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Online fax services help you save money on paper, toner, long distance charges and fax machine maintenance. Besides you can access your messages from anywhere which is advantageous if you operate your business from multiple locations or travel frequently.

Besides, with the advances in web based technologies, it is now easier to send faxes digitally rather than through traditional methods, either by installing software in your personal computer or by using web based services that do not require any software installation or even a computer of your own.

With the online fax services you have to use your email address to send your outbound messages and a local phone number or a toll free number (provided by the fax service) to receive inbound fax messages sent by others which are then sent to your designated email address either in a document format or image format. You can also send or receive messages directly from their websites by using a web based form. Many online fax services enable sending fax messages to your cell phones, pagers, PDAs and other handheld devices.

Most services make a provision to store your messages in their databases up to a certain time so that you can organize them and retrieve them according to your convenience. Some companies provide these services free, while others charge a nominal fees, usually either on monthly basis or on annual basis or per document basis. If you are not interested in sending faxes but only receiving them, you can limit your expenses by opting for inbound message service only. One of the best ways to become acquainted with these services is to take advantage of their 30 day free trial period during which you can test their features and take an appropriate decision to continue or not. Apart from sending and receiving fax messages to and from individual addresses, you can subscribe to broadcasting services to send your fax messages simultaneously to hundreds of destinations. Different types of fax services and the websites where you can find them are listed below.

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Free Services

US and Canadian Destinations

Fax Zero : With FaxZero you can send a fax to any fax machine in the USA (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free without owning a fax machine. To cover their expenses, FaxZero displays ads on on the cover pages of your free fax messages. You can use this service with a valid email address, which of course is a must. To send a fax message you have to go to their website and fill in an online form, providing details of the message you want to send, whom to send and from where. Once you submit the form, a confirmation code will be sent to your email address which you have to enter in the message form to complete the process.

International Destinations

The Phone Company's Remote Printing Service : With the TPC service you can send faxes to many locations around the world, using an email or a web form available on their website. Before sending a fax, please verify their listing to see whether the fax number or the area code is covered by them, because not all countries are covered. Included in the list are some European, African and Asian countries and India and China. On their website there are links to download freeware software to create and send faxes using this service.

Commercial Services

Sending Faxes From the Web or Your Email Client: You can use any browser and valid email address to send faxes using these services without the need to install software. However these services also give you an option to install their proprietary software to send and receive faxes.

eFax eFax, the world's largest digital fax network, provides different packages and options to send and receive faxes to suit your budget. You'll get a local or toll-free fax number tied to your email with an option to store your messages online up to a certain period. Local, toll-free or international fax numbers available in over 3,500 cities in 46 countries. Messages are sent as TIFF or PDF files. With Free eFax Messenger software you can create, annotate and send faxes. Users can also view, zoom and rotate their received faxes.

Nextiva FAX Agent Nextiva vFAX is affordable virtual faxing with no strings attached. Send a fax quickly via email by attaching a file, just as you would to send an email Fax Machine Support Using our easy Fax Adapter, you can use your current fax machine to send paper fax messages Fax from Microsoft® Apps Save the step of printing and select the Fax option from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other standard applications. Nextiva are the five time winner of the presigious Product of the Year award by Internet Telephony Magazine, just to name a few. Nextiva’s service is specifically designed for small businesses: providing affordable and reliable solutions, with professional business-class features that are easy to use and manage.

USA RingCentral Fax Send and receive faxes anywhere with just a few clicks As easy as sending an email Send faxes from your smartphone, PC or Mac Attach documents and send to multiple recipients. Get notification by email when new faxes arrive View faxes on mobile devices Easily access fax messages stored in your online account. Features include: Easily fax documents directly from GoogleDocs, Box, Dropbox Use scheduling feature to send faxes on selected date/time. Simple, low monthly pricing Free pages with every monthly plan All inclusive features such as dedicated fax number Get a unique fax number for each employee with the unlimited plan

MaxEmail MaxEmail Plus and MaxEmail Lite offers some good features. With MaxEmail Plus you can have a local fax number and send more faxes per month. With MaxEmail Lite you can only have a toll free number. In addition there is MaxEmail Corporate which offer wider optionsto corporate clients and a central account administration.

FaxAge With FaxAge you can send faxes via their web site, as email attachment and/or custom web API. They support multiple documents per fax and allow unlimited unique users at no additional per-user fee

FaxMicro FaxMicro offers FaxMicro Plus and FaxMicro Toll Free. They charge a set up fee, a monthly fee and a charge per each outbound fax message with in the US. The outbound fee for international destinations vary. You can send fax messages either by downloading their software or using their online control panel

Send2Fax With their Email2Fax, You can send a fax using any email client including Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, MSN and many more! With their Web2Fax - you can access your Send2Fax account via the web interface and send faxes especially. This is useful when you are traveling. They also support the Office 2003 "Send to Recipient Using Internet Fax Service" feature.

AircoMusa. Aircom USA provides Fax to Email Service, Email To Fax Service, Fax Broadcasting and voice services. They also provide Fax On Demand Services

Green Fax Provides a personal virtual fax number in the area code of your choice for receiving inbound faxes. You have web access to inbound faxes with 90-day storage. You can also use GreenFax to send faxes world-wide.

TrustFax Services are more or less same like others. You can add a digital version of your handwritten signature to faxes. You also have the option to send your faxes to nearly 200 international destinations. Faxes are sent to your email in PDF format.

RapidFax: Services are similar like the previous ones. They do not charge extra fee for toll-free numbers like other services.

Go to Fax1 Using FaxBlaster software you can send faxes right from your PC. It works like any print driver you may have on your PC. To send a fax, simply open it up, go to Print, and select '' as your printer

For Receiving Faxes only

FaxMicro FaxMicroPlus is meant basically for inbound fax services while FaxMicro Toll Free is meant to send and receive faxes. However by paying extra for each message FaxMicroPlus subscribes will have the capability to receive and send fax out of state and internationally

Kall8 You may set Kall8 Mailbox to receive both Voice Mail and Faxes, or limit it to accept only Faxes or only Voice Mail. Kall8 also allows you to record a personalized voice mail greeting, specify how many seconds before voice mail answers the call, and set the maximum length of your callers’ messages.

Broadcasting Services

 If you are intending to send hundreds or thousands of fax messages simultaneously to several destinations from your PC or phone line the broadcasting services provide you with an easy to use interface to broadcast fax messages to multiple destinations.

Protus Fax Broadcast Fax Messaging campaigns can be directed from your email or web account. You can convert all popular file types into fax broadcasting format and also personalize your fax broadcast by merging information from other data sources.

Broadcast Fax Service To use this service upload a list of fax recipients and their fax numbers, along with the document you wish to send. Launch your broadcast from the internet or any phone from anywhere and at any time!

Launch Fax Supports both email broadcasting and fax broadcasting. You can also get Inbound Fax messages to Your Email


Following are some of the benefits of using Fax Messaging and Fax Broadcasting Services

  • - Easy to use interfaces and ease of operations.
  • - Cost benefits
  • - Advantages in storing and organizing.
  • - Save money on paper, toner and fax machine maintenance
  • - mAvailable to multiple personnel in any location through the web site and/or email and or desktop.
  • - Messages can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection.
  • - Advantages of customization.
  • - Your telephone lines will remain free for other services.

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