Five Great Habits of Successful People

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By Jayaram V

Habits are what you do instinctively, routinely or repetitively as part of your predominant behavior. They constitute the fixed or the rigid aspects of your personality and make your behavior and responses predictive. Habits are learned, cultivated or reinforced. They may be physical or mental. Mental habits are more difficult to overcome.

Habit formation is a part of your learning and adjusting to the demands and difficulties of life. Some habits help us minimize effort and perform routine tasks. Some habits are useful and constructive, while some are destructive and harmful. How can you lead a healthy, happy and successful life by cultivating right habits and avoiding the harmful ones? The following five habits maximize your chances of happy and healthy living and a successful career.

Sleep adequately.

Your mind and body need adequate rest so that you will be energetic and successfully focus your mind on important activities without suffering from fatigue or stress. Studies show that adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Otherwise, they may experience stress, abnormal blood pressure, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, memory loss and other health problems. Good sleeping habits have a positive influence upon your health. They make you feel better, more productive, cheerful and energetic. The quality of sleep is also important. You should not only sleep adequately but also sleep well. For that, you must cultivate good sleeping habits, such as having a regular sleeping schedule, avoiding strenuous activity before bedtime, comfortable sleeping environment, etc.

Be active

Irrespective of the age or background, physical activity is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Sedentary living contributes to obesity and susceptibility to heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, insomnia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, weak bones and other health problems. Therefore, to the extent possible try to remain active and cultivate an active lifestyle, doing your tasks on your own and reducing dependence upon others. Apart from exercising your mind and body, find opportunities to keep yourself physically active by engaging in activities such as gardening, walking to nearby places instead of using a conveyance, doing household work, participating in sports activities, helping others, offering to do voluntary service, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator, etc. Active people stay active, cheerful and healthier. Eating healthy is also an integral and important aspect of an active lifestyle.

Have goals

Many people lead aimless lives and remain mediocre and dissatisfied with themselves and their situation. It is mainly because they lack clear purpose and well-defined goals. No one can accurately predict future or control the course of their lives. Life is complex with many unexpected turns and twists. Even with careful planning and prior preparation, things can go wrong. Yet, you should try to control your life and destiny with proper vision, careful planning, prior preparation, and by having achievable, specific and realistic goals. By setting proper goals, you will have a clear purpose, and you can focus upon what you want to achieve in life. Successful people set life goals or long term goals to move in the right direction, influence the course of their lives or achieve their life-ambition. They also set short term goals to complete important tasks, cultivate discipline and make a dedicated and organized effort to achieve specific milestones.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol

They are the most destructive of all habits and the most difficult to overcome, with terrible consequences for those who indulge in them and to their loved ones. Substance abuse is common in many countries. They cause great harm to not only individuals but also families and nations. Each year, many people die due to the excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Studies show that the long term use of drugs, opioids and alcohol leads to harmful behavior. Drunk driving and driving under intoxication are major causes of death and personal injury in many countries. Many families and relationships are ruined by drug addiction, alcoholism and alcohol use disorders. Many cultures permit taking alcoholic drinks in limited quantities for rest and relaxation, calming the nerves or socializing. However, if alcohol abuse runs in the family, it is better to avoid it in every way possible.

Be positive

Life is full of problems and suffering. Reality is harsher than we imagine it to be. No one can escape suffering. Neither wealth nor power can guarantee permanent happiness. Therefore, it is difficult to be positive about yourself or your future or stay free from negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is more so in a world which has been increasingly becoming complex, restrictive and disadvantageous to common people. However, despite such disabilities you can still choose to stay positive and deal with your problems and challenges with certain optimism and hope. You cannot completely avoid negative situations or negative people in your life. However, you can learn from such experiences and become wiser and smarter. By making informed choices, increasing the opportunities to experience positive emotions and healthy relationships, reinforcing healthy habits, cultivating a healthy lifestyle and positive self-esteem and by believing in yourself, you can train yourself to remain positive in most situations.

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