Yoga Vashisht, Title Page

Shiva and Parvati

by Vashista and Singh Grewal

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To My Brother

In Memory of my brave brother, Fateh Singh, from whom I learned a great lesson of fearlessness and who always lived true to his name, Victory, and knew not fear.


If all great men were good and all good men would write a book, this world would be made better by their activities.

Rishi Gherwal's books are observation of nature and nature is God's "Master-piece". They are historical records of true facts of the Hindu books on philosophy, and are like a visit to that old ancient Temple of Mathra.

His manner of teaching and writing inspires us with the knowledge of ourselves, to be the same as the Universal Brotherhood—, Self of the Universe, with God's poise and sense of mastery.

His books give us the blessed assurance that

we no longer need to travel to get wisdom. Study TRUTH and absorb its teachings, and the world will come to you, as it has to him.

May Peace be Unto him, together with a benediction of love, with our blessings.

Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Ward.

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Yoga Vashisht -or- Heaven Found by Rishi Singh Gherwal Author of Great Masters of the Himalayas Their Lives and Temple Teaching. Kundalini The Mother of the Universe and etc. Copyrighted and Published By Author [1930]

Yoga Vashisht Title Page

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