The Importance of Health


by Jayaram V

You can regard good health as a gift from God or as a gift that you can give to yourself. You can be wealthy as well as healthy or just healthy. Whatever may be your situation, being healthy is far more important than being just wealthy. If you have to choose between the two, you know what would be the right answer.

Wealthy people have better access to resources to manage their health. But that alone would not ensure good health. We also know that a healthy person, who is poor financially, is much happier than a wealthy person, who is in poor health.

Five most important factors in health
1. Healthy food. You should choose your food according to your body type, lifestyle, profession, level of activity, age, and other factors.
2. Adequate rest and sleep. Minimum eight hours comfortable sleep is the norm. However, you may require more if you frequently engage in strenuous work.
3. Regular exercise. At least 20 -30 minutes of exercise is recommended to offset the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. 4. Good habits. Habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol have an adverse impact on health.
5. Regular medical checkup. This is a preventive measure which becomes necessary after you reach a certain age.

Your Health depends upon
Healthy Habits
Exercise and Eating
Activity and Attitude
Love and Laughter
Healing Heart

With the advances in science and technology, the world has become a much more complicated place to live. True, we have learned to cope with many newer and more challenging problems, over a period of time, and set in motion a very advanced medical system. In spite of all the draw backs and rumblings, it still answers many of our health concerns.

In the last few decades, our average life span has almost doubled, while our scientific community has been able to find new cures for many deadly and incurable diseases. At the same time, our world has grown more complex, making our lives more difficult to manage.

Science and technology and the pace of modern life brought many comforts, but also made our live more complicated, insecure and unstable. New diseases have emerged, while stress and strain has percolated into every aspect of our lives. Children and adults alike are now subject to stress and restlessness. In the last few centuries, our world has undergone a tremendous transformation.

Environment has become more unfriendly, while our lives have become more unstable. People now consume more unhealthy food than at any other time in history. Obesity is a major issue, while people live in more cramped places because of over population.

Source: Reproduced partially from the article, "Becoming Aware of Yourself" from the book Think Success by Jayaram V. You may purchase this book from our online store

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