Five Important Health Suggestions


by Jayaram V

For your health and Wellbeing the following five factors are important. If you take care them, you chances leading a healthy and active life even in old age are high.

1. Healthy food. You should choose your food according to your body type, lifestyle, profession, level of activity, age, and other factors.

2. Adequate rest and sleep. Minimum eight hours comfortable sleep is the norm. However, you may require more if you frequently engage in strenuous work.

3. Regular exercise. At least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise is recommended to offset the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. Even simple walking will do.

4. Good habits. Habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol have an adverse impact on health.

5. Regular medical checkups. This is a preventive measure which becomes necessary after you reach a certain age.

A healthy recipe for a healthy life

Healthy Habits

Exercise and Eating

Activity and Attitude

Love and Laughter

Think Positive

Healing Heart

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