A Glance at The Eightfold Path

The Buddha and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism

by Bhikkhu Bodhi


A Factorial Analysis of the Noble Eightfold Path (Pali and English)

I. Samma ditthi .... Right view

dukkhe ñana .... understanding suffering

dukkhasamudaye ñana .... understanding its origin

dukkhanirodhe ñana .... understanding its cessation

dukkhanirodhagaminipatipadaya ñana .... understanding the way leading to its cessation

II. Samma sankappa .... Right intention

nekkhamma-sankappa .... intention of renunciation

abyapada-sankappa .... intention of good will

avihimsa-sankappa .... intention of harmlessness

III. Samma vaca .... Right speech

musavada veramani .... abstaining from false speech

pisunaya vacaya veramani .... abstaining from slanderous speech

pharusaya vacaya veramani .... abstaining from harsh speech

samphappalapa veramani .... abstaining from idle chatter

IV. Samma kammanta .... Right action

panatipata veramani .... abstaining from taking life

adinnadana veramani .... abstaining from stealing

kamesu micchacara veramani .... abstaining from sexual misconduct

V. Samma ajiva .... Right livelihood

miccha ajivam pahaya .... giving up wrong livelihood,

samma ajivena jivitam kappeti .... one earns one's living by a right form of livelihood

VI. Samma vayama .... Right effort

samvarappadhana .... the effort to restrain defilements

pahanappadhana .... the effort to abandon defilements

bhavanappadhana .... the effort to develop wholesome states

anurakkhanappadhana .... the effort to maintain wholesome states

VII. Samma sati .... Right mindfulness

kayanupassana .... mindful contemplation of the body

vedananupassana .... mindful contemplation of feelings

cittanupassana .... mindful contemplation of the mind

dhammanupassana .... mindful contemplation of phenomena

VIII. Samma samadhi .... Right concentration

pathamajjhana .... the first jhana

dutiyajjhana .... the second jhana

tatiyajjhana .... the third jhana

catutthajjhana .... the fourth jhana

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