Essays on Spiritual Practice

Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

by Jayaram V

Find here essays on the principles and practice of spiritualism. For more essays on spiritualism please check the spiritualism main page.

Please Come Back to Earth and Be Here

Finding Your Soul

Freeing the Mind and Becoming Free

Thoughts and Quotes for meditation and contemplation

Present Moment Awareness in Everyday Life

A Healthy Recipe for Life

TThe Way of Peace by James Allen

Awakening Your Mind and Body To Higher Consciousness

Conquering Fear

Emptying Your Mind and Becoming Zero

Finding Your Peace and Harmony

Friendship with God

God As Your Role Model

Healing Through Compassion

How Karma Applies to Animals?

How To Cultivate A God Centered Mind

How to Cultivate Mindful Awareness

How to Practice Silence

How You Can Attract Abundance, Healing Others

Opening Your Heart to Compassion

Right Thinking, Right Speech and Right Action

Seeing God Everywhere

Self Discovery - Opening the Door to Self-realization

Spiritual Laws That Govern Our Lives

Spirituality For Worldly People

Ten Reflections For a Spiritual Person

The Power of Intention

The Significance of Vegetarian Food In Spiritual Life

The Zen Art of Seeing Things As They Are - A Story

Three Important Mind Tools

Unconditional Love

Understanding Your Attachments

What is Your Natural State of Mind?

Your True Guru

Yoga the science of breathing

Thought Forms By Dr.Annie Besant

What is meditation

Look Through the eyes of love

Supreme Personality by Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft

Advice on the Practice of Concentration

Qualifications of a Teacher, Good Conduct by Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Buddhism - Meditation Upon the Body

About The Buddhist Meditation

Dana - Charity and Generosity in Buddhism

Dana, The Practice of Giving

The Role of Meditation Pain, Illness and Death

Suda Sutta - Meditation and Cooking

Anapana Sati, Meditation on Breathing

Buddhism - The Power of Mindfulness

Wealth and Duty in Hinduism

Understanding Death and Impermanance

Jivanmukti, the state of Liberation

The Truth About Karma

Dhyana or Meditation In Hindu Tradition

Money and Wealth in Hinduism

What is Truth?

Suggestions for Further Reading

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