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by Jayaram V

Nowadays you do not require much knowledge or skills to build a website and host it for free. Many web hosting companies offer online Site Builders with which you can create an impressive website in a short time. If you have a little knowledge of html, you can use many html editors to build one.

Microsoft is currently offering Web Expression, which is a very intuitive and user-friendly website builder. It comes with some basic templates. You can also search on Google for free website templates or website builders and use them. Once you have a website, you can find a free web hosting service to host your website. You can use Google to look for a useful free webhost or find them from one of the following links we have provided here.

Following are some of the Free Web hosting Services verified and found to be still functional. Many from the original list compiled in the early 2000's have disappeared. It is still possible that some of these companies might also cease providing free web hosting services. So if a link disappoints you, please use another. Host Name Space Offered Host Banners File Uploads Other Features.

These links have been provided for informational purposes only. We have not evaluated them. does not have any relationship with them. Some of the links may be outdated as they have not been recently updated.


Free Hosting 100% Absolutely Free Website Hosting Cost-Free Hosting ($0.00): No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee Ads Free Hosting: Ads Free, Banner Free, Link Free No File Size Limit Free Hosting Free Web Hosting Storage: Free Space Free Data Transfer: Free Bandwidth Free Domain Hosting: Free Hosting with New Domain Registration Free cPanel: Multilingual Control Panel

AtHost 50 MB to 100 MB YES Secure FTP Bandwith Transfer 500 MB monthly. Banner; CGI, PHP, SSI, Perl; Domain or Subdomain

CJHost 1000 MB Text Links. FTP, Browser Bandwidth limit 2000 MB/month. File size limit 5120 KB. Multiple Free website accounts allowed.

3000MB 3000MB TextLinks FTP, Browser Bandwidth limit 3000 MB/month. MySQL database. Adv Web Control Panel. 100-days Inactivity limit. Multiple accounts allowed.

i4Host 50 MB NO FTP, Browser 5Gb Latest Cpanel With Fantastico perfect. PHP 4.4.1 ,CGI, Perl, SSI, SSL (shared) Front page ext.

FreeWindowsHosting 25 MB TextLink FTP Bandwidth limit 200 MB/monthCGI, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl

1GbFreeHost 1000 MB Banners-Bottom Browser SSI

XoomPages 5000 MB TextLinks FTP, Browser Bandwidth limit 10000 MB/month. File size limit 20 MB. 100-days Inactivity limit. Multiple accounts allowed.

CabSpace 100 MB No FTP, Browser 1 Gig/day Bandwidth. Free Web Address. Online File Editor / Manager / Usage Stats Free Fully Customizable PHPBB Forum.

FiveCubed 125 MB Banners-Top + Bottom FTP, Browser, SiteCopy Bandwidth 1250 MB. CGI, FrontPage Extensions, Perl

1FreeHost 120 MB Banner-Top FTP, Browser 2 GB bandwidth p/m Subdomain or TLD PHP & 1 MYSQL DB.

Php0h 50 MB Banner-Top FTP UNLIMITED Data Transfer FREE MySQL Database. FREE Support NO Popups

FspHost 250 MB No FTP, Browser No registration required; no filesize limit! Short domain: username

AwardSpace 200 MB No FTP, Browser Data transfer 5 GB p/m. CGI, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Perl, MySQL DB

AddYour 500 MB Banner FTP, Browser PHP, SSI. 5 GB monthly transfer 5 MySQL databases 2 e-mail accounts and more!

AboveWorld 25 Mb Popup ads Browser uploads. No FTP Guest book, and message board

Digital Zones 100 MB Banner or popup FTP, Browser Statistics. File size limit 1 MB. Bandwidth limit 600 MB/month. Password-protected files. Cobranded by 0Catch

DomainDLX 15 Mb Banner or popup on each page FTP access 6 Mb Web based email,ASP and SSI supported 20 Mb Ad on each page Full FTP access Free unlimited e-mail. Some CGI scripts. Sub domain hosting possible. 50 Mb Banner ads on each page FTP uploads Unlimited e-mail aliases. Any file size. A variety of CGI scripts, with support for SSI. 100 Mb No ads File Manager Web page builder, free technical support.

20 Megs 20MB Banner ad on each page File manager and FTP access Website builder, website templates,and URL redirection. 10 Mb. With unlimited traffic No forced advertising FTP uploads Free e-mail aliases. Fee-based programs available

MxHost 25 MB Banner or Popup FTP uploads Language: Romanian, CGI, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Perl; Subdomain. 10Mb, with optional web space. No ads FTP uploads and web based extranet upload Email options and some selected scripts.

ServInt FreeNet 30 Mb Text/logo link to host on main page Browser uploads. No more available to new applicants 100 Mb. Banner ad or popup on each page. Browser uploads or Full FTP access. Short URL, free unlimited e-mail, and some CGI scripts.

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