Focus on the Positive Aspects of Life

Focus on the positive

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by Jayaram V

In one of my articles I stated that positive thinking might not be always useful and sometimes you might require defensive pessimism

In one of my articles I stated that positive thinking might not always be useful and sometimes you might require defensive pessimism or negative thinking to anticipate problems and deal with them proactively.

I said so because I felt that we need to be realistic and act according to the situation rather than go by our preconceived notions and conditioned responses.

I still feel that it is the right approach to the problem and expectations in your life.

However, I believe that if things are neutral, you should remain in a positive state of mind rather than feeling depressed by vague feelings of fear and anxiety, anger, resentment and depression.

I have no doubt that in normal circumstances, positive thinking is the right option. It helps you to move forward in life, avoid unnecessary criticism and pessimism which you may unleash upon others, and live with certain positive expectations about your life and future.

It is also important to live with hope, courage, confidence, appreciation, compassion and understanding. in a positive state of mind you will be free from the negativity which you may use against yourself and others.

We are not conditioned to appreciate life always or accept the various situations and challenges without suffering from negativity. It means to remain largely positive and appreciative, we must deliberately practice positive mental attitude.

Most of the time in your life, you have the choice either to let negativity rule your life or you take control of it and allow positive thinking to prevail.

You always have this choice in performing actions, making decision, choosing relationships, selecting attitudes, adapting to the environment, assessing or evaluating situations, weighing problems and anticipating outcomes.

When you make the right choice by using your discretion, you will have an opportunity to trust your instincts, take responsibility and feel good about yourself.

In any given situation there are always some positive and negatives, opportunities and threats, where you can use your knowledge, skills, abilities and judgment to bring out the best in you and manifest the best you can.

Where the outcomes are not predictable or disappointing, you may use them as learning opportunities. If you cultivate a growth oriented mindset, that see possibilities and opportunities for self-growth, you have greater chances of feeling positive about your actions and their outcomes.

No one is perfect. You will always have weaknesses, and you cannot always win. Yet, you cannot let those concerns hamper your motivation to succeed or overcome obstacles.

You have to learn to address your fears and force your mind to think positively until it becomes a habit. The following suggestions are also useful.

1. Develop the habit of thinking both positively and negatively about people, problems and situations in your life. This will give you an all round knowledge and free you from errors in your thinking and judgment.

2. Question the assumptions in your decisions and how far your expectations are based upon facts and reason.

3. Avoid mind-reading and jumping to negative conclusions about other people without proof. Give them the benefit of doubt until you have the right information.

4. Choose the positive. To the extent possible, and unless you have a reason not to, focus upon opportunities, solutions, strengths, positive outcomes, gains, benefits to sustain your effort and progress.

5. Dispute you negative thoughts and feelings to see from where they are coming and whether you need to be concerned about them at all and whether you need to build necessary safeguards about them.

Life is a mixture of opposites. You cannot avoid unhappiness, and you cannot be always be happy. However, within these limitations and the extremes of suffering and elation, you can learn to choose wisely and create conditions for your inner Wellbeing.

A monk learns to remain equal to both happiness and unhappiness. It is still the best course, but not possible for people who are attached to life and material things. For them the best course is to stay on the positive side and learn to make the most out of their lives and opportunities.

Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

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