never return.

Happiness in life is important. Enjoyment should be our ultimate goal. It is not necessary that we should be rich or powerful or have lot of resources to have them. You can enjoy the best moments of your life, here and now by attuning your mind to the little joys and pleasures, which life can offer. By cultivating the right attitude, you can keep yourself most of the time in a state of positivity, openness and mindfulness.

Success should be measured not only in terms of what one has achieved but also how one has lived his or her life and spent those minutes, hours, days and years in the pursuit of it. What good is there, if you sacrificed your life, peace and happiness to achieve success, only to realize in the end that it did not make you happy or fulfilled?

Life is made up of small moments, and they can be filled with little pleasures and sweet moments to make it truly fulfilling and complete. One of the American writers, Jean Webster, said, “It isn't the big pleasures that count the most; it's making a great deal out of the little ones.” She also felt that many people did not enjoy their lives. They were always in a hurry, as if they were in a race and forget to enjoy their journey, only to realize in the end that whether they reached their goals or not did not make much difference.

How you live your life and spend your time are as important as having goals and reaching them. Indeed, enjoying your life and filling it with memorable moments and positive feelings of joy and happiness should be your prime goal. All other goals should be subordinated to it. Unfortunately, people do the opposite. They aim for success in the hope of enjoying their lives. As the pursuit of success takes away much of their time, peace and happiness, they end up feeling empty and miserable even after they achieve success.

You can fill your life with happiness and positive feelings by making use of your time and opportunities, without compromising your career goals or other priorities. You can enjoy the simple pleasures of life, without having to distract yourself from your daily routine or important tasks and without having to make serious planning. You just have to seize the moment and go with the flow, gathering moments of happiness from the heap of life.

By adjusting your expectations and increasing your sensitivity to the world around you, you can attune yourself to the little joys and pleasures of life and fill your mind with peace, happiness and contentment. In this regard, the sky is the limit. You can do it in numerous ways, keeping your mind open and looking for possibilities and make the journey of your life worth remembering.

There are no set rules or limitations about what can or cannot be done to find opportunities to experience the richness of life. You can choose any activity and do it with mindfulness, from drinking a cup of coffee to listening to a melodious song to enjoy the moment.

We have chosen here seven simple pleasures, which can be enjoyed by anyone. They are within your reach and do not cost much.

  1. Watching the sunrise or sunset.
  2. Taking a long walk on a nature trail or in a nearby park.
  3. Watching the night sky and the immensity of the universe.
  4. Enjoying a cup of coffee or some beverage.
  5. Sitting by the side of a flowing stream or a placid lake and relaxing.
  6. Spending time with pets or loved ones and enjoying their company.
  7. Being in the moment and becoming aware of every sight and sound.

Any occasion becomes memorable when it is new, unique, fresh, unexpected and help relax and forget your problems and daily routine. With effort you can make any occasion memorable by finding something new or memorable in it or by paying it deeper attention and see its uniqueness. By fully absorbing your mind in the present moment, you can temporarily forget your problems and pressures and relax.

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